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Sergey Tigipko predicts mortgage renewal this spring

Tihipko Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Human Services. Policy of Ukraine at the press conference expressed his opinion on the resumption of the mortgage in the spring of 2011.

“This year will be a transition and difficult. First of all, for business because it is now gradually being re-building industry and mortgage lending resumes. In some areas the banks have given loans. For example, the purchase of automobiles. I think the mortgage will go after these industries , “- said Tihipko.

“Recovery of the mortgage will reduce in real estate prices, which can be expected in 2012” – says Tigipko.

“If we have the ability to stimulate the mortgage, and the first to help the banking sector, this demand to recover and return to the indicators that were in demand in 2007, after which we will soon see the decline in housing prices,” – said Tigipko.

The politician is convinced that the end of 2011, the Government will create all necessary conditions for the construction, which should in turn lead to increased demand in the market.

“Now, another problem pops up, you have to decide is not the builders – it’s a matter of demand” – it is necessary to restore long-term mortgage. This can contribute by introducing a policy of insurance of pension savings “- said Tigipko.

“Some countries, such as Kazakhstan, have been able to concentrate resources into a single mechanism, when the money from the second level part of the pension system were to support the mortgage, which were built with a lot of cheap social housing,” – said Tihipko.

Kolomoisky not get the “MAU”

Existing shareholders UIA intend to exercise their right to buy state-owned shares CHAO, leaving, therefore, likely to participate in the privatization structures Igor Kolomoisky, according to Economic News.

On Friday, three companies are co-owners of PJSC “Ukraine International Airlines’ (UIA), issued a message of intent to acquire state-owned shares of the airline in the amount of 61.58%. According to the information bulletin “Securities of Ukraine”, the company Capital Investment Project (now owned by 6% CHAO) will acquire 9.58% stake, UIA Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (which owns 22.52% stake) wants to buy 36.09% stake in the carrier, and UIA Holding GmbH (owned 9.9% stake) intends to buy 15.9% shares of UIA.

This message is the first official confirmation of what has previously only speculate: the privatization of UIA is implemented the script does not open, and domestic sales of state shares. Predictions of such a course of events has been based, for example, that minority shareholders have blocked earlier decision SPF amending the charter of the company, which would eliminate the rule of law a priority of existing shareholders to participate in privatization.

On the other hand, had reason to expect a decision on the public sale of the package, as it promised to bòlshie revenues for the state budget. Recall that in December last year, the desire to participate in the privatization of the said two companies that are not current shareholders of the UIA – Windrose and “Dniproavia” (the latter officially included in the alliance, “Ukrainian Aviation Group”, which unites aviaaktivy Igor Kolomoisky, the first, according to market participants , affiliated with it).

Windrose willing to pay 61.58% MAU 492.9 mln. “Dniproavia” – 516.841 mln. While in closed sales force airlines to shareholders will be invited to buy shares at a price which an independent valuer will assess the package – the SPF has already chosen for this purpose “Ukrainian expert group.” According to sources, “Interfax-Ukraine”, the appraiser determined the value of the package at 270 mln. And the draft contract of sale at that price has already been sent for approval to Mininfrastruktury.

So, now you can actually talk about the new owner of the UIA – in all likelihood, they will become ex-CEO and a former co-owner of “Aerosvit” Aron Mayberg. Back in early 2010 at the UIA had at least four shareholder – but the state company Capital Investment Project, owned by Mr. Mayberg called (bought back those shares at 6% of UIA, which previously got rid of the Aer Cap), as well as Austrian Austrian Airlines ( through UIA Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH) and the EBRD. During the year the EBRD and Austrian Airlines had withdrawn from the shareholders and the ownership structure has acquired a valid species.

Experts believe the current situation surrounding the privatization of UIA quite controversial. On the one hand – a closed sale airline clearly meets the letter of the law, on the other – the cost of state-owned obviously undervalued. Independent analysts estimated it at about $ 250 million, deputy head of the special commission on privatization VR Oleksandr Bondar said that the chosen scenario is certainly sell “privatization in one hand” and not in the interests of the state.
“The state had the legal leverage poprepyatstvovat this by lifting the rate of privatization in a closed re-charter UIA, in accordance with new legislation. It made sense back when the company had a few shareholders, but now there is only one private shareholder, and intrigue as to who will get it, no, “- says Mr. Cooper.

In the State Property Fund explained that the principle of privatization on the principle of maximum revenue from the sale is not always correct. “You have to understand that the smaller price to pay for the new shareholder of state-owned stake, the more free money in his will for the company. Therefore correct to privatize a specific investobyazatelstv – then the company will have an opportunity for further growth, and the state will receive their proceeds in the form of income tax, “- explained one of the representatives of the government.

Apparently, in general liking of power are more likely to side of existing shareholders UIA, so privatization should go relatively smoothly. For example, previously vice-prime minister, but now more and Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov critical comments about the prospects of NATO expansion, “Ukrainian Aviation Group.”

“The Alliance, in effect, privatized 60% of passenger traffic in the Ukraine. We still have to ask the AMC, in general, how it happened and why, today, the ticket Kiev – Dnepropetrovsk – Kiev costs $ 500-600, “- said if Mr. Kolesnikov.

Head of Tax: Software developers will not pay VAT

C 2011 came into force on the Tax Code, in which the development, testing and delivery of software, data processing and other services to the scope of information subject to VAT will not.

This was announced by the head of the State Tax Service of Ukraine, Vitaliy Zakharchenko, at a press conference, “The Tax Code and its regulations.”

Recall, NC Ukraine adopted in 18 November 2010, December 2, 2011 signed by President Viktor Yanukovych with all the amendments made ​​by entrepreneurs.

IT market growth of notebook sales marked

One of the main trends of the past year to Ukrainian IT market is growing personal computer market by 10%, continued to increase growth in the notebook PC market share overall and a surge of sales in the corporate sector (mainly in the fourth quarter). This was announced at a press conference, Anatoly Baluk, head of the company “Diavest”, which was devoted to the results of 2010 in the IT industry.

Baluk also noted that in general the share of laptops has grown to nearly 73% in units, in the money rate has reached even greater heights.

Shopping “Diavest” said Baluk, a trend increase in the cost of laptops compared to conventional PCs. If the average laptop costs 6700 USD, it’s a PC with a monitor – 5000 UAH. The most popular brand notebook was Acer, increased sales of laptops under the brand name “Lenovo” and “Sony”.

News from the market, it is the most high-profile bankruptcy of several major players and new branded “Moyo” and “paved”.

Retail expansion slowed in 2010: study

In 2010, food operators (FMCG), operating on Ukrainian territory, again reduced the number of open stores, compared with 2009. Also increased the number of stores that were closed. This is according to research consultancy “GT Partners Ukraine”.

In 2010, food operators (FMCG), operating on the territory of Ukraine, opened about 245 new stores (excluding stores, who replaced the sign as a result of transactions for acquisitions). Compared with 2009 the number of open stores has decreased by 5.

The downward trend has been going on since 2007. So, in 2007, it opened 455 new stores in 2008 they became 430, and in 2009 – 250 (See Figure 1).

Figure 1. The dynamics of open FMCG stores in Ukraine, 2007-2010,

Figure 1. The dynamics of open FMCG stores in Ukraine, 2007-2010,

Figure 1. The dynamics of open FMCG stores in Ukraine, 2007-2010,

data “GT Partners Ukraine”

Important is the fact, the researchers note that in 2010 Ukraine was closed network retailers about 100 stores (excluding outlets are switched to other owners). For comparison, in 2009, was closed 89 stores.

What is characteristic of about 75 food retailers operating in our country today, in 2010, managed to increase the number of its stores 36 companies (in 2009 the figure was 32 ​​companies). Eight commercial operators had to reduce the number of its outlets.

In 2010, some networks have ceased to exist as a result of the purchase of these stores by other retailers (“Rovex”, “YUSI”).

As a year earlier, the undisputed leader in the number of open stores in 2010, was the company “ATB-Market” (Dnepropetrovsk) (see Table 1). Over the past year, the network 71 discounters enriched outlet.

Table 1. The top 10 food retailers in Ukraine by number of outlets, 2010

The top 10 food retailers in Ukraine by number of outlets, 2010

The top 10 food retailers in Ukraine by number of outlets, 2010

data “GT Partners Ukraine”

For many years the main rival network “ATB” in pursuit of a number of stores continues to be a company “Fozzy Group” (Kiev), developing a network of supermarkets “Silpo” convenience stores “Handicap” and hypermarkets “Fozzy”. For the full year 2010, this retailer has opened 38 new trading platforms.

Interestingly, the top ten FMCG retailers in Ukraine by number of stores remained unchanged compared with 2009.

Meanwhile, the company “Ukrainian Retail” (network of shops “Brusnitsya”) for the first time in its history came in the Top-5 ranking. Due to active expansion to the east of Ukraine, the retailer opened in 2010, 23 new outlets. Thus, the “Ukrainian Retail” ousted from fourth place western Ukrainian operator “Pakko Holding.”

The top ten rankings for the first time joined a network of “Periwinkle” (Lviv). Thanks to the purchase of company’s stores “Rovex” (Ternopil), it increased the number nearly doubled its sites in 2010.

Regional covering the undisputed leader in Ukraine among retailers is “Fozzy Group”, which stores operating in 23 regions of Ukraine and in Crimea. In the 21 regions there are supermarkets “Buffet table” (Kiev). In general, at the end of 2010, Ukraine had 12 national grocery retailer – “ATB-Market”, “Fozzy Group”, “Cocktail,” “Quiza Trade”, “Eurotech”, “EKO-market”, “Our Land” “Spar”, “Metro Cash & Carry”, “Land”, “Billa” and “Novus”.

Igor Ponomarev: Foreign cars will not get cheaper

Ponomarev: cheaper foreign cars are not

Igor Ponomarev, Chairman of the Board of Directors dealership GENSER – this is one of the largest companies trading in cars in Russia, as well as dedicated service. Sells such brands as Nissan, Ford, Infiniti, Cadillac, Saab, Chevrolet and other brands yet. Unfortunately in early 2010, Igor has died after a long battle with illness. This was his last public appearance.

Slipenchuk: I do not like the word “problem”

Slipenchuk: I do not like the word “problem”

Michael Slipenchuk, head of the company “Metropol” talks about the crisis of ’98, personal bankruptcy and the subsequent formation.

10 most interesting novelties of the Paris Motor Show

On Wednesday at the exposition center at Porte de Versailles started Paris Motor Show – one of the major events in the world of cars along similar exhibitions in Frankfurt and Detroit. Paris surpasses the competition at least historically: it was here in 1898 was the world’s first car show. Then, however, he was treated skeptically: opening the first showroom French President Felix Faure defiantly left the show in horse-drawn carriage.

But now at the Paris Salon in experimental development related to the special attention: a lot of space for exhibition stands “green” and other advanced avtotehnologiyam. At this time there even posted a test track for electric cars. Engineers, whose share fell out earlier presentations of electric vehicles, now crowding marketers, as several notable models with electric motors will soon go into mass market.

Many manufacturers are experimenting with hybrid engines, and cars with conventional engines surprises: for example, the exhibition presents them 3-door Range Rover Evoque powered by an unusually small size, but surprisingly efficient and environmentally friendly. In the range of Evoque enabled version with front-wheel drive.

In Paris, always a lot of world premieres. We talks about the most interesting of them.

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque

Evoque the summer show at the private party on the outskirts of London, but the official public debut was held at the exhibition in Paris. It is surprising that the appearance of the final version differs little from two years ago demonstrated the concept of LRX: bold body lines, narrow headlights.

In addition to the avant-garde, by the standards with respect to the conservative brand, design, Evoque will be the most cost-effective, easy and environmentally friendly model in the line Range Rover. Inside the 3-door body styles – diesel turbo 2.2-liter volume capacity of either 190 or 150 horsepower. According to engineers, the emission of air pollutants in the last configuration does not exceed 145 g / km. There is a 2-liter version with a capacity of 240 liters. with. It may seem that the company has been a revolution: the engines of more word. The point, however, that the Range Rover Evoque, despite its name, is actually much closer to the smallest in the range of the car Freelander, than the flagship Range Rover. Actually, on a platform built Evoque Freelander.

The British followed the global trend to reduce fuel consumption and range included in the version with front-wheel drive. Sales Range Rover will start fresh in the summer of 2011, and by the winter market will Evoque with five-door body. Expected price in Europe – just over £ 30 000.

Citroen Lacoste С1

Citroen Lacoste С1

Citroen Lacoste С1

To create this concept Citroen has teamed up with fashion brand clothing Lacoste. The result of the creative union was an amazing car with no doors. There is no roof and – at least in the conventional sense. Natural habitat of this unique hybrid golf car and desert buggies seem to be areas with minimal rainfall, but the designers have left completely defenseless passengers: during the rain from the upper rungs of the vehicle leaves a special umbrella.

Citroen Lacoste went fairly compact. Vehicle length -3.5 m, width – 1,8 meters, and height – just over five feet. Inside the body is hidden comic three-cylinder engine. Other details of the Paris Motor Show visitors can learn only after the official presentation. Add that to the title although the concept of producers and added, “C1” diligently seek it hints at the look of the next line of the French small car’s still not worth it.

BMW X3 2011

BMW X3 2011

BMW X3 2011

The new X3 appears slightly corrected copy of its predecessor. Designers do not have to change anything radically new form of confining the light of headlamps and straightening the tail section. In the crossover length of 4.64 meters, width – 1.88 meters in height – 1.66 meters.

At first, the X3 will have two main options for “stuffing»: X3 xDrive20d and X3 xDrive35i. xDrive20d suggests four-cylinder diesel engine and the volume of two liters capacity of 182 liters. with. Thanks to the Stop-Start harmful emissions into the air at the level of 149 g / km. Fuel consumption – 5.6 liters per hundred.

xDrive35i less attentive to the environment and less economical. There petrol six-cylinder engine capacity of 306 liters. with. who will drive the crossover to “hundreds” of just 5.7 sec. Consumption of a bit more – 8.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

X3 will gather in the U.S., and the first European customers will be able to buy a car at the end of November. Price novelty has not yet announced, but it is expected that it will start at $ 60 000.

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT

At first glance, the new generation of Continental GT is not too different from the previous version released in 2003. However, this feeling is deceptive: the design of body panels was redesigned, and they are made by unique technology, the flow of hot air. The headlights and side mirrors Continental borrowed from late-model Bentley Mulsanne.

Changed and the technical configuration: in addition to the 12-cylinder engine with 567 hp. with., which he acquired by inheritance from its predecessor, Continental will receive fresh and brand new four-liter engine V8, specially developed in conjunction with Bentley Audi. It is expected that the engine will reduce emissions by 40%.

The official price of the car has not yet announced, but will likely be updated Continental in the price range of its predecessor, that is in the range of € 120 000-130 000. The exact date of start of sales is still unknown.

Mini Scooter E

Mini Scooter E

Mini Scooter E

Under the brand name came to Paris Mini Scooter with unpretentious name Scooter E, where the letter «E» means “electric”: the unit should be charged from the outlet. Scooter will reach speeds of up to 100 km / h and have a reserve of almost a hundred kilometers. The driver is not required nor is rapidly leaving the key in the past, not even a stick: the scooter owner learns on his iPhone or any other smartphone.

While in nature, there are three variants of the concept. At the same time in the French capital will show only single and double Mini E. Another modification will present later in London.

By the way, his vision of “green” guests of the Paris Motor Show scooters and introduces Smart. The most interesting thing that Smart could think of nothing better than to call his scooter E-Scooter. However, if the mass launch of Mini Scooter E still remains in question, the E-Scooter by Smart are going to put into production in the near future.

E-Scooter and will depend entirely on your smartphone. The latter stuck to a special connector on the front and not limited to the role of ignition key, will display speed, battery charge and much more.

Porsche 911 Speedster

Porsche 911 Speedster

Porsche 911 Speedster

The German company has brought to Paris a modern reincarnation of the legendary one of its models, Speedster 356, issued in the mid-1950s. Porsche 911 Speedster, like its predecessor, has a two-door body with an open top. The car will be a “base color” – blue. Of course, there are other colors.

If the designers had a task to keep the charism of the last century, engineers have solved the opposite problem. During the performance characteristics meet new 3.8-liter engine to 408 hp. with. that will allow the car to accelerate to 100 km / h in 4.6 seconds. 911 Speedster is equipped with a seven-speed robotic gearbox and ceramic brakes.

Exclusive sports car will sell in Germany for around Christmas, and in England – just after New Year. Circulation Speedster is very limited: in memory of the original will be released only 356 copies. Price starts from € 200 000.

Hyundai ix20

Hyundai ix20

Hyundai ix20

Even the day before the opening of the exhibition of information is extremely scarce ix20: Hyundai circulated a few photographs, of which, however, it is clear that novelty is not very different from Kia Venga. At Hyundai, however, say that the appearance of a new MVP unique and entirely developed in a design studio in the German town of Rüsselsheim.

Technical details on the model Koreans have not yet reported. However, if ix20 will continue to follow the analogy with the Kia, kompaktven can be expected in two petrol variants – a 90-horsepower 1.4 liter and 1.6-liter capacity of 125 liters. with, as well as a 1.4 liter diesel.

Ix20 will appear in the markets of the Old World in November. Price will be approximately € 15 from € 25 000 to 000.

Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

Ferrari 599 SA Aperta

For many people, Paris Motor Show will be the first and last opportunity to see live Aperta. The fact that all 80 copies of the 599 GTO convertibles were sold during the presentation of a closed long before the official debut in Paris. Exclusive edition was completed by the 80th anniversary of the famous studio Pininfarina.

Six-liter V12 engine capacity of 670 liters. to be car accelerates to 100 km in about 3.5 seconds – more on this will be discussed at the presentation.

Information about the cost of no particular importance, since it is impossible to get Aperta, but the record at this point for serial Ferrari price tag is not a secret: the machine costs between € 400 000.

Mercedes-Benz CLS 2011

Mercedes-Benz CLS 2011

Mercedes-Benz CLS 2011

In appearance much like the updated CLS concept wagon Shooting Break, Mercedes brought to the exhibition in Beijing. Compared to its predecessor, CLS became larger and sharper relief the body and at the same time refined. In place and has already become a traditional grille with a single edge. Lights – LED.

Initially will be available multiple configurations. These are two versions of diesel engines – four-and six-cylinder 250 CDI 350 CDI capacity of 205 and 265 horsepower respectively, and six-cylinder petrol CLS 350 Blue Efficiency in 306 liters. with. that is designed for models with four-wheel drive.

European markets with CLS is expected next January. In the least expensive configuration, it will cost roughly € 60 000. Version with 408-horsepower V8 will go on sale until April, and has not yet received a price tag.

Lotus Elite

Lotus Elite

Lotus Elite

At the Paris Motor Show, many were waiting for the revival of the cult sports car Lotus Esprit, but the British producer entered unexpectedly. In the French capital the company has brought new Evora and conceptual Elite. The British have released Elite in the middle of last century. Now Lotus hopes that popular in the last line will return their lost ground – the automaker makes a loss for several consecutive years.

Promise that the Elite will be equipped with five-liter V-shaped “eight”, borrowed from Lexus ISF, a capacity of about 600 horsepower. Accelerated up to “hundreds” of sports car weighing just over one and a half tons will be in 3.5 seconds and its top speed will be 315 kilometers per hour. There is a little quieter version – hybrid car with two electric motors.

In the salons of Elite will not before 2014, but Lotus has already described the approximate cost – £ 140 000.

12 best collections of sweaters

Recently, prominent climate scientists are increasingly there is talk, which essentially boils down to that in the European part of Russia in the near future will clearly stand out only two seasons – hot and cold. Argued that the transition between them will be virtually unnoticeable, and yesterday’s heat and the sun was already the next day turn into clouds and sleet.

This year seems to have happened that way. Warm Mushroom and Indian summer, lasted almost until the middle of October, at one point was replaced by dank autumn. Especially for those who were not ready for it,offers several brands of clothes, in which collections can be found the best sweater this season.

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End of aristocratic debauchery

Our compatriots first appeared in a Milan fashion Mecca of luxury and mid-1990s and soon made a revolution in the minds of local merchants. “Purchasing power of these people was stunning! – Says the director of a jewelry store on Via Montenapoleone, – I once at a time to knock out a check for (then went to the expense of the lyre), corresponding to today’s € 350 000. ”

Previously, buyers from Russia, the money simply did not believe, moreover, it seemed, wanted to spend as much as possible and buy the most expensive. So that the local owners of boutiques and fast bearings have to hire Russian-speaking salespeople for communicating with a difficult customer. In this case, the consensus view montenapoleonovskih merchants, particularly refined taste, these buyers are also no different: basically they were interested in big name brands with the (primarily Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Roberto Cavalli), and most importantly – the things that it was impossible not to notice . Before “The Discreet Charm of the bourgeoisie” was far away.

But over time, and tastes, and habits of Russian regulars Milan fashion quadrilateral formed by the streets of Via Montenapoleone, Via Borgospesso, Via della Spiga and Via Sant’Adrea, gradually changed, and the beginning of the global crisis they have firmly taken the situation there is permanent VIP-persons. “Many have become regular customers, came at the time the next collection to be the first to get the latest news, happy to go to the boutiques, looking not just something expensive and brand, and a stylish, appropriate to their individual style,” – says the president of the Association Via Montenapoleone Guglielmo Mian.

Naturally, these clients were a real barometer of economic well-being and in every way holili, cherished and nurtured. However, the financial crisis has not bypassed this contingent, and many regulars just do not come on a regular shopping. “Of course, the Russian suffered much less than Americans or Europeans – personal shopper says Marina S. – Although some of my regular customers were those who lost more than a week € 50 000, yet they were very wealthy. Yet with their Montenapoleone as the wind blew. People began to think about where the money went. Previously, this just did not happen! ”

Fortunately for local merchants, the Russian crisis did not last so long, and in 2010 returned to the Russian amicably Montenapoleone and the neighborhood: According to the already mentioned association, the number of purchases for the first 9 months, 24% more than their number in 2009. In general, clients from Russia amounted to about 17% of all buyers, but to the 2007 level, according to Guglielmo Mian, far away. However, shock therapy, the crisis has not passed without leaving a trace, and buyers become less wasteful: the average cost of a one-time purchases remained at the level of crisis in 2009, little more than € 1000 (these data were obtained by the Association Via Montenapoleone in research conducted with the participation of companies and Premier Tax Free Global Blue) .

But not only in quantitative terms, manifests the difference between pre-and post-crisis clients. Changed their approach to the selection of brands and individual items. “Earlier it seemed that the Russian are not buying as much for themselves as to show others what they have recently shifted to personal taste – says Mian. – Steel in demand brands that are not too well known to the masses, but give a guarantee of exclusive quality: Pedrazzoni, Bucellati, Lorenzi, Sabbadini and – do not consider a lack of modesty! – My brand Larusmiani. In this lady, of course, more prone to emotional purchases and vending for a fur coat or necklaces are ready without hesitation to lay out more than a dozen of thousands, but men can in search of the right things around is not a store, not yet fully convinced of the correctness of his choice. ”

Pietro Dzangrandi, director of the boutique jewelry brand Rosato, admits: “Several years ago we buyers from Russia just did not look, because our brand is interesting for its design, original shapes and colors and quite democratic prices on. And recently, Russian began to show interest in us! ”

In other words, the crisis has taught regulars Via Montenapoleone in Russia to spend money carefully, and the Milanese businessmen showed that the Russian clients should be treated in new ways: to replace the brand-oriented came to value-oriented buyers, which is not enough to offer the popular brand – they have to convince that the purchased item is beautiful, exclusive, prestigious, and most importantly, qualitative. After all, these days offer truly limitless: from the boutiques of the same brand in Moscow, albeit much more expensive to cheaper suburban outlets, has long cultivated a thrifty fellow, where today’s customers Montenapoleone is not considered shameful to look sometimes.

Author: Pasqualino di Marineo Marquis