Предприниматель | Информационно-аналитический журнал - Part 47

The Moscow experience: analyst

Why Moscow? First of all, thoughts are already in Europe, Ukrainians, and mentally while still close to Moscow. Secondly, Moscow as the capital and due to the accumulation of oil capital ahead of Kiev in the restaurant culture for 2-3 years. Therefore, Moscow’s experience is entirely possible to apply to Ukrainian reality.

So, at the beginning of last year in Moscow, there were 6685 restaurants (Rospotrebnadzor data), it should subtract about 15% of enterprises controlled by the Railways (station cafes and restaurants). According to some estimates only about 13,000 in Paris restaurants, while in Tokyo – 140 000.

In the pre-crisis, the market has grown with the dynamics of 20-25% annually , as in 2009 when the market took a crisis and the market fell by more than 15%.

According to a study conducted by Bondstone Group, the market allows for 5 years to open in Moscow at least 400 new schools.

“Financial institutions within two years of crisis, flatly refused to credit the restaurant project. Now the situation has changed and is expected to surge in start-ups, and it is not good, since many of them will fail. After parting with somebody else’s money is easier to own. “- Denis Yakhno share experiences, Director of Consulting Federation of Restaurateurs and hoteliers.

In a survey of Forbes Russia, experts note that today will be popular institution for one day or facilities in fast food format.

Money fast moving Internet

“Money is rapidly moving online,” – says Olivier Crepe Leblond, head of the Public Advisory Board of ICANN, the VII Congress of the Internet Association of Ukraine in Kiev.

An example of this is already gone from the market of audio and video media.

“I remember how twenty years ago, music producers and distributors have invested billions of dollars in music and video on tape and sold it successfully. Then came the CD, the amount of cash injections into the CD-ROMs ever 16.4 billion. Now sales are falling rapidly CD, disks today replaces the Internet “, – says Olivier.

Short-sighted officials restrict access to the Internet and are suffering losses. “Suffice it to recall the situation with the temporary stop of the Internet in Egypt. Country paid for it $ 90 million. Business noted the loss of some partners, and left without electronic sales. If you do not have Internet access 5 days, the partners may from you to leave, lose credibility, “- he says.

According to a study conducted in Britain, ICANN has determined that 7.2% of GDP of the country falls on internet business. More money comes only from financial transactions or services – 9%, real estate transactions – 12%, various types of trade – 11%. According to Olivier, a business in Britain depends entirely on the Internet: virtually all the paperwork going through emails, faxes, no longer in use.

“As a true eye for the head of the Counseling Center ICANN, the aircraft with the inscription The Internet has already arrived. Do not miss the chance to buy a ticket for him. “- He concluded.

Note: Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) – an international, nonprofit organization established September 18, 1998 with the participation of the U.S. government to regulate matters relating to domain names, IP-addresses and other aspects of the Internet’s operation.

Online stores will be obliged to have offices

“If members of parliament will oblige online retailers to have offices, the price of goods they can rise” – reported by the Paul sat, head of the Association of Electronic business Ukraine, at a press conference which was devoted to discussing the draft law on domestic trade.

This bill is currently under discussion. The draft law expected to require online retailers and other companies whose activities are related to trade via the Internet, work only with the office. Companies that violate this law face a fine of one hundred and not subject to minimums.

Sergey Litvinenko, director of the department of examination and analysis of the effectiveness of public support for Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, believes that this law will positively affect the market as a whole, will help bring the market of online trading of the “shadow” and protect the rights of consumers, because there are now many online stores that have web sites that do not specify any address location, nor the legal name of the company, or other data that can help you identify the company.

Oleg Leonov: Now is the time to serve

Now is the time to serve

Oleg Leonov — creator of the first civilized retail network in Russia. Several years ago he sold his trading company “Dixie” to 1 billion 200 million dollars. Now Oleg interested in environmental technology and wrote a universal code of honor.

Sergei Galitsky: Football Club a great motivation!

Football Club a great motivation!

Sergei Galitsky

founder of a chain of shops “Magnet”, a man with fantastic energy and unconventional looks. His personal fortune is estimated at 2.6 billion dollars, and he believes that anything complex and transcendental is not done, just need to love and understand his work.

Dmitry Agarunov: Entrepreneurs are agents of God

Entrepreneurs — are agents of God

Why There is myth that Jews are greedy and too adventurous? What is the difference between a Jew and a Russian? Is the secret of wealth lies in the origin of man? These and many other questions will be answered Dmitry Agarunov, founder Gameland.

Timothy: We have two restaurants with Novikov

Timothy: We have two restaurants with Novikov

As Timothy has achieved success? What was done to make a successful brand name? Visiting Oleg Tinkoff said the idol of youth, in addition to what the music and how to make money.

David Yakobashvili: We started out with different businesses

David Yakobashvili: We started out with different businesses

Chairman of the Board of Directors, “Wimm-Bill-Dann” David Yakobashvili record in Russia in the number of business projects. He started in business back in 1982. Visiting Oleg Tinkoff, he shared his views on the intricacies of the modern Russian business.

Ukrtelecom: the cost of privatization has increased by 75 million UAH

For the purchase of Ukrtelecom claim only one party – LLC “ESU”. The State Property Fund offered to buy the company for 10 billion Ukrtelecom 575 million 100 thousand UAH – is 75 million more expensive than the starting price.

Stocks Ukrtelecom consulting firm estimated the “Island”. According to their language report dated February 4, the value of 92.79% shares of the national telecommunications company is 10.5751 billion UAH. The State Property Fund has approved this cost, and said that it meets the requirements of the regulatory framework for the assessment of state property.

Tender, the evaluation of Ukrtelecom, which was held on January 6, won by “The Island” by offering the best terms and conditions.

George Soros: Dollar at risk

“The coming years will happen in the U.S. crisis, which is now in the euro area” – shared the opinion of George Soros, head of fund Soros Fund Management. This may contribute to the financial problems that are now the states and municipalities.

Because of the problems in Greece and Ireland, and rumors spread about the debt crisis to other countries, beginning in 2010 the euro fell by 5% against the dollar.

Already, as the Bloomberg, U.S. municipal bonds rapidly lose in value, the ten-year bonds yield 3.56% per annum, and only six months ago the rate was at around 2.75%.