Предприниматель | Информационно-аналитический журнал - Part 32

New ideas for fitness clubs

As a chain of fitness clubs Snap able to grow, while the competitors are going bankrupt .

Weekday evening in the club Snap Fitness, located in the town of Pine Brook , New Jersey , you can see dozens of men aged 30-40 years , pedaling exercise bikes, and raises the bar. These men have come to the club in tracksuits and go straight home , without taking a shower . According to Richard Prohova , in this club, no queues , and the prices are low . You can just come and do it.

The network includes 910 Snap Fitness clubs , 60 of which were opened in December last year. Even during the recession club network continues to grow, while Bally’s Total Fitness, one of the most popular in the U.S. chain of fitness clubs , recently sought protection from creditors under the Bankruptcy Law . How do they do it ? Snap Fitness clubs are working around the clock and are easy and low cost. Monthly membership fee is only $ 35 , and you can always suspend or cancel the membership without paying any fines. To date, visit the clubs 400,000 members.

Gyms at Snap Fitness clubs are small, only 230 square meters. m, with a minimum of equipment. In each room there are five treadmills and cardio equipment , a few bikes , as well as shells for strength training . In the clubs, no spas , rooms for children and bars with fresh juices . And the showers have only a few clubs. Most clubs workweek staff consists of 25-40 hours per week. According to Peter Taunton , Snap Fitness Network offers customers a low-cost and convenient training.

Snap Fitness is working on franchising . Of the 820 most of the owners invested in the business of just $ 175,000 , most owners are working in rented premises. The greatest expenditure of $ 120,000 required equipment , the system passes the card , TVs , video surveillance system , as well as one-time fee for the license, which is $ 15,000 . In addition , every month franchisee owner pays $ 400 and 50 cents for each new customer . Also, the owner receives $ 5 for every new card for the customer and for the installation of the billing system . ( For comparison, the cost of the license in the chain of fitness clubs for women Curves is $ 30,000 and the $ 800 monthly payment . ) Franchise pays for itself in three months , if the number of members is 275 or more people. After the conclusion of the lease is for 10 days , you can open and equip a room. According to Taunton , each franchisee receives from the owner of the trailer , which already has all the necessary equipment , we can only extract .

For many franchisees gym – it is an additional business , the majority of them do not participate in the management and tend to have most of the work . The owners of the franchise always have access to the records for each club on the Internet. They can even keep track of what is happening in the club with a video surveillance system. According to Taunton to own such a business , you need to have a web browser.

Most of the club members – people aged 35-55 years , who already have a family , so the time trying to have a cup of coffee or flirt girl in a nearby trainer , they do not. Many live near the hall. Taunton recognizes that potential franchisees and women are often interested in the safety of gyms, for which he can guarantee. Enter the club can only be with the card . All the walls are equipped with panic buttons . Taunton recalls only one case in the history of the network : Teens broke into one of the clubs hoping to steal a TV. In addition, each franchisee owner pays a monthly fee for insurance in the amount of $ 255.

The concept of a network of such clubs appeared at Taunton in 2003 , and today it brings success. In 2008, the chain of fitness clubs Snap earned operating income of $ 10 million, which was almost two times more than in 2007 , and the amount of revenue increased by 67 % to $ 30 million , while in the period from January to November, the company managed attract another 483 franchisees. Snap clubs have in Mexico , Australia and New Zealand. In May last year sold a stake in Taunton Boston investment group Summit Partners, which allowed him to cover the cost of development of the network abroad. Taunton now owns only 60 % of the shares. In his plans for the next five years, opening 5,000 clubs worldwide .

Prior to Taunton were other entrepreneurs who have discovered in the United States around the clock showed a minimal amount of equipment. Co-owner of Anytime Fitness club chain Chuck Runyon once said that Taunton can earn money for their idea. But , unlike many competitors, Snap club members have more options . They alone can count the number of visits , prepare lesson plans or diets undergo a medical service online.

Snap network of clubs has become the embodiment of all the ideas that have appeared in Taunton for over 20 years in this field. When Taunton dropped out of college , he decided to take up a professional game of racquetball . But after a while found himself without a job. Then he returned to his native Wilmar , Minnesota, where he was offered a management unprofitable at the time the club Kandi Kourts for $ 16,000 a year. During the first year on revenue of $ 340,000 loss amounted to $ 40,000 . Taunton recalls that worked but then it’s not hard. Six years later he bought out Kandi Kourts from owners for $ 450,000 . In 1990, he gave the club the name America’s Fitness and laid it in the bank , having received credit for the discovery of several establishments near the big city of Minneapolis, Minnesota .

Taunton led America’s Fitness for 20 years , but due to the ever-increasing costs that exceed $ 1.5 million and liabilities in 2002 he sold five rooms, which earned them $ 3 million then he began to think about their own business. Then there was Snap Fitness.Who is the owner of the chain of fitness clubs ‘m sure will be able to attract an even greater number of franchisees , as many are now looking for a job. In addition, he is willing to bet that another 300 000 new clients come to clubs this year , abandoning the expensive gyms . According to him , they have people get what they need, and therefore keep returning to Snap.

Chichvarkina wine business in London

Founder of “Euroset” spent on wine shop over £ 10 million and wants to earn an income for a few months already . His shop Hedonism Wines different kind of design , and its founder believes that it assembled the best collection of wines. What it does have prospects?

Chichvarkin said he was in hell. According to him, this is a hell of finding the right people , preparing for the opening of the store, it took half a year , as well as scrapping the walls in the room , which is located in Mayfair . Now in his store features more than 4,000 wines , including the cost of the most expensive of ₤ 100,000 : Château d’Yquem 1811. He believes that it is necessary ” to make this puzzle and then do not get in the way .” According Chichvarkina , many shareholders are a lot of unnecessary rules , which is impeding management. He tries not to interfere .In just open the wine business a very important role is played by a person who selects and buys a range of goods. The store Chichvarkina this role is performed by a former wine buyer for Harrods Alistair Weiner . Very interesting, as Chichvarkin managed to lure Weiner , who worked for the famous department store 16 years and opened the flagship division of spirits and wines in Harrods two years ago. Before accepting a job Weiner Chichvarkin together with the project manager Tatiana Fokine revised considerable number of people who worked in the interest of Chichvarkina stores . In the words of Chichvarkin , Alistair knew that we are perfectionists , and therefore very interested. We promised that we would not disturb him .

What is there at Hedonism Wines, that no other wine stores , like Corney & Barrow, Berry Bros. & Rudd and Justerini & Brooks? What’s not to love about Eugene British shops , it’s inconsiderate and slow approach to customer service. And Hedonism Wines can offer customers more affable , fast and friendly service . His team people talk not only in English but also in French, Spanish , Dutch , Chinese, and Italian. His team, half are sommelier who own their ” Michelin ” restaurants.

Hedonism Wines is located on Davis Street, near Berkeley Square , which is full of offices and GDP in this place than some Baltic countries . The founder of the store hopes that regular customers of his shop will be their neighbors with Bekrli Square. So far Hedonism Wines are 18 people with the back office.

Used in creating the interior large bottles . What does this mean ? Trying to match the taste of wealthy Russian buyers, who seeks to gigantism . As stated Chichvarkin , to create such an interior no specific targets were not prosecuted , but to comply with the concept of the store. From the amount of 3 4500 bottles of 75 liter , 90 -liter and six 25 even larger . If you go to the store Jeroboams, how many bottles of Jeroboam you can get ? We, as the name suggests , there are bottles of hedonistic character.

If the store you can purchase up to 12 bottles of any size , this means that the climate control system in such a store in the amount of up to 3 parking spaces , and the weight – 3 tons. At Hedonism Wines has its own warehouse , which is that production , which was bought by a lot or an interesting price .

As for prices , then he owned a shop does not agree with the fact that its customers can only be rich. For example, the cheapest bottle of wine at Hedonism Wines costs only ₤ 13. Some types of sparkling white wine and is available immediately chilled. In addition to a wide range of wines and chilled , Chichvarkin also promises to deliver the implementation of one hour – it already has a fleet of scooters. For example , if the customer calls of ” Dorchester “, then it can get the wine even faster than the food.About how much money had to invest in a wine hedonism, Chichvarkin responsible reluctantly. From his words it is known only that the deal has been invested in the eight-digit sum . How quickly this store will pay to the owner and how many chances of success of this project in one of the most competitive and conservative wine market ? Some are skeptical , as recently in the UK wine market is stagnating , and even companies with established reputations have suffered losses . Even the famous Berry Bros. & Rudd confirmed the losses due to the decline in demand for expensive wines , as well as the victim collapse campaign en primeur.

The main difference between a wine Rink – slow : need a lot of time not only to form a range of products, but also to build relationships with manufacturers who tend to belong to the newcomers with considerable caution , and make contracts for years to come . Angus MacLean , manager of sales at Laithwaites, specializing in sales of vintage and rare wines , said at the opening of the wine business , there is another difficulty – no one can predict how prices will change in the wine and the situation on the market as a whole. Until a few years ago, it was seen that prices will continue to rise , but now it is a lottery . As McLean says , it is possible to reduce the risks if properly form the range , but it is always the best wines coming to the market in small quantities. The best strategy , in his opinion, may be a time when the company is ready to sell wine with minimal profit , and even without it, to get a foothold in the market. If the company has the means to stay on the market 2 years , then the business can be successful. But in the case can offer customers something that no other .

InvestManager of Wine Investment Fund Chris Smith gives a more optimistic forecasts , as the wine market has a global scope , and location of such business in London is more than favorable. At this point, focus the best wines of the world , and their own are not made, so there is a very good demand . The fact that the people of London less affected by the crisis , and therefore continue to keep buying expensive wine for your table .

According to Chichvarkina , his shop will be able to get a plus in a few months. He denies that Hedonism Wines – it’s just a toy , not a serious matter . He says his store is not a charitable foundation : the range in their shop perfect , here assembled the best collection of wines in the world . In Hedonism Wines very interesting , nice and cozy , it was all done so that the wine connoisseur felt like a candy shop . If people because of their traditions or preferences will go to other stores , the Hedonism Wines would react to this with understanding. But while the work for them while.

Be heard by the leadership

How to learn to take account of personal interests and the interests of the company, without the loss of a career.

Once the head of the department of a large company of Anna has created a complex situation : it was necessary to solve family problems and take their own health. But she did not want to lose his career . She seemed impossible to solve this problem , because the company where she worked , it was customary to leave the office until 21-22 hours. What to do?

Business coach Svetlana Berger explains that in such a situation, Anna dozhlna come to work on time, do their jobs effectively , schedule meetings no later than 18 hours and be willing to staff a good evening . And exactly at 18:00 to leave the office and solve problems in other areas of life.

The first week was very difficult for Anna . It seemed to her that it is viewed as a person who avoids work. But on the second week , she noticed that after lunch the staff are beginning to paper on sight, although in the past it has received them after eight in the evening . And after two weeks of discomfort disappeared completely when Anna left the office on time .

When management has appointed a meeting at the later time, Anne had to cancel her visit to the doctor. At that meeting, she made it clear how important it is for her to work at the meetings. But just as important to her and go to work on time . Then she turned to the leadership to refer to personal time employees with great respect and appoint the meeting at an earlier time . Anna was surprised that no objections to the address of its words are not followed. Then the meeting was postponed to time. According to Svetlana Berger, before you start a conversation with management about the personal time to get ready . And starting this conversation , you need to be sure that this is exactly what you want. And realize how valuable it can be for the company. Otherwise bude unbalanced take – giving.

To combine the personal needs and the needs of the company , you should consider any opportunities within the company that can meet your need . For example, you want to do your job more efficiently and realize that gives you strength and energy. Are you sure that if one day a week you will be working at home , it will give better results . Therefore, refer to the owner with the request. If your performance does not improve , you give up that option.

Also, Svetlana Berger says it’s not as important as the built conversation with management , such as what state you’re at it go out. The most important thing – the inner workings of their limitations and beliefs. In this case, you believe that senior management can not hear and consider the needs and interests of employees. But even this belief is necessary to inspect. For example , Anna is convinced that if she appealed to the leadership , not having a two-week work experience on such a schedule , it would have sounded very different , and it is unlikely to be heard .

Can management and hear a woman to meet her interests? According to Svetlana , it depends on company’s security policy , the maturity of the management of corporate rules . From this conversation , the woman gets into an uncertain situation. Therefore , consider a few options and a clear understanding of their principles . If management fails, it means that it refused for this opportunity. After all, women often do not limit the faults and their own beliefs , which are related to the situation obtaining special conditions sludge neprodvizheniya situation . But it is a personal responsibility woman. But to make decisions under uncertainty – this is hell leader.

9 students – entrepreneurs start their own business

For the kitchen from wet floors and socks for team games , different flavors of protein shakes and many other ideas that could be implemented without large investments.Can I start a business while studying? Easily. Nine American students and graduates who have managed to open a business and receive a $ 100,000 annual income while studying at university. Some were in the public universities , and some – in private elite institutions . Their designs are totally different, but they all ambitny , optimistic and with entrepreneurial drive.

Kevin Dzhelfand , 23 years : engaged in manufacturing of protein shakes

Company founder Kevin Shake Smart Dzhelfand in June 2012 he graduated from the State University of San Diego.

It all started in June 2010 when , coming out of the gym , Kevin realized how unpleasant to drink a protein shake warm , so even with the lumps . Kevin remembers that he was like this cocktail on the dirt .

Then he decided to prepare their own protein shake with fruit and even so skim milk . This drink is not only maintained the desired effect , but it was very tasty. Then Kevin told his friend to the gym Martin Reiman about his discovery and asked for his help.Then his partner came up with more than 60 different recipes , and tested the resulting beverages for 20 friends. Then mix of 60 they selected 15 , among which was the “chocolate frosty ” , which consisted of agave nectar , ice, milk and chocolate protein powder. Thanks to the family and friends they managed to raise $ 50,000 to open a kiosk near the gym, which they called Shake Smart. To cover the cost of the kiosk , they had to sell at 60 such shakes a day.

Shake Smart was a revelation , and from day one partner failed to sell at 120 shakes per day , and within six months the team Shake Smart consisted of 12 people. In addition, in August last year signed an agreement with the university.

Last spring, in the commercial center of San Diego boys opened their views around the clock next to the Sports Club . Kevin expects to receive $ 740,000 of income by the end of this year.

Abraham Alexander , 23 years old : invented the cure for wet floors

The founder of the company Alexander Abraham DripCatch now graduated from Seattle University .

The story begins with DripCatch May 2010 , when a waitress in a luxury hotel Salish Lodge, Washington, fell on his back, slipping on a wet floor. This was itself Alexander Abraham . Did not hurt , it was a shame , because in all the restaurants in which a student was working , had to deal with wet floors.

Then Alexander turned to his boss asking you to set special containers in which they intended to drop off the shelves , where there was just washed dishes . But the boss said that such tanks does not exist. Alexander could not believe it, so I started searching the Internet . But it gave no results , so the student has established itself in black plastic tray size 50 × 50 cm is attached to a pallet shelves , which were put in the dishwasher . Then, for the production of this tank came from a Chinese company , and itself has been called DripCatch.

Such a pallet for $ 50 was very useful American restaurateurs , as fall on wet floors often end in lawsuits totaling about $ 2 billion to Alexander supported the famous Seattle chef Tom Douglas , through which she was able to raise $ 81,000 .But to start a business was not easy . Abraham had to take a leave of absence , during which she combined two of work to pay the bills . After another conflict with the Chinese manufacturer , she decided to work with a local company that made pallets smaller parties and a $ 3 cheaper.

In May of this year, Alexander presented his invention at the National Restaurant Association , which was held in Chicago. She has already managed to sell 600 pallets , and now she expects for the current year will receive $ 1 million of income. Already in September, Alexander again begin their studies at the university.

Sam Barnett , 22 years : created a model for investment

The founder of SBB Research Group Sam Barnett in June 2012, he graduated from the California Institute of Technology .Sam Barnett hails from Highland Park, Illinois , where his father owned a company engaged in investment. Therefore, since childhood, Sam’s developed an interest in the securities market. As a 10 -year-old child, Sam persuaded his father to buy shares of Emerson Electric, which in a few months up to a quarter of the price . By the time Sam went to the University , its portfolio amounted to $ 250,000 .

Since January 2010 , Sam Barnett began using a computerized quantitative model for investment. According to Sam , thanks to this model, you can get good returns when the S & P is increasing and not suffer a loss when it falls. During the first quarter of trading the S & P rose by 7%, while investments Barnett – 31% . When this was learned finance professor at the University of California , he presented a student group of investors from Taiwan, who subsequently invested in the development of $ 2 million was set so SBB Research Group.

When the fund Barnett was $ 50 million , he hired a 38 -year-old Matt Eyvena , who worked previously chief operating officer at one broker – dealer from Chicago. His first year of trading Fund completed in February with a rate of return of 18.7 % with the index index S & P 0,97%. Since September, Barnett began teaching at Northwestern University on a doctoral program in finance. By this time, he plans to create another fund of $ 50 million

Oliver Bogner , 19 years has found his calling in reilizatsii reality show

The company’s founder , Oliver Bogner is a second-year student at the University of Chapman . 13 – year-old child , Oliver convinced my grandmother to invest in it . He wanted to become a DJ , and for that he needed to buy audio equipment for $ 1,000. By age 15, Oliver has already spent more than 100 parties a year , earned $ 100,000 , and it worked for 15 friends . At that time he was a student in high school in Beverly Hills.

Then the 51 -year-old father of Olivier , a former producer at the time , suggested to his son that you can earn by conducting television reality show. Then Oliver created the concept , which he called the “Prince of partying 90210 ,” which immediately bought him a cable channel , but on the initial draft shows no progress . But Oliver did not give up . As he says , when he realized what would have wanted to do all my life.

In the 19 years he worked as an executive producer on the reality television in Los Angeles, being the youngest member of this profession. He sold about 50 projects a reality show , 10 of which have bought cable channels , among them Animal Planet, and Oxygen, and Lifetime. As a producer , Oliver gets from 3 to 10 % of the budget of each sales project. At such transactions he has managed to earn about $ 100,000 . There are no project is running on TV in kachastve series, but Special screening have already been implemented : for example , the channel Oxygen is introduced to the audience the show Me Love Scouts, and the other two shows will be on the air in the fall .

First, Oliver wanted to go to the University of Southern California, which is very famous among the producers of the entertainment industry . But then he decided to study in the University of smaller, and therefore enrolled at the University of Chapman . According to him, he decided to make the name of the university because it will learn.

Riley Goodman , 22 years : created socks for lacrosse players

The company’s founder Strideline Riley Goodman is a graduate student at Washington University .

Riley , along with his classmate Director Jake always wanted to establish their own business. But friends and did not reach down to it, while each of their teams playing lacrosse did not get into a car accident . Fortunately, he survived and escaped unhurt , but from the moment the friends decided to act. Then they parked the car Riley on a hilltop just outside of Seattle and decided to stay in this place until they come up with an idea for a business. After 4 hours, the idea emerged : the guys decided to create high -quality socks designed for the game of lacrosse .

Received from parents at graduation $ 1,400 , Riley and Jake using Microsoft Paint developed the design of socks and decided to assess the demand for it , using online resources such as Alibaba.com and Tradekey.com. On models depicted a symbol of Seattle – Space Needle tower , which rises above the horizon. Three months later the friends sold the entire batch of 1,000 shares at a price of $ 6 per pair . At this time they also attended lectures on business, finance and marketing.

To date, 25 stores in Seattle sells socks under the brand Strideline at $ 12 per pair . According to Riley Goodman , the turnover of the company has already reached $ 200,000 , half of which was profit. This summer, friends have come up with 11 new design ideas , which included a panorama of St. Louis, New York and San Francisco.

Ansar Khan , 23 years old : iPad app helps in accepting orders

The company’s founder Refulgent Software Ansar Khan in May 2011, he graduated from the University of Buffalo.

When Ansara and his friend James O’Lieri the idea of ​​creating a more convenient method of processing orders , they worked as waiters at the family restaurant Ansar Kabab & Curry. Then on the market were very expensive computerized system, and therefore they decided that applications for mobile phones iPad and iPod Touch will be much cheaper.

Friends lent his parents Khan $ 32,000 and began work on the application. Earlier, he studied at the University of O’Lieri computer technology. Friends were working in the basement of his mother’s house O’Lieri , application development itself took 10 months , it took another six months for testing. They managed to find a buggy , because of which the system is hung and lost orders 50 buyers.

Ambur application failed to start in the App Store for $ 999 in April 2011 . Only 6 weeks there was a first buyer : a small Greek restaurant in New York. To date, the application has already installed 265 restaurants in 14 countries worldwide. This year, Khan expects to receive about $ 850,000 . In addition, some friends get income from the sale of the restaurants of additional equipment: devices for cheating credit cards and printers for checks.

Dallas Robinson , 25 years: creating lip balms

The company’s founder Kisstixx Dallas Robinson is the senior students of the University of Utah Valley .

When Dallas was 18 years old , in the range of his interests included only sports ( snowboarding and veykbol ) and the girls . But over time, start to interfere with one another . As he says , after exercising his lips are very weather-beaten and cracked , so Dallas was very nervous to kiss a girl after she remembered only his chapped lips. He had a chance to try a lot of different lip balms , most of whom were well-known brands , but without exception, were absolutely useless. Then Dallas and decided to create a lip balm that protects from the sun and wind, and which could be used not only himself, but also to propose to his girlfriend .

Since Dallas was a member of the Mormon church , he had to postpone the implementation of his ideas until after the mandatory two-year service of the church. Since 2009, he continued his studies at the university , where he presented his idea to create a lip gloss on one of his lectures on entrepreneurship . Dallas became a partner classmate Mike Buonomo . Then the partners with the School Center for the development of small business loan size of $ 50,000 .

The most difficult thing was to work with a chemist to create the basis for a non-sticky balm. Partners need to find a certified specialist , because the factor of SPF ( sun protection factor ) is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration . So Robinson and Buomo happened to talk to a dozen chemists. But after 4 months of hard work and testing appeared six different flavors , including lemonade .

According to Dallas , the cost of such a package of two glosses is from 86 cents to $ 1, depending on the amount of packaging. The wholesale cost of is $ 3, and the retail value at twice the price . In March 2010, started selling batches of 6,000 packages of lip gloss in the school hallways . For 6 months the party was sold out. In addition, the friends called retailers participated in various exhibitions.

In March 2012 , the partners were in a reality show Shark Tank, which is dedicated to start-ups . At the end of the show Robinson and Buonomo received an offer from billionaire Mark Kyubana – $ 200,000 for 40% of their project.

At the end of this year, the boys managed to get from the sale of $ 188,000 . As early as next year, Robinson is trying to overcome a seven-figure mark. Now the company Kisstixx is negotiating with distributors and retailers in 43 countries around the world , so you can see the company’s products in stores in Japan , the UK, Israel and Australia. In the U.S. partners are trying to make deals with Target, Winn-Dixie, Wal-Mart and Walgreens.

Max Alenhat , ’22 : counting the trees for timber merchants

The company’s founder Silvia Terra in May 2011, he graduated from Yale University .For over one hundred years, timber merchants to assess their assets , used quite time-consuming way : they are manually counted the number of different species of trees, using samples of certain forest areas , and then simply transferred the results of all ownership. Thus to calculate cherry , oak and birch forest area of ​​20,000 acres can be had for half a year , spending is $ 100,000 .

Max Alenhat with his partner Zekeri Parisi developed a new method by which to calculate such a move into the 21st century . According to their design , the trees are calculated using satellite images , as well as the algorithm that invented Parisi . This algorithm significantly reduced the number of sites that you want to analyze , and focus on those where the diversity of species and size of trees were the most representative of the entire site . The cost of this calculation is $ 12,500 .

Director FIA Timber Partners, which invests in lennuyu industry , Tim Corriere said that guys just converted the old methodology with the help of latest technology. The project was launched in 2009 and since then has appeared five partners and customers more than $ 200,000 of income. This year Alenhat expects his company’s revenue will be $ 1,000,000 , and by the end of 2013, will triple .

Annie Wang , 23 years old : has launched a network of portals for students of American universities

Foundress of Her Campus Media Eni Wang is a student , senior, Harvard University.As she says Annie Wang , Her Campus Media company earns on the fact that students do not read and do not teach lectures , and constantly sitting at the laptop screen , reading the latest news from Her Campus. Eni has launched a network of women’s portals in 2009 . Her partners were friends Uinzdor Henger and Stephanie Kaplan, who study together with Ann at Harvard.

Portals of Her Campus represent a most ordinary women’s sites that publish stories about love, health and beauty. But each of these campus has its own microsite , which appears content specifically for students of a particular university. For example, for students at Duke University on My Campus published an article “10 things for which you will be bored at Duke University ,” but a student at Georgetown University can read about how the celebration of the Day of Georgetown. Local advertisers enjoy a shared approach .

More than 3,000 student journalists to help Wang at work: they are looking for materials , write and edit articles . Each month, Her Campus is visited by about 850,000 people, and for the last year Wang income was over $ 300,000 . In addition, Wang owns 80 domain names , which include HisCampus.com. Now partners are looking for solutions that would attract readers , and after graduation . Says Wang , so you can expand the company and to make her a billion.

TOP – 5 books about the science of negotiation

Tactics , concepts and other secrets of successful negotiation.
Today, there are so many books on negotiation . Most of them – a sort of guide, how to behave . From my own experience, I can say that to cover all scenarios that arise in the course of negotiations , it is simply impossible . So I chose the 5 books that will have the greatest benefit – they collected a variety of concepts of negotiation. They are easy to apply to any culture in the world.

William Ury , Roger Fisher, Bruce Patton . ” How to achieve a YES or negotiations without defeat”

Probably one of the most popular in the world of books on negotiation , which was written a professor at Harvard University. Following the publication in 1981, it changed the idea of ​​the process of negotiations , turning them from the quantitative and mathematical skills with real science . The authors cited three most important method of negotiation :

1. Divide the people and the problem : treat the problem itself or move it to the people. This will allow you to negotiate without going on an emotional level .

2 . Assume benefits , not positions. According to the people themselves , their positions are not what they really want. Their needs and benefits point to the reasons why they want this or that . Typically, the position may be in conflict with each other, and the benefits – not always.

Imagine that two people want an orange, on which depends the life of a loved one . Of course , each of them will have to prove how much he needs it orange. That is their position. If you start to figure out the interests , it would appear that one of them needed zest , and the other – the juice . They can meet their needs without sharing this orange.

3 . Be objective . A professional negotiator not only takes into account the wishes of the opponent, but also look for external criteria , standards , references (market price , law, general practice , etc.), which may be cited as persuasive argument. These criteria can be used as a shield by which to reject the option that does not meet these criteria , and as a sword to convince his opponent.

For 30 years, this book has not lost its relevance. And if you want to get acquainted with the culture of negotiation , you should first read this book .

Leigh Thompson. The Heart and Mind of the Negotiator.

Coming soon, the 4th edition of the book , which is one of the most comprehensive sources of knowledge about the art of negotiation, which debunks many common myths (eg, the author debunks the myth that a good negotiator can only be born when he is advised not to rely on intuition and not to take risks ) .

The book provides a lot of tactics based on long-term studies . Are you familiar with the tactics of hostile or distribution of negotiations , it is not possible to come to a mutual agreement , as well as the techniques of conducting joint negotiations , where both sides can come to a mutual agreement. An entire chapter is allocated under concepts such as power, trust and ethics . Also in the book are techniques that should be applied to multilateral negotiations in the modeling process or communicating via email.

This is not just a guide – the book contains a lot of techniques and methods in the art of negotiation.

George Kolrizer . “Do not be held hostage . Save poise and convincing the other “

This book by Professor Kolrizera unique – he has considerable experience in high-risk negotiations. You should definitely buy this book because the author describes the process of negotiations in the context of modern problems of decision-making , leadership , and , most importantly, the psychological dynamics that controls the negotiations .

In his book Kolrizer leads terminology zalozhnicheskih situations and concrete concepts , he argues that to break out of the trap and start looking beyond their own convictions – one of the most difficult challenges for a negotiator . To emphasize the importance of personal communication opponent, necessary for the successful conclusion of the transaction , the author cites many examples from their own experience. Also included is a variety of ways to overcome the lack of understanding between the opponents . The book will help you realize how important it is to build trust and learn to work with the “norm of reciprocity ” – a social phenomenon , which guides people even when they can not make concessions.

David Lax , James Sebenius . “Negotiations in three dimensions “

The authors of this book are professors at Harvard University, and it is based on their research. These are people with whom I was fortunate enough recently to cooperate , too accomplished a revolution in the art of negotiating. In contrast to the above mentioned books , where the authors focused on the negotiators and to search for agreement between them , the authors of this book have taken into account the entire scene – not just the process that takes place at the negotiating table , but also how organized this table .

According to the book , to gain success in the negotiations necessary to build an efficient process for the table (the first measurement ) , be familiar with the methods of brainstorming methods of movement from positional bargaining to agreement (second dimension ) , it does not forget about the third dimension in which actions are leading to the desired agreement.

Most negotiators to focus only on what is happening at the table. But the true professional should create a scene so that the price was a considerable understatement . Due to this and several other moves that leave your opponent with inferior alternatives , a professional negotiator can achieve high efficiency of the process and improve your results.

This book is an important addition to the first books on negotiation .

Malcolm Gladwell . ” The tipping point : how small changes lead to global change”

Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite thinkers. He has not yet written a book about the negotiations , but if a mandatory part of your job is the constant interaction with people , the book ” The Tipping Point ” should appear in your library. And , each time being at Heathrow airport , I buy a new copy of the book , what to give it to a friend or colleague .

In order to make your idea become a social phenomenon is very important to observe three conditions . First, you need to ensure that your idea has been “sticky” . It must be something new, forming a positive emotional attachment , that is, to engage in dialogue with people , their relationships and concepts. It should show them a better future .

Secondly , your idea must correspond to the “law of several .” That is what extend this idea , you have to be such persons who will distribute it to thousands of people , and who believe that trust .

Thirdly , it is important to keep in mind because the context. Even the most ” sticky ” idea , common among the thousands of people who will not be social without having proper social, economic and political context.

In fact, there are many more books on the art of negotiating. Here are 5 books that serve as an introduction to the science of negotiation . And what books are negotiating offer you ?

Make Money on the holidays

founder of the agency “Knyazev” tells the story of the crisis, the stars and the preferences of customers.

Now, almost anyone can start their own event-agency. The case is easy because they do not need to buy any equipment or rent space for the shop. Prior to the onset of the crisis in Moscow, there were more than 2,000 agencies that are registered officially, and somewhere as informal. The crisis has left the strongest. How does this business and what it takes customers from large companies?

I opened my agency after the 1998 on a wave of the crisis. Therefore, friends and acquaintances often reproached – who, they say, are now necessary holidays. But the people we have such – the worse live, the more walks, even if it is on the last of his money. Even after the 2008 crisis, we managed to survive thanks to the fact that our customers are large companies, and individuals who can afford not to deny the holidays.

Number of orders in the “season” holidays

Now we are organizing an average of two events per week. But when the “season” of various events, such as the Day of the builder, the metallurgist, Valentine’s Day, etc., almost every day of the week we have a new event. Finding customers – this is the most difficult thing in our business. Not all the big companies or private customers are willing to entrust the organization of the event a little-known agency. Most often, it is known to have a good portfolio and can provide a good agency orders. Little-known agencies are ready to take on any, even the smallest orders, and in a year may be closed.

Typically, the cost of organizing corporate event consists of two parts. First, we need to formalize and equip the room, on the average, it takes about 2,000 rubles per person, more and VAT. Secondly, it is necessary to organize a banquet with the lease, that the price is roughly the same. On average, for the organization of a great holiday company can spend 10-15 million, and that does not include the fee guest star.

Artists also happy to agree to speak at such events. Now managers stars receive 50% advance payment of the fee, although previously required 100%. For example, the idol of young people such as “rennet” and Nyushi for one performance earn an average of € 10,000, more expensive cost performance of such stars as Grigory Leps or Stas Mikhailov. We are talking about the amount of € 100,000. In addition, these two artists during the crisis subsided, but on the contrary – fees for their performances only grew.
Often, it happens sometimes that the customer is trying to negotiate with the artist themselves, thinking thus to save. In fact, the agency does not receive income from the margins to the fee, and offering discounts from the stars themselves. For example, we can get some of the stars of up to 20% discount in appreciation for how much money we have brought them before. It happens that we provide our customers with discounts of 10-15%, as if sharing in the revenue in half.

How Big preferences

Our agency has been working for 12 years, and it must be said that during this time the format of the event has changed significantly. Previously, customers were limited to the fact that organized the concert and banek, guests were just sitting at the tables, occasionally lifting the toast, and a yield of stars began to dance, but now has become a popular invite to a holiday as many stars.

Already dance during a performance star is not fashionable, it is typical for the “average” companies. From 2001-2003, the story began to take place of the event. For example, the company “Lukoil” we organized a party under the motto “One for all and all for the New Year.” Accordingly, the origin was the plot of the novel “The Three Musketeers” by Alexandre Dumas. Then all the men were dressed in robes musketeer, women – in the XVIII century costumes. Alekperov appeared dressed as King Louis, and the vice-presidents donned the mantle of Cardinals. In addition, we organized events on the subjects of different films and works of literature. For the organization of the “Day of birth Cleopatra” we used the props of the Bolshoi Theatre, and the costumes and sets were taken from the opera “Aida.”

To arrange a gangster party, we took out of the museum retroavtomobili, but the machines Thompson brought from Spain. At what was then a very popular pirate, gangster theme. And after the movie “Avatar” and “patrols” in vogue party themed around cinema. Increasingly, customers are demanding style show “Minute of Fame”, when employees themselves out as stars. Therefore, we conducted auditions in advance of the staff to find an accountant with a good voice, or logistician, well performing mime.

Even before the crisis, customers are spared no expense on details for themed parties. Of course, the stars also performed, but it was, as a rule, a program of 3-4 artists, and when all is played enough, the stage went one artist.

Over the past two years among large companies increasingly popular book was speaking foreign stars. The most difficult – is to bring them to the Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo quietly. Otherwise, fans can simply spread the airport. And when Moscow began appearing posters, announces the first concert of Madonna in Russia, we just laughed, because many times it quietly walking through Red Square. Among the stars were invited us and Aerosmith, and Jon Bon Jovi and the Rolling Stones, Lady Gaga herself that big concerts in Russia has never given. The most popular foreign stars are more popular for private events, undertaking large-scale corporate events, customers prefer the proven retro – Baccara, Toto Cutugno, Boney M.

To arrange a good holiday, few know that the customer likes. It should also be borne in mind that is not acceptable in a team. Sometimes it happens that people over 35 to take delight youth program, and young organize dances in the style of the XIX century.

When we are approached by new customers, they prefer to watch our every move. And old customers are often asked to arrange something fun, not too deep into the process of the organization.

Successful real estate investment UK

Tips private investors

Ukraine investors for UK interest for several reasons. First, it is one of the closest countries to which speak a language familiar to many from school. Second, the business environment in this country are safe enough. Thirdly, this country is not a party to the euro zone, trying to protect themselves from the surging wave of the crisis on Europe.

But the main reason why our investors are eager to come to the UK, is that the real estate market, being fully integrated into the economy, but also well-structured, gives investors a lot of new features. UK market is quite dynamic. That only is the fact that the average family in this country can move every three years, thus improving their living conditions. Rental housing is a matter of time, and all take the first step by buying their own homes.

Moreover, the UK market was able to weather the crisis, while avoiding, in contrast to the U.S., massive defaults in mortgages. A London and the south-east of the country like it all and did not survive.

I’m often asked the question, wondering whether to invest in nedzhvizhimost of this country, to which I always say that success in this business depends on understanding what it takes to acquire and how. I will give some advice on this issue.

Want to buy – prepare cash

If you’re looking to buy, remember that sellers tend to give preference to those who are willing to pay in cash (cash buyer), and not “financially prepared.” The very concept of finance arranged just means that the loan stipulated with the bank, but it does not guarantee that the money will come immediately after completion of the transaction.
Therefore, those who have the cash to pay can get 5% discount, thanks to the certainty willingness to pay for a purchase immediately after its registration. And if in the future the market will grow, it will only multiply discount income of the investor. In the future you can make quite a favorable loan for real estate.

Search for “uncompromising” housing

Owners of a considerable amount of cash, or, as they are called, common buyers can spend more time searching for a more profitable investment option for them. A viewing, for example, 30 sites to choose only three of them – sort of a “straight-out” option. It should be noted that a lot of investors in the market, so there is competition – there is something to fight for. As a rule, when the UK model housing (room with two bedrooms) drops in value, then the “no-compromise” is only growing.

It is very difficult to give a precise definition for this type of housing, because most of the houses in the UK are mainly individual. It is better to make a comparative analysis. For example, there is a house in which only the positive characteristics. But buyers often put forward specific requirements: that took place near Metro line that had a view of the park, but only on the tops of the trees to beat the long corridors, etc. If an object is satisfied by all the requirements of the buyer, it can be described as “uncompromising” and its purchase is a pretty good investment for the investor to do with both the medium term and in the longer. Since 2008, such “ideal home” rose in price by 10-15%, with an 8% price fall on the average residential. These indicators relate mainly to London and the surrounding counties.

Buy to Sell

The UK has become very common to buy real estate at auction. This is quite a profitable investment, especially if the bank has withdrawn his non-payment of the mortgage. With that much trouble when you make a deal will not be the seller – an individual.

Suppose you bought at the auction facility of ? 500,000, with the repair you have spent ? 100,000, and now want to get behind him ? 700,000, at most, ? 650,000. For UK investors, it is quite usual calculation, but not Russian. The fact that the Russians are buying a house will not be able to invest in the ? 100,000 to repair it because they are used to require the construction works of high standards. For the British, as the main criterion for the quality of repair is its cheapness. They even There is a joke that all the houses in Britain dye one color “Magnolia” cream-colored, and are not going to change anything.

Therefore, investment projects «buy-to-let», that is to buy a house to sell it in the future or lease are successful only on the condition that you accept all the rules of the game. And only by abandoning their perceptions of quality and price, you can compete on the UK property market.

Of course, investing in real estate the UK were not allowed to obtain a residence permit in the country. But sometimes having your own home plays a key role in the issue of citizenship. For example, if the applicant has been outside the country for longer than the law allows, it is the availability of permanent housing that is home to his family, can confirm the seriousness of his intentions to live in this country.

Investors planning to invest in real estate in the UK, it should be remembered that the right to receive a good income from them will not work. You have to wait rising at least a few years to considering those 5% interest, as mentioned at the outset, to cover expenses, including the stamp duty, which is one of the highest in the world accounting for 5% of the value of the object that is bought.

To summarize, having decided to invest in real estate the UK should prepare cash, look for the “hard-line” options, do not rush to buy, so as not to make mistakes. Do not believe the rumors, for example, that in the UK there is now an influx of Greek money in anticipation of a default in Greece. (Or any other country with a similar situation, such as Italy and Spain). The Greeks are buying property to live there in the future. We also can not be in a hurry …

How to successfully create a website for an online store

Here are a few mistakes from my own experience that should not be repeated.

At the time, as I sat, wondering how to get started writing a post about creating a website for my online store, the post office received a letter.
One of our clients told me about how to order a certain quantity of goods on our website in the amount of 2,981 rubles, received an order worth 3009 rubles. Of course, the difference is small, but the impressions were unpleasant.

Here is such greetings I received from the developers of our site!

First start

I must say: the development of the sites I absolutely do not understand it, I can not discern any scripting languages ??or platforms. At the very process of development, I only watch as a visitor and manager. The most important thing for me – that on the website I was comfortable. That was my main requirement.

As for the deceived customer, we will try not to lose it, so that little will refund the difference in the amount with the next order. But it is so frustrating to find a mistake again! The problem we see at once, but that is why it has arisen – that is another question. The fact is that all registered users can receive discounts when ordering goods and recorded not only in the database, but also in the personal office customer. Perhaps, in this case the discount was calculated only in a private office, but not in the database, so there was a similar error.

On this basis, I can say that finding a good developer for the site – a difficult task. In addition, many acquaintances often ask me, I do not recommend them a good developer for the site that immediately answered in the negative. Unfortunately, these do not know.

In the matter of developing the site the most important thing to always remember that it is not just the face of the company or a sales tool, but the database, which is designed to manage an online store. And it is better if the database will be reflected as much as possible your goals, because it will help you more effectively manage your sales. But I realized it’s not right.

Finding a good developer and failed. Maybe because so long looking for. And indeed all the solutions we adopt without delay so that readers of our blog (start from the comments) think that business is growing without any problems. In fact, it’s not just taking quick decisions and implementing them immediately into practice, we hide some of the complexity of the process. Back in the spring of last year, we were trying to find a developer, following the recommendations, but this attempt was unsuccessful. Then we found a company that has been developing websites for online shopping. We were asked for 70,000 rubles, and it was relatively inexpensive. In addition, the design of the site took our friend, and it took us a total of 20 000. By the way, Valeria and is now working in our team, by all means rooting for our business. A complete site we had to get in 3-4 weeks.

As a result, the site was ready in just three months, but still we continue to fix bugs.
Now I would like to give advice, never skimp on building a website, but I will not do that. The fact is that the poor quality of the development can be obtained at great expense. Therefore, developers do not choose by price range, and quality.

To all my approach

Since the implementation of your project, we decided that a nice design and ease of use – the main tool to attract customers, so we followed their preferences. It was decided to create a two-level catalog of our products, which seemed to us a clear and transparent. Of course, sometimes received complaints from customers that the product is very difficult to find, and the time to do it they do not. Therefore, they returned to where they came, that is, in the “platypus”.

Not Important and functionality of the site, because it is primarily a management tool. But starting a business, we know nothing about the features of content management. In this case, TK to develop the site was my partner, who is not the only sense in programming, but also, as a customer, meticulous enough, so well known that we need. Yes, and the developer was giving advice on how and what better to do. Still, it turned out that those functions that we were not missing.

Here is one very obvious example. On the Admin tab in the “database” shows all information on orders and customers. In addition, in recent months, we have added several more columns: “payment”, which specifies the method of payment (shops, bank card) and payment status, “the card number Mnogo.ru” for these customers, we regularly carry out various actions, so need to see them in the mass, and the “Comments” column, where we see the comments from our customers. They are quite different: some specify the time of delivery order, someone interested in the shelf life of products, and some even asked to cover up the amount of the order from the parents that they were not worried mom indicate the time at which it is impossible to deliver, so as not to wake the baby . And sometimes such that wrote our neighbors, promising to come and pay the entire order on the spot, but to get later. But after 8 months of our services and the neighbors began to use the office.

Of course, the column “comments” became for me almost straight way into the hearts of customers. After comments could follow the whole process, from visiting a client site, ending with production order. Also, if there were any problems, customers immediately wrote reviews, so I was able to quickly solve the problems that arose. A year ago we had no idea what was once will create such a column, and the more that it will bring a benefit.

But there is another difficult task – we would like to enable clients to receive information about new products, new promotions and gifts indicate the article in the blog. But how to make sure that the client can any of this read for those 2-3 minutes, that he is on site. Then came the idea to allocate space for banners. And now, for us was not enough.

After a month since the launch of the online store before our programmers had the task of correcting all errors that occurred on the site, as well as to write codes for the new functions. Then they made up only 15 points. Now our task described on several pages in a format ?L, and every week these lists updated with new tasks.
I note that, by choosing a developer for your website, first of all refer to how well he can grasp and understand the idea of ??your project, and how comfortable you will be working with him. In fact, in my experience, will have to work very much. Just do not forget to sign your contract developers for revision or maintenance of the site in the course of the emergence of new challenges and ideas. After all, when finalizing the site deals with the other specialist, the problem becomes more complicated, because you first need to understand the workings of the previous one, and then offer their ideas.

So we spent about 150 000 on completion of all the necessary functions and to correct all the mistakes that added up to two times more than we initially invested in the site. I think it’s good for the conviction of those who try to save money on development of the site.

CEO and co-owner of the grocery online store onovamnadom.ru, Natalia Kulakov

Win the strongest

The Internet the strongest survive

Advice to entrepreneurs who have decided with the help of online commerce to expand their business.

Use of the Internet in Ukraine has reached 40%. Millions of users are increasingly make purchases online. Despite this, the volume of trade on the internet
Internet penetration in Ukraine is close to 40%. Every year millions of people make an online purchase. But while the total number of sales on the Internet is less than 5%, and in some years it is expected that this figure will reach 10.7%, which is approximately $ 5.10 billion and if several le back online trading associated with the “Yandex. Market “, now trading in the network involved in such major retailers as Epitsentr,” Hello “, etc.

And yet, for the state, merchants and consumers e-commerce remains unexplored and a little suspicious area. Is it possible to change this?

Sales Channels

It would be a mistake to divide rodazhi online and offline, because it may be just different forms of a single sales channel. Narimer, some category of goods may be sold chereh internet, some – in stores or in catalogs. Accordingly, some more convenient to buy goods on the Internet, and someone more like go shopping. And if you want to attract more customers, you need to work with all possible sales channels.

Recently, we have seen that the consumption pattern is changing. Not so long ago, we were limited by space and range, which offers shops. Our requirements were formed according to the space. But now we can advance nashipotrebnosti form and choose the channel by which it will be convenient to make a purchase. For example, if you want to buy a vacuum cleaner, you have to pre-define itself and its functional model, and after searching the proposals that will get it as quickly and profitably. Everything is changing. Today, consumers increasingly important stnovitsya the quality and speed of service. Of course, do not forget about the price, but to do it, too, is not necessary.

The Internet all the way

According to co-founder of Maxim Wikimart Faldin, sa dm – this is not online trading, it’s just a showcase, for which there is a large infrastructure of marketing, advertising, logistics, call-center and service.

At the heart of the retail logistics and marketing is, at what they vary from retail and e-commerce. Says CEO Oskar Hartmann KupiVIP, the Internet’s different – different rules, KPI, key performance indicators. For example, the company is committed to offering retailers working offline, create online shopping completed, which is much cheaper than the creation of his own company for e-commerce with its infrastructure.
Of course, for each customer must be addressed by offering them good service and building traffic for him. You have to make sure that he wanted to come back to your site. According Faldin, Internet marketing is very different from marketing offline. On the Internet people do not want to wait very long, he wants to get the goods as soon as possible, or on a specific day at a specific time.

Main issue

As said Hartmann – on the Internet you can survive, doing serious business. On the side projects you have nothing to do on the network. You will not be able to make on what has long been involved in others. You need to clearly define what you are better than others, and work in this direction.

Online shopping: first correct the error

Change the concept of our online store had almost immediately after its launch. What was the result?
From his experience will tell you that well-designed concept is not less than 50% success rate. But not anymore, as even the ideal concept can be spoiled by poor execution. In our case, not very hard to believe in the concept of the ideal, though, and would like it to be such.

As I said, we have decided to give up perishable food, hoping to save not only for storage but to write off spoiled food. Thus, it was possible to avoid many losses.

Initially, our concept is something like: “That’s enough to carry weight, we can do it for you.” In addition, we provide customers with free shipping if the order value exceed 2000 rubles. Soon, this figure had raised to 3,000 rubles. And the average weight was 60 kg baskets. Thus, the client needs to go to the store just to buy bread, cheese and butter.

All products and goods that have been standardized in our catalog. That is, if a customer orders a pack of sugar from “Mistral” diapers or Huggies, then it is good that he will deliver. But when it comes to veal, then there really tastes may differ. And how do you can buy meat online? Therefore, in our range of meat and was not.

As for the food, then one has decided to sell only quality products are well-known trademarks. For example, sugar cane should be only as pasta made of durum wheat.

Moreover, abandoning the perishable products, we seek to maximize the range of groceries. Suppliers are fast enough, and many by endorsing our idea, offered goods and products at wholesale prices, regardless of the volume of purchases. Such action by the supplier has put us in an advantageous position, because in many hypermarkets, promising low prices, margin amounted to 80%. And so to beat them did not present a particular difficulty for us.
In general, the range in our shop had a good, largely coinciding with the “ABC of Taste” and “The Seventh Continent”, but lower cost by 10-35%. Still, the number of orders left much to be desired.

Everything was very simple. Even though we did not try to compete with the “Auchan” or “platypus”, as we did not try to determine for themselves a separate niche, but still people continue to compare us with them. We lost as a pricing policy, so in the range. Of course, pricing is not so concerned with us, because we wanted to attract your customer and build your audience. In addition, not all customers understand that the delivery of products to Moscow – is the service is not cheap. And if the client did not understand what the client is not ours.
What really surprised us is the fact that even “our” customers were unhappy with the assortment. As it turned out, they did not want to go to the store for butter, and meat were ready to buy blindly. Moreover, even our columnist Cyril Haratyan was extremely surprised that there was no store in the range of greens.

So we lasted three months. Many complaints received from customers with requests to add a range of cheeses, yogurt, dairy products. Many openly stated that will buy only when selection is bigger. We did not want to give up. And at this time, Moscow was preparing for the New Year, and the golden period of retail we are not caught. Then we recognized their mistakes.

Already in the beginning of December, added to the existing range of sausages, meat and milk products, which has helped increase sales tripled (this helped and New Year). In the spring we added more and freezing that adds about 40% to sales.

We were able to admit their mistakes and even more. Now on our website you can see a new concept, which states that previously we thought that klmenty not trust the orders of perishable products over the Internet. But as it turned out, we were wrong, so myy recognize our mistakes and understand that it is necessary to carry everything and so on.

Following the expansion of the range followed by a change of the location of the warehouse. Now we have moved to the outskirts, so were able to save on rent premises. But it became more difficult with the delivery of products to Moscow. As before, we do not really want to buy perishables in bulk. At the stage of development of stable orders yet, the number Bole in waves, so to calculate the necessary amount of food was very difficult. And the write-off of damaged products revenue decreased to zero. And customers are very careful about it to the “perishable”, and therefore there were complaints that, say, the products are brought to the expiration date.
As a result, the decision was made to purchase perishable food or in the nearest supermarket or grocery bases. Of course, even if such goods are much more expensive, but always delivered fresh, which is very important. Because of this, the special damages from damaged goods we do not have. But now, we continue to look for suppliers of “perishable”, getting to know the other members of the market and creating favorable conditions for further cooperation.

A little easier with the freeze, because it can be stored in freezer for months, and sooner or later it is still the buyer.

After changing the concept, we realized that customers are not that hard to tolerate high prices, especially for sour-milk production. It is much harder to solve the problem of lack of stock of some items, and late couriers do not really like the clients. Of course, there are days when you just can not find green basil, and traffic jams are deprived of hope for the prompt delivery. And if the lack of products in stock, can be solved by offering an alternative to the client, the problems with the movement of the Moscow transport is almost impossible to solve. But if we say about good service, it is necessary to conform.
The range of our store and more continues to grow, even there were two new partitions “OnoVamVOfis” and “Cooking”, where you can enjoy a meal prepared by our partner. Now engaged in gathering statistics. Of course, I want to extend the range, and the customers are also requested to do so, but do understand that no one will embrace the boundless. And when the stock rises, and store management becomes much more difficult.

In addition, only in the process have noticed some flaws on our site, but more on that next time.

CEO and co-owner of the grocery online store onovamnadom.ru, Natalia Kulakov