Предприниматель | Информационно-аналитический журнал - Part 64

Coca Cola — The success story of the legendary brand

Coca-Cola is currently the world’s most famous soft drink. If you pour all of today was created for more than 100 years, Coca-Cola’u the bottles and distribute it to all the inhabitants of our planet, each person will get about 800 bottles. Since its founding in the nineteenth century, Coca-Cola firm ranked first in the beverage market class Cola. Many times such giants like Pepsi and Sprite, tried to overthrow the father drinks cola, but they do so and failed. Today is not the best of times for the brand. Today’s youth preference for preservative-free drinks such as iced tea (Nestea owned by the same company Coca-Cola) and juices. Because of this the old-timers such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi may soon change the original formula of their drinks. The latter, for example, has introduced a completely natural drink Pepsi Raw, devoid of all sorts of colors. For many old-timers is bad news. Especially fans of the drink concerned about how it will affect the taste of the drink. After all, the original cola traces its history back to the last century. But as you know “everything has a beginning – has an end …”

A history began Coca-Cola back in 1886. In the U.S. city of Atlanta (Ga.) retired officer who worked at the time a pharmacist John Stith Pemberton invented a unique formula of the drink Coca-Cola. His famous name and logo must drink Pemberton accountant Frank Robinson, who mastered the art of fine calligraphy. Even now the name of the drink exactly as written, as in those years, it depicts Robinson.

Its name Coca-Cola certainly got no chance. It went from the ingredients used in the manufacture of beverage: coca leaves (of which incidentally make cocaine), and nuts with a tropical tree called cola. However, Pemberton was not going to make the drink popular. He patented it as a remedy for nervous disorders, roughly speaking, Coca-Cola on it’s idea is a drug for depression. The drink began to spread through a network of pharmacies, Jacob. Soon Pemberton claimed that Coca-Cola is also an excellent remedy for impotence, and is able to fight off addiction to morphine. Most likely, this was due to the fact that the drink contained cocaine itself. But it was normal for that time. Then cocaine was not prohibited, and is used in many drinks, and Sherlock Holmes used cocaine at all in the “minutes of inactivity.”

At the beginning of its existence, drink Coca-Cola did not sell very well. The first year of its launch, and did become unprofitable. In the second case leveled off, and already a widow Pemberton sold the rights to Coca-Cola’u businessman Asa Candler Grizz (who had arrived in the United States from Ireland), who in 1888 founded The Coca-Cola Company.

This popularity came to drink in 1902. In this year the company’s turnover reached 120 thousand dollars, and Coca-Cola itself has become the most famous soft drink in the U.S.. In addition, at the beginning of the century society has realized how dangerous cocaine is. The media are just attacking the company Coca-Cola, a drink that contained the drug. I had to take emergency measures. In 1903, for the production of the drink began to be used entirely squeezed out of coca leaves, which are no longer contained a known drug.

The popularity of Coca-Cola started to grow with each passing day. In many ways, this contributed to a good advertising campaign, started in the late 19th century, Candler. It was held under the slogan “Drink Coca-Cola, a beautiful and refreshing.” All the while, drink Coca-Cola was sold mainly in the bottling. No one has even thought of that sales will exceed sales of bottles of cola on tap. In 1902, now has a competitor, leading to the Coca-Cola continuous war – the company PEPSI. But while it began to conquer America, Coca-Cola has already been exported to countries such as Cuba and Panama. It was still only 1906.

Significant for the company began in 1915 when the designer of the Indiana Terri from created a new bottle for a drink of 6.5 ounces. Subsequently sold more than 6 billion bottles of drink Coca-Cola. At the same time the company starts to seriously fight against fakes. For 10 years, will close by such companies as «Candy Cola», «Kos Nola», «Cold Cola», «Cay-Ola» and «Fig Cola». The company also receives a patent for his famous bottle. She becomes a symbol of the drink.

A bottle of Coca-Cola sample 1910

A bottle of Coca-Cola sample 1910

In 1919, Candler sold by Coca-Cola banker Ernest Woodruff of Atlanta. The deal amounted to $ 25 million (at the time the state is comparable to a few billion today). One year later, the drink will come to Europe. The first country to “Old World”, which tries to become Coca-Cola France. 1923 will be a turning point for the company. To her son will come the leadership of Ernest Robert Vudrofa. Robert Vudrof become a legendary figure in the history of the company. He will stand at the helm of the next 60 years! This is especially phenomenal, considering the fact that he became the head in 33 years. Immediately after the arrival of Robert in the company appeared uniform standards for creating, filling, and even placing drinks on the shelves. Also there was a cardboard box, which could be as soon as 6 bottles.

In 1927, drink Coca-Cola was advertised on the radio. A year later, Coca-Cola has sponsored the American team at the Olympic Games in Holland. During the Olympics, went to hockey, soccer, tennis and other sports. In 1931 came the legendary Santa Claus, who to this day used in advertising Coca-Cola. A little later, the company delivered the first Pepsi serious blow to Coca-Cola, releasing his drink in bottles larger capacity for the same price at which you could buy a Coke. Coca-Cola without hesitation sued, trying to sue Pepsi part of the name, which used the word Cola. As a result, the parties came to a peace agreement. But it was only the beginning of the next war count, which has no end, and to this day.

During World War II, Coca-Cola began selling the drink to all the military for 5 cents. It was a personal order of Robert Vudrofa. By the end of the war, Coca-Cola already sold in 44 countries. It was interesting that the military did not drink sold in bottles, but the banks for their own convenience. Mass consumer can try a Coke in a bank until 1955.

In 1958, Coca-Cola launches drink Fanta, and three years later, presents a Sprite. They are both significantly different from the original Coke, and therefore able to expand the company’s influence on the soft drinks market. Unfortunately, in the USSR, Coca-Cola never really sold. This was due to the fact that Khrushchev chose her company Pepsi. Cola will appear in Russia (more in the USSR) in 1988 alone for a long time and will seriously give Pepsi in sales volume.

In 1982, Coca-Cola launches Diet Coke Diet Coke. In the short term, this product was a huge success, but in the long term is the linear expansion has not led the company to no good. Roughly the same can be said of most other drinks Coke, among which the «Classic Coke», «New Coke», «Cherry Coke», «Diet Coke», «Tab», «Caffeine-Free New Coke», «Caffeine-Free Diet Coke »and« Caffeine-Free Tab ». The greatest success achieved Tab, not identified with the usual Coca-Cola.

During the war, Pepsi Cola and the latter has occasionally caused problems. The first time it happened, when Pepsi launched its legendary campaign of “new generation chooses Pepsi». Power of the campaign was the fact that in all times, children try to be different from the parents in any way oppose myself to them. Given the fact that most of the time parents drank Coca-Cola’u the advertisement is perfectly worked for Pepsi. The second point was the refusal of Coca-Cola on it, perhaps the best advertising campaign, a slogan which was “the real thing.” Nevertheless, despite these shortcomings in its history, Pepsi never once failed to even overtake the market share from Coca-Cola. That, however, does not prevent the company prosper.

In Russia, where according to 1991 sales of Pepsi in the 10 times the sales of Coca-Cola has changed only in 1998. This year, drink Coca-Cola was sold as early as three times more than Pepsi. Generally, the popularity of the first in our country most likely due to a very good Christmas advertising campaign, which turned out to be like the majority of Russians (meaning the campaign “Festival comes to us”). And other videos drink, such as “Finding Neverland” and “Let everything be Coca-Cola” (about the love of young people) are our most popular (and not just ours) than expensive commercials Pepsi with the stars of world football, headed by with David Beckham. The reason is that in the ads last look at the Beckham’s for more than a drink.

Bank of Coca-Cola sample 1995

Bank of Coca-Cola sample 1995

Now the three most popular drinks Coca-Cola owns 80% of the market of drinks cola (it: Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite). Also, thanks to the increasing popularity of drinks with no dyes, Coca-Cola Company has been producing a series of juices Minute Maid, as well as in partnership with Nestle manufactures iced tea Nestea. Here it should be noted that Pepsi c Lipton is in a better position. At the end of the XX century, Coca-Cola acquired the rights to drink from Schweppes Cadbury. This drink is particularly popular in Europe.

Often, in the marketing literature you read, you can not be everything to everybody. Indeed not. However, there is one exception. This company Coca-Cola, has existed for over 100 years. Today, Coca-Cola sells its beverages in more than 200 countries. In addition, Coca-Cola is today the most recognizable brand. Its recognition is 98 percent. This means that almost every person on the planet knows what Coca-Cola. Also worth noting is that the company Coca-Cola Company today is the best in the world. Every day in the world sells more than 1 billion bottles of drinks from this company. What are the prospects, you ask? All will be Coke, the brand has long been quietly transformed, but the values ​​it carries for over 100 years, remain the same.

Майкл Блумберг – первый мэр-миллиардер

В мире не так много политиков, которые могут похвастаться еще и статусом долларового миллиардера. Вспоминая Европу, на ум сразу же приходит Сильвио Берлускони. Но в Америке есть свой Берлускони, которого зовут Майкл Блумберг. Настоящий финансовый Могол и очень успешный мэр, любимый всеми нью-йоркцами. Первое подтверждает тот факт, что Блумберг является одним из самых богатых американцев в списке Forbes. А про успешность Блумберга, как политика говорит то, что городской законодательный совет Нью-Йорка разрешил ему баллотироваться на пост мэра третий раз подряд.

Работа на «дядю» как способ заработать стартовый капитал

Майкл Блумберг родился 14 февраля 1942 года в Бостоне. Его родители никогда не отличались серьезным достатком – отец работал бухгалтером, а мать была секретаршей. Именно поэтому Майклу приходилось подрабатывать на автозаправке, чтобы продолжать учебу в Университете Джонса Хопкинса. В 1964 году Университет был закончен, а Майкл стал бакалавром в сфере электроинженерии. Это было начало. Уже через два года Блумберг стал выпускником Гарварда. Он получил MBA, став магистром делового администрирования. Майкл получил блестящее образование, совместившее в себе, как техническую, так и деловую часть.

Получив MBA, Блумберг устраивается в компанию Salomon Brothers, которая успешно работает в сфере финансовый услуг. Здесь Майклу удалось достаточно быстро перенять успех и сделать карьеру. В компании он был настолько успешен, что собственникам ничего не оставалось как предложить молодому Майклу стать полноправным партнером компании (получив за это ее акции), а также должность в виде руководителя по информационным системам. Это было сделано не просто так. По своему образованию Майкл отлично подходил на эту должность. По той простой причине, что он был технарем. Достаточно быстро подразделение Блумберга начало работать на полную мощность, но все же долго пожинать лавры своего успеха Майклу было не суждено.

Все дело в том, что Salomon Brothers провела слияние с компанией Phibro, занимавшейся в то время торговлей нефтью, металлом и различной сельскохозяйственной продукцией. А любое слияние, как известно, сопряжено с сокращением штата. К сожалению, Блумберг как раз и попал под такое сокращение (правда, по другой точке зрения он был слишком активен и просто не устроил руководство новой компании).

Майкл потерял должность, но не акции. В итоге у него родилась идея создать собственную компанию. К счастью, стартовый капитал для этого был. Нужно было только продать акции своего бывшего работодателя, которые вылились в итоге несколько миллионов долларов.

Начало карьеры финансиста-бизнесмена

Идея Блумберга была в том, чтобы оказывать различным компаниям информационные услуги, связанные с финансами. Для этого Майкл учредил компанию и пригласил трех бывших работников Salomon Brothers, также подвергшихся увольнению. Тогда на рынке явным лидером в этой области было агентство Reuters. Но у Блумберга была возможность переплюнуть детище Юлиуса Рейтера. Назревала эпоха повсеместной компьютеризации и нужно было просто использовать революцию с максимальной пользой для себя (при этом стоит отметить, что Reuters на тот момент была солидной компанией, которая хоть и не использовала всех новейших технологий того времени, но и не была сильно отставала от них, иначе бы это агентство не процветало сегодня).

Терминал Innovative Market Systems

Терминал Innovative Market Systems

Итак, в 1981 году на свет появилась компания Innovative Market Systems, которая в будущем будет переименована в Bloomberg LP. Стартовый капитал компании составлял 10 миллионов долларов. Идея была в том, чтобы предоставлять различную деловую информацию компаниям, включая финансовую: котировки, анализ рынков, деловые новости и прочее. Но делать это не так как другие компании в то время – хаотично, а структурировано по группам, по тематикам, уделяя внимание тренду.

Первым клиентом компании Майкла Блумберга стал известный инвестиционный банк Merrill Lynch. При этом история о том, как Блумберг уговорил Merrill Lynch стать его клиентом является настоящей бизнес-легендой. Майкл лично посетил офис инвестиционного банка, представив там бизнес-стратегию своей компании. Он ярко презентовал свой продукт, после чего предложил  пробную версию, чтобы в Merrill Lynch оценили потенциал детища Innovative Market Systems. Именно так первый информационный терминал Блумберга оказался в этом банке. Топ-менеджерам Merrill Lynch так понравилось это устройство, практически моментально собирающее информацию с фондового рынка, что банк решил заказать сразу 20 таких терминалов, при том что стоимость одного такого терминала на тот момент была достаточно существенной (прим. ред. по нынешним меркам – около 4000$).

Так у Майкла Блумберга появился первый клиент и первый инвестор. Учредителей Merrill Lynch настолько привлекает продукт Блумберга, что они решают инвестировать в компанию Innovative Market Systems 30 миллионов долларов, и за это получают долю в 20%. Эти деньги окажутся как нельзя кстати для компании, так как позволят ускорить развитие.

Наверное, стоит отметить, о каких терминалах идет речь. Терминал – это программа, с помощью которой осуществляется покупка/продажа акций прямо через интернет. На сегодняшний день терминалы Bloomberg Professional присутствуют практически во всех финансовых компаниях, которым требуются подобные устройства. Это в какой-то мере корпоративный стандарт, полоьно Microsoft Windows на рынке операционных систем. При этом система Bloomberg Professional показала со временем свою надежность и функциональность, тем самым подтвердив высочайшее качество продукта. Конечно, распространение деловой информации невозможно без серьезного штата журналистов. Для решения этой проблемы Блумберг заключил договор с компанией Dow Jones, согласно которому его компания могла использовать в своей сети материалы из журнала The Wall Street Journal, который пренадлежал компании Dow Jones. Союз с Dow Jones продолжался до 1990 года, когда последняя неожиданно для всех разорвала контракт. О причине никто не знает до сих пор. Как бы то ни было, но Блумбергу пришлось организовывать свой редакторский состав, который способный также качественно писать.

С этой задачей Майкл справился, обратив внимание на молодежь. Это был достаточно неожиданный ход. Блумберг не стал искать опытных и дорогостоящих специалистов, а нанимал талантливых выпускников. Уже скоро у Bloomberg LP появился огромный штат сотрудников, которые сегодня работают по всему миру, снабжая свою сеть всей необходимой информацией.

Слева-направо: Арнольд Шварцнеггер, Антонио Вилларайгоса, Майкл Блумберг

Слева-направо: Арнольд Шварцнеггер, Антонио Вилларайгоса, Майкл Блумберг

Организация такого штата потребовала внедрения новых сервисов. И они не заставили себя долго ждать. Блумберг приобрел радиостанцию, открыл свой телевизионный канал по теме финансов и веб-сайт, который сегодня является центром мировой финансовой аналитики.

Компания Bloomberg LP постепенно занимала все более важное место на рынке финансовой аналитики. Сегодня она имеет сильные позиции сразу же в нескольких направлениях. Во-первых, компания Майкла Блумберга обладает подразделением Bloomberg Professional, поставляющим финансовым компаниям свои дорогостоящие терминалы (за аренду такого устройства на один месяц придется отдать 1,5 тысячи долларов).  Во-вторых, компания обладает подразделением Bloomberg Television, представляющим собой крупную телевизионную сеть, посвященную финансам. Компания обладает своим собственным издательством, занимающимся на данный момент такими проектами, как Bloomberg Press, Bloomberg Persona Finance и Bloomberg Markets. Есть в империи нынешнего мэра Нью-Йорка и свое собственное радио, и даже полноценное информационное агентство. И, конечно, не забыта и сеть интернет, где властвует ресурс bloomberg.com. Сегодня Bloomberg LP является одним из ведущих поставщиков финансовых новостей по всему миру. В компании работает 9,5 тысяч человек, занятых в 130 городах.

В общем, можно с уверенностью сказать, что большой бизнес у Блумберга удался. Только вот на данный момент Майкл уделяет ему все меньше времени. А все дело в том, что последние 8 лет его основной деятельностью является руководство одним из самых крупных городов в мире – Нью-Йорком, мэром которого он является.

Активное внимание Майкл уделяет и благотворительности. За последние несколько десятилетий он был членом многочисленных некоммерческих организаций, и даже занимали пост председателя правления в своем родном Университете Джонса Хопкинса.

До наступления кризиса Майкл Блумберг занимал 8-место в списке самых богатых американцев по версии журнала Forbes, обладая состоянием в 20 миллиардов долларов. Кризис, конечно, отразился на Блумберге, но не так сильно, как на остальных предпринимателях. По данным все того же Forbes мэр Нью-Йорка потерял 4 миллиарда долларов, но сохранил за собой 8-место в рейтинге самых обеспеченных американцев.


Улицы Нью-Йорка

Улицы Нью-Йорка

В 2001 году Майкл Блумберг был избран мэром Нью-Йорка. Во многом ему удалось занять этот пост по двум причинам: он обладала солидными финансовыми средствами, позволившими ему провести масштабную рекламную кампанию (в свою избирательную кампанию Майкл Блумберг лично вложил 41 миллион долларов), вторым важным моментом стало то, что Блумберга поддержал предыдущий мэр Нью-Йорка Рудольф Джулиани, слово которого особенно много значило после терактов 11 сентября.

Надо сказать, что Блумберг сразу же принялся активно работать на посту мэра и первые его указы были, мягко говоря, не самыми популярными. Так, он запретил уличную торговлю, курение в общественных местах (барах и кафе), снизил расходы администрации и одновременно повысил налоги. Казалось, что второго срока ему не видать, но экономика города начала расти, преступность снизилась на 20%, а ситуация в школьном образовании начала улучшаться. В общем, Блумберг показал, что является отличным мэром в следствии чего был выбран на второй срок.

За все время Майкл добился того, что сумел сбалансировать городской бюджет и серьезно снизить уровень безработицы. Результаты были на лицо. А потому нет ничего удивительного в том, что городской законодательный совет Нью-Йорка разрешил Блумбергу баллотироваться на пост мэра третий раз подряд.

The IMF will provide Ukraine 1.2 billion euros

Completed its first review of IMF program with Ukraine within the framework “stand-by”, International Foundation has decided to allocate 1.2 billion euros. This is stated in an official statement on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine.

IMF Executive Board completed the first review of the results of Ukraine’s economy under the approved program, with funding support under the agreement “stand-by.”

Result of a review of the program will highlight the Ukraine 1.2 billion euros. Thus the total amount of funds allocated to Ukraine for the entire period of post-crisis cooperation is 2.6 billion euros.

This agreement is in the format “stand-by” Ukraine has signed July 28, 2010 for a period of 29 months and the allocation of 11.7 billion euros, which is designed to support the economic development of Ukraine.

Net profit of “Nike” has increased by 22%

For the quarter 2010-2011 financial year profit of U.S. sportswear manufacturer Nike has increased by 22% to 457 million dollars on this reported in a review of “X-Trade Brokers Ukraine”.

Per share, net income amounted to 0.94 cents, a year earlier to $ 0.76 the reporting period, the company’s revenue climbed to 4.842 billion dollars

Given the volatility in prices, experts X-Trade Brokers Ukraine predict a rise in market capitalization to 96 dollars per share.

“Nike” – an American company, the world-renowned manufacturer of sporting goods. Headquarters – in Beaverton, Oregon. Products manufactured under the brand names “Nike”, “Air Jordan”, “Total 90”, “Nike Golf”, T “eam Starter”, etc. Also, “Nike” controlled companies producing goods under the brands “Cole Haan”, “Converse” , “Umbro”, and “Hurley International”.

Financial Trends 2011

The main trends in 2011 will be the growth of the economy, the inflow of foreign investment, a stable exchange rate of hryvnia and the restoration of the Ukrainian stock market. This was shared expert IG “Sparta.”

Sergei Yagnich, Head of Analytical Department IG “Sparta”, suggested the growth of the Ukrainian economy by 4.5%.

“Next year, economic recovery will occur. The dynamics of growth will be better, but growth will be the leaders of the industry that focus on domestic consumption. But at the same time, the Ukrainian economy vulnerable to external threats, given the lack of balance of exports and high foreign debt,” – explains Sergei Yagnich.

Also on the background of a stable external demand will be visible increase in industrial production, which will be accompanied by the influx of foreign capital. “Significant changes in foreign exchange dynamics of the Ukrainian currency, we do not expect. Despite the worsening trade balance in the third or fourth quarter of 2010, the hryvnia exchange rate stability will be involve with the help of the” margin of safety “, which was reached in late 2008.

According to portfolio manager of the company Pelekh Cyril, an indicator of the financial situation in the country serves as the stock market. “Today we can note the positive changes coming in the Ukrainian stock market. Technical Analysis index Ukrainian Stock Exchange – a kind of glimpse into the future. Actions always act out the most positive or negative scenario – there is no middle. To date, according to technical analysis, the index UB shows an average increase of 40% in 2011, “- said the expert.

Experts predict that in 2011 the Ukrainian economy is expected influx of foreign investment. “Already declared the privatization of generation companies,” Ukrtelecom “and IPF. In addition, in preparation for Euro-2012 will be implemented a lot of infrastructure projects, which creates good opportunities for foreign investors. Attracting foreign portfolio investors will act as the reform of joint stock companies, which greatly enhances minority shareholders “, – said K. Pelekh.

Increased confidence in the Ukraine by increasing the rating of major international rating agencies, falling interest rates on sovereign Eurobonds and a significant reduction in price Ukrainian CDS will help restore the corporate bond market. “Against the backdrop of falling yields on sovereign securities is an acute shortage of high-quality corporate issues,” – said Sergey Yagnich.

Analysts Shulika Alexander, in 2011, will gradually restore interest in the segment of collective investment institutions. “These changes are caused by several factors, including: reducing the tax on securities transactions of funds from 15% to 5%, rising incomes and falling interest rates on deposits”, – says A. Szulik.

The main trend in 2011 will be a long-awaited recovery, development and restoration of the Ukrainian stock market. “The financial crisis was a good test for all players. He pointed to companies on their strengths and weaknesses. After the fall there will be a fruitful time and activity, we will witness a new round in the history of how the stock market, and the whole country” – sums up K. Pelekh.

“Datagroup” has bought two companies in 2011, has no plans to expand

CHAO “Datagroup” December 23 bought two regional asset – “Global Telecommunication System” (Dnepropetrovsk) “Diptaun” (Sevastopol).

The company “Diptaun” provides Internet subscribers from Sebastopol and the GTS subscribers from Dnepropetrovsk. The subscriber base is about 900 first person, the second more than 9,000 subscribers. Infrastructure Diptaun is 12 km of copper cable and optical 9 km. Prior to that, only company servicing corporate clients, now also provides access to the Internet and for individuals.

Transaction “GTS” includes purchasing business of the company, which has to its credit 115 km and 800 km of optical brass of outside plant.

According to the head of Alexander Danchenko, the company has no plans to expand at the expense of other assets, and plans to develop them separately.

Recall that in late summer 2010, it was announced that in 2010 the company management equity fund “Horizon Capital” is investing in the company “Datagroup” up to $ 40 million This investment fund is made EEGF II of $ 390 million, which was established in 2008 and is the third investment for the company’s “Horizon Capital” since the beginning of the year. Over the next two years, “Datagroup” will work together with the “Horizon Capital”, to attract further investment in the company of up to $ 100 million This investment will be mainly focused on the development of networks of fixed broadband access (BBA), which is currently most promising direction of development of the Ukrainian telecom industry. The company also announced plans to invest in the purchase of several regional operators.

According to the preliminary financial statements for the year 2010, the company has more than 2-fold increased profit to 16.3 mln., Net income, net of VAT amounts to 409 mln. (393.2 mln. – 2009). At present the company’s share in the professional transfer dannyah 27%, up 3% over the same period in 2009. In the satellite communications segment, the proportion of “Datagroup” in the CIS is 64%.

Alexander Yaroslavsky: I do not care market to roll down or go up. The main thing is not standing still

Continued interview with the owner of the Ukrainian Pravda Ukrsibbank, DCH group i of the club “Metalist” Alexander Yaroslavsky. The first part is available here: Alexander Yaroslavsky: Where am I and where the policy? “I am a simple guy from the Ukrainian Kharkiv”.

There is information that you have large amounts of cash. If we talk about the risks of economic development – in the case of a new round of crisis, what do you do?

– Making money. (laughs) important thing is that the situation does not stand still to be motion or there, or here.

– What is the recipe from Yaroslavl to save their money?

– Get up early, at six o’clock in the morning and early to bed. The whole day more productive.

– with a sense of humor, you have everything in order. You analyze the situation – when Ukraine may restore economic growth?

– It is. What did the streets become less “Mercedes”?

– This is the shadow economy.

– What is the difference, the shadow or not? People quietly walk to wean red. Once otuchatsya.

– It is believed that the situation now hold up to the election, and after them will be a complete collapse.

– I do not live from election to election, I will openly say it again. For me, wondering when the situation is not static. I do not care – whether it is heading down or go up. There is an opportunity to earn and at the trend, and on that one.

– What are the forecasts for the housing market?

– So far no positive premises, I do not see. The market stands and will stand.

– How many of you in general areas of the country?

– Two in the center of Kharkov, and two in Kiev – Podol, a former brick factory “Keramperlit.” There I was planning a business center and even drafted. A second site in Kiev – the project “Hem Business Park.”

I froze them in time, and I think the next three years there is nothing I will not do. Until then, until the bank lending for construction.

– Chemistry is also dropped, you do not do construction. What is your primary business right now?

– We sell the securities. Although the level of profitability fell significantly.

– In response to the crisis within the framework of your DCH Group was held some sort of optimization?

– Of course. It was a serious reduction, optimization, and minimization. Although we do not have inflated.

Ярославский. Справа от него - владелец химзавода "Стирол" Янковский. Фото пресс-службы президента

Yaroslavsky. Right - the owner of a chemical plant, "Styrene" Jankowski. Photos of the presidential press service

– At one time you bought a stock bank “Nadra”, but then sold it. What was the meaning of this operation?

– It was a speculative transaction – I bought 24%. And then Eremeev and its partners in the bank bought it back shares.

– Graduated from the bank “Nadra” sad. What was their mistake?

– The fact that they have not sold it to me. I’m not kidding – I asked them to sell the entire bank. Then, this business has been booming, had every opportunity to earn good money on it. The bank then you could well pack up and sell to foreigners. But the owners of “Nadra” ran late. They are, first, bad managers, and secondly – bad business. That, in principle, the same thing. And I do not know how much the bank now stands.

– What makes Ukrsibbank survived? Where you made mistakes?

– I do not make mistakes anywhere. The bank I bought when he was one building in the city of Kharkiv.

– Ukrsibbank you bought from Oleg Taranov?

– Yes, Oleg Taranov in 1995, over 20 thousand dollars. He asked a lot of money. I told him: “I’ll pay for this product so much. (Yaroslavl carefully picked up a white piece of paper and folded his widow ). If it turns out that this is not a product, as you say, and the smaller (Yaroslavl folded the paper again in half ), then you tell me the difference in the money brought back. ” And the bank was not only not the same as he described, but in general there a ( Yaroslavsky once again folded the paper, and in his hands was a piece of paper the size of a matchbox ).

He had to return almost all the money and we went for 20 thousand dollars. Rams was very pleased that more had to pay extra not for my moral costs.

– “In the forest,” you have not taken out?

– In the woods? (Laughs.) Well, I had a picnic would take?

– What is the interest in “Ukrsibbank” you have left after the sale of BNP Paribas? Not going to part with it?

– I have 20%. This is sufficient to conduct business. In fact, the French persuaded me to stay and engage in the Ukraine this segment.

– How Ukrsibbank received from the NBU refinancing during the crisis?

– What a penny, if you compare with others.

– Kopeika? According to our information – more than half a billion!

– And that is really big money? Others have received and 4, and 6 billion hryvnia.

– Have to agree on a pullback?

– I’m not participate. There is Sergei Naumov, head of the board Ukrsibbank. I’m on banking matters with anyone not met.

Ярославский и Ющенко. Фото пресс-службы президента

Yaroslavsky and Yushchenko. Photos of the presidential press service

– Do you think the policy of the National Bank was literate?

– I do not comment on the policy of the National Bank. And then we who are not her only comment on – and dental technicians, and janitors! I do not want my comments were not reflected negatively on business. In my case I alone know how to find the right way out of this difficult situation, how would it critical for someone was not.

Want to be a partner only with yourself

– Do you have a few rules that have helped you in life to earn money?

– My main motto is – if something made up his mind, he should go to the end and if you give the word – that should do it. Even if the plan had a negative effect, you have to complete and sign the final documents. Me one more solid partner in the early days of my youth, said: “Sasha, lead the business, so that never had the right to claim for you.”

Today you’re on a wave of success, he spat on the man or treated him down and did not pay. But tomorrow everything can change.

– But many just feel that your partner Igor Kolomoisky all throws. And from it probably will not rule that one should always go to the end, even to the detriment of themselves.

– I would not say so. Although Kolomoisky me once said: “My rule – is the absence of any rules.” But in our relationship has never been such that it is something not done.

– Have you worked with Viktor Pinchuk?

– From Pinchuk? No, never. Where I could work with him?

– Maybe “Kyivstar”?

– Pinchuk was never a shareholder, “Kyivstar”. There was fog but it is to Pinchuk has nothing to do.

– Mist – a brother Ludmila Kuchma?

– Yes. In Tumanov in “Kyivstar” was a tiny fraction.

– How did you get in, “Kyivstar”?

– He founded the Norwegian Telenor. They are looking for investors to Ukraine. My company, which participated in the equity statement, called “Storm.” She owned 10% of the operator. It is this fraction and was sold to Russian group “Alpha”.

– The share of Lazarenko was “Kyivstar”?

– No, Lazarenko, neither Obama nor Bush.

– Why did you leave the mobile phone, because then the market is going up constantly?

– There are already billions of dollars in investments. Indeed, the “exhaust” was also great. But for the private investor is very difficult to speak of such shareholder in the company. Although the market is rapidly growing, needed constant crazy investments. That’s why I left him in 2002. It does not matter 1 000% 000% or 100 I earned. Well earned – thanks, and walked away.

– We touched upon the partnership business. What are you acceptable terms and the share in the affiliate business, you participated in it?

– It is desirable to my 100%. That is to say that I was a partner with myself. (laughs)

Ярославский на стройке стадиона "Металлист"

Yaroslavsky on building the stadium "Metalist"

– You continue to cooperate with Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska?

– I continue to be friends with Mr Deripaska. We had a memorandum of intent to create a company “Strabag Ukraine” together with Austrian Strabag. But after the crisis, I abandoned the idea.

– Do you personally?

– All decisions are made by me. I have no board of directors, supervisory boards. Once, he sat down, thought about it and decided to give up.

– How did you meet with Mr Deripaska?

– On the basis of the aluminum business. He was interested in Nikolaev Alumina Plant, because it was a supplier of raw material for aluminum production. And then we sat on the Nikolaev Alumina. So we met, I had offered him a deal to purchase the plant’s joint.

Bought shares in installments, 30% state share bought for about $ 100 million. When bought the whole factory, I had a 25% stake in the plant’s, Deripaska – the rest.

– But you decided to abandon this area?

– Yes, I sold my share. Because if you do not sit on the full cycle of business, where the point of making a profit?

– He did not offer you a global partnership in the group of “Rusal”, which included the plant’s?

– No, they need big money!

– But now would be a rating of “Forbes”.

– Unknown what it would be. Maybe it would be a slab in the cemetery. You know the parable as a monkey in a zoo eating fruit? Before eating fruit, it breaks down, takes a bone and tries to one place. So that when it starts to swallow the fruit whole, this stone is not jammed.

– In the current environment where you would consider promising to invest money?

– I do not want to make recommendations. After all, look who just had not given them, and after that people have lost fortunes. Of course, I never took the money of others. He was always opposed to gather with partners, and then somewhere to invest.

– you did not take the credit?

– Well, the credits – is another. I took credit, but never collected public money, but before it was fashionable to assemble from all over, and then all of you running around with “trehlineykami.” ( Mosin rifle, also known as the Mosin-Nagant rifle, a rifle and a trilinear trehlineyka, used extensively in the period from 1891 to 1960)

Ярославский и Тимошенко. Фото УНИАН

Yaroslavsky and Timoshenko

– Many talk about agribusiness as promising. How do you assess it?

– I had the agribusiness, when we were doing it with “Itera” at the premiere of Pustovoitenko. Then we made a lot of government contracts for nitrate, and then I ran around and begging for pennies, so we paid for. No, I’m not going to agribusiness …

I have enough areas in order to have something to do. This “Nitrogen”, and DCH, and the four granite quarry, and a glass factory, and Ukrsibbank.

I take my words back about “Metalist

– you are limiting yourself now for something?

– Yes, I limit myself during all his years. For example, I stopped eating sweets.

– In response to the crisis? Maybe it ceases to buy a business? Or players for “Metalist”?

– No, the players we buy. But because of the crisis are not thinking about acquiring some businesses that are going to buy before.

What’s your club “Metalist”? Attribute of a rich man? It’s no secret that Rinat Akhmetov football club “Shakhtar” – not just a hobby, but also a tool to gain public sympathy.

– “Metalist” for me – home club, and no it is not an attribute. Why would I spend so much time on him? Other sports I do not so interesting. However, I still support the rugby (Kharkov rugby club “Olymp”, multiple champion of Ukraine – UP).

– Akhmetov has influenced your decision to do “Metalist”?

– Yes. He’s like a football man knew that only the presence of “Dynamo” and “Shakhtar” – this is not the championship, which could make the team stronger. You see, once I started, “Metalist” immediately “Miner” has won the UEFA Cup!

– you bought the club Vitaly Danilov from BYuT?

– I bought the club in Alexander Feldman (BYuT deputy) somewhere over half a million dollars. Then there came Ernest Galiev and Vitaly Danilov. Galiev simply fled to avoid wasting money.

Then I do not imagine that such a football. First and foremost, I wanted to help find Kharkov team. Until this business does not bring revenue …

– yet?

– Yes, but Rinat (Akhmetov) says that the result will be. He has infected me this optimism. Today, I also think that once it can happen. But in the next 10 years to earn a football just would not be possible.

In terms of investment is unprofitable project. And in parts of the soul, heart and fun – very profitable. I was not interested in football, and now am almost all the games. I once said that “Metalist” – is an expensive toy, but now I take it back. I would not call it a toy, this is a very serious matter.

Ярославский и Ахметов

Yaroslavsky and Akhmetov

– What you need to “Metalist” to get to the “Miner” and “Dynamo” and make them compete? Need to invest more?

– No. This is not a direct correlation that the more you invest, the better team. I believe that the “Dnepr” has invested more than tens of millions of dollars, and the team is the best we have.

– Why do you as president, “Metalist” are against Daniel as head of the Premier League?

– I have nothing against Daniel as a citizen. I am against Daniel as the president of the Premier League. I do not want clubs, including “Metalist” doing loser, loser. Therefore, the presidential elections in the Premier League, I was totally against Daniel – as, indeed, against Rabinowitz. I believe that these people are not able to organize such a serious business project as the Premier League. They are – amateurs.

In addition, the head of the Premier League should not be someone from the club’s president. So I suggest to this post by Sergey Kharchenko, who is one of the few national experts on football management and marketing. (From NC: Kharchenko – Head of the Ukrainian Football Association beach, in the past – the head of the company “Media Sport Promotion “.)

Instead of books I have reports

– Fed up in person to do business? Many of your colleagues already have delegated authority to the board or employed by the top managers.

– You know yourself how many companies ceased to exist. Nobody ever I do not delegate their powers. I’m going for a long time to be in good shape. When I feel that I can not control, then call you, and we think we do next. (Laughs.)

– Then you call his younger brother and say, “Now Control your”?

– No. Why burden the rights? Business – it’s work. The man said “Yes you go! I feel good and live without you.” (Laughs)

Yaroslavsky in his Kiev office

– What time do you wake up in the morning?

– At 6 am. After that, immediately dived into the water. Importantly, when there was – not to stop, go and jump. In Kharkov, in my reservoir, and in Kiev – an indoor pool. But without heating.

– When you stop to dive?

– Do not stop. And in the winter dive, and in the summer. When minus 30, the water just take off!

– What then?

– After that – cross, 6 miles. I’m never on the track not running. Only in the wild – in the woods.

When you hang up on schedule?

– The most comfortable time for me – it is 22:00-22:30. I try not to take part in later events. However, when playing “Metalist”, it refers to the force majeure.

– What are you interested in life than football and business?

– I am generally interested in everything.

– Read a book?

– Now smaller, earlier read more.

– Paintings collect?

– No, do not collect paintings. I do not understand them. Therefore, ape, stand aside, wringing his hands and say “Oh, what a stroke, how the light is!” – It’s not for me. For this we need to be in the seventh, eighth generation connoisseur of things to do in this deal and have fun. Discuss the brush of some impressionist and author of the Renaissance, I can not. I only know a few names.

– What book are you reading now?

– Today is my report.

And yesterday? Last week?

– English poduchivayu quietly. I speak, but I want to improve your conversational level.

Alexander Yaroslavsky: Where am I and where the policy? I am a simple guy from Ukrainian Kharkov

You some tea – just a black or red, our? – Alexander Yaroslavsky asked.

What’s the difference?

When you drink red, you start to build roads, stadiums and easy to part with money – he jokes.

Kharkov billionaire and owner of the club “Metalist” Alexander Yaroslavsky tries to appear in the image of the philanthropist, is at your own risk and invest in projects of Euro 2012 with sluggish returns.

But this man is not as simple as trying to present themselves. In his humor can feel the cynicism of big businessman.

Nested in Euro 2012 means sooner or later be converted into the image of Yaroslavl, and his word will weigh in Kharkov as much as Akhmetov – in Donetsk. This effect, which does not measure, but is present as a constant factor such as atmospheric pressure.

bride can expect a new image of December 5 – on its 50th anniversary Yaroslavsky wants to open a rebuilt stadium “Metalist”.

He is very careful with the word – during an interview with the feeling that this is not one of the ten most influential oligarchs in Ukraine, and foreign investors who feel politically correct can not express all their thoughts aloud.

The result is a contradictory feeling: whether this person is really out of reach and far from the intrigues of politics, so beware if further ado, he prefers not to speak aloud what he thinks.

Alexander Yaroslavsky appointed time in the early morning interview at his office. Misty Kiev Hem, sofa alligator ripped jeans and a triple red tea with herbs from his own recipe.

As always, the day he began to rise at six in the morning, dipping into the Dnieper and six-kilometer cross-country race through the woods.

– The procedures – an attempt to temper the spirit or ignore the problems of others?

– No, it just gives me a comfortable state of mind and body. And about the problems … I believe that a person has no problems. He has issues.

– What you now question the most tortured?

– They do not torment me, they are on the agenda. I think for me the main issue today – it’s finally decide on the format of UEFA experts stadium in Kharkiv. They made some cosmetic comments.

We reconstructed stadium, and had not built a new one. And the dates for which we did, surprised even ourselves. Naturally, we are convinced all that can be done quickly, but some things are not taken into account. Although, if we did so quickly, we would never back out of Euro 2012 did not become major.

I became a member so I can not go in the yard of APCs

– Ukraine plunged into the presidential election. Who do you support?

– No one. Yes, me and the support is not accessed.

– Are you satisfied with what happens in Ukraine?

– Yes, I am happy with everything. Weather here today is a good …

– So you do not care who will be president?

– If I can not influence this process, why should we talk about this? I do not sit and dream. You can sit around and dream of a penny, what would I have tried – red caviar or black. And there is no money even to squash …

– Do you see a fundamental difference between the development of Ukraine under Tymoshenko and Yanukovych?

– I only care about how I can install in this format. I think only about that. Here I am waiting for: to declare a winner will be inaugurated, and I …

– With a bouquet to the President.

– Yes. (laughs)

– How long have you worked in Soviet times by the police?

– I’m the police practically did not work. He graduated from higher courses OBKHSS and was on probation at the police station just a half months. Lieutenant, I think. I do not remember.

– Just for your attempts to silence felt experience in law enforcement.

– Oh no!

– A simple question – you are interested in the development of Ukraine as a state?

– Not interested. Because I is not affected.

– So you’d like to live in some other country?

– Never! I would like to live only in his native Kharkov. And never in any other country I live not leave.

It is simply you are accustomed to in Kyiv at the Verkhovna Rada to measure such a global scale. And I like simpler questions: for example, how much cement is necessary.

I am interested in similar things, and not global. Because we have all the people in the country live from election to election, which alternate with chastokolnoy intervals. Do not have time to finish one, start the following. When I realized that it was senseless, then stopped to think about it.

Александр Ярославский в своем киевском офисе

– You are silent about their political preferences, because it burned in 2004? According to our information, while Kuchma gathered representatives of big business, and said: “We need to support Yanukovych” …

– How do you know that I was there? (laughs)

– … And you’re back in 2004th as a condition for supporting said that “Ukrtatnafta” (the Kremenchug oil refinery), the Director must return Pavel Ovcharenko.

– What do you mean, never was not like this! And what did I have returned “Ukrtatnafta”?

– No, you cheated. So since you’re not talking about preferences. But you supported Yanukovich?

– Of course. I supported him as a citizen of Ukraine. He came and voted for Yanukovych.

– you decide to withdraw from politics forever?

– Politicians do not have. No, it was not. Maybe it was once the Soviet Union …

I like things specific, tangible, and after that there is a real result. And what is politics in Ukraine? The same work in Parliament: MP walks, runs, then went to the Maldives or the Seychelles, has returned – and once again walks, walks. It is an eternal process, like a river. The boat floats on it and floats. He pulled her to shore, she stood, then dropped again, and again she swims.

– Why, then, in 2003 you became a people’s deputy?

– To have my yard did not go APCs.

I place UEFA would have acted the same way

– How do you assess the probability of failure in Kharkov for Euro 2012?

– Kharkov will not give up! I give it to 0%. If in politics, I really do not know how I would install at this or that president, then I know exactly what to Kharkiv will not give up. Kharkov today – the most dynamic city in preparation for the Euro.

– Why? The stadium in Donetsk, is, and you do not have.

– Is the question in the opening of the stadium? We have the same championship in 2012, and we will open a month later, in 2009.

– How to Kharkov with the infrastructure to accommodate guests?

– We are better than anywhere. There is the required number of hotel rooms. Five-star rooms need 1240 of them are now made 200 something. This is despite the fact that three months ago there was not one. Hotels improve conditions of service, and they take the structure of UEFA.

– you are doing in the hotel business?

– No.

– Where exactly do you invest personal money in Kharkiv at Euro 2012? Stadium, the terminal at the airport?

– To remove all innuendo, immediately placed the point over the “i”. The stadium in Kharkov – is the regional communal property. Of the 600 million hryvnia necessary for its reconstruction, the government has given 140 of the state budget, 50 million gave the city, and 80 million gave the Kharkiv region. It is 270 million. Read the rest gave me.

Ярославский показывает Ющенко стройку стадиона в Харькове. Фото пресс-службы президента

In the future, Kharkiv stadium they want to make a joint stock company, where would the state of the stock and share investors.

– you will get a majority?

– What is controlling? Ideally I would like to see me was 25%, so I put 140 million, while the other gave the state budget – 246 million, as well as 186 million – with the city of Kharkov and Kharkov region.

– You’re a man pragmatic need to feel their benefits.

– There is no pragmatism. Call it the patron of the arts – whatever you like.

– you that nowhere do with 200 million?

– Yes. But not necessarily all the time somewhere to do with it. All surprised by this question – and the police, and taxation.

– you checked?

– Of course. Nobody can believe it! And the more they do not believe the more checks. They think, “How is it, where’s the catch?” And I have built roads and three on the money. Nonsense! Put in order a number of houses. How to call it?

– Preparation of infrastructure for EURO 2012.

– Yes, but I spent it somewhere around 60 million hryvnia.

– you name that has come up for a stadium in Kharkov?

– Yes. Stadium “Metalist”.

– “Metalist Arena” …?

– No “arena” will not, it’s not a circus. Just stadium “Metalist”.

Стадион "Металлист" уже построен

– Stadium – it’s unprofitable project or possible in the future some sort of profit?

– Sam stadium – it’s always a losing project. Even though there are restaurants, boutiques.

– but it will still be converted into some sort of impact, support for the citizens …

– My kids will not care. It’s not wealth that can then be converted back.

– What else besides the stadium is your project in Kharkiv at Euro 2012?

– The terminal at the airport. Legally, everything looks like the airport complex is a 49-year lease at my company, but remains in an urban community property. Of airfield complex signed an agreement with the city, after the completion of a new band, he will become the property of the state. So everywhere in the world: the band – this is state property.

– you will invest only in the terminal?

– Only in the terminal. It will cost somewhere in the 64 million euros.

– If the stadium “Metalist” initially unprofitable project, over what time frame can pay off investments in terminal?

– This period is measured in tens of years. Very long lasting project.

– To make the airport profitable Kharkov, he must be some kind of transit hub in the region?

– The fact that the terminal allows passengers to increase by 5-6 times. Due to increasing passenger numbers and changes of business attractiveness of the object.

Today, the Kharkiv airport is not in the true sense of the word. It simply was not there. There was some building construction Stalinist period 1953-54, which we are fundamentally reconstruct the style of those times. We are building a new terminal. December 2, we conclude the entire outer part of the works on display including a glazing. And in winter we go to the “warm” inside the terminal.

Ярославский показывает Тимошенко макет аэропорта в Харькове. Фото пресс-службы Ярославского

– All of these projects you do on beskonkursnoy basis, ie you have no competitors, the tender has been conducted. Is it fair?

– Well, take, carry out a tender – see who’s coming to him? In Lviv and Donetsk had already conducted a tender for the construction of the airport. Nobody wants to go not. Although, if it was some oil well, I would be there proved to be the last in the queue. Otterlo to competitors. (laughs)

– How do you assess the actions of President Yushchenko’s veto of the law on the allocation of 9.8 billion hryvnia for Euro 2012? Of this amount should have been allocated funds for the runway in the Kharkiv airport?

– I do not analyze it, because the situation is changing every day. For me the important thing is that the funds were for the construction company. From 727 million hryvnia, which are required for the construction, this year we zakazali186. Yet received only 56 million. That is, we still need another 130 million, despite the fact that next year the lion’s share of money.

– you both manager and public and private projects on Euro-2012 in Kharkov?

– You could say that. I am the coordinator for the preparation of Kharkiv’s Euro, which is defined an official order of city authorities. I have every morning selector at 7 am. So every day I know how much money was received on the draft Euro-2012.

Here’s my first call was at 7 am (Yaroslavl phone displays on public display to show the call)

– What is the risk of theft by public officials on the Euro?

– I do not know how to answer this question. In Kharkiv, I know how much is the purchase of building materials, and prices are not inflated.

Or the same chairs for the stadium. I stood in the office of 12 specimens from different manufacturers. We decided to buy the Austrians. Began to bargain with the $ 60 per chair, and they are “weeping”, agreed to a $ 40. Personally, I bargained with them.

Ярославский показывает кресла, отобранные для стадиона в Харькове. Фото пресс-службы президента

– The mayor of Odessa Horowitz offended when his city is ranked among those who can take the Euro, and his place was taken by Kiev. He once told me that the UEFA decision before you had a meeting with Surkis behind closed doors, and then changed all the cards.

– Yes, this is nonsense! There were no meetings. And Surkis not solve any problem, will be Euro 2012 or not, and in some cities, and in what format. Cup – not the organization that she was under someone’s heel.

– What is the impact Surkis exaggerated?

– Of course 100%! Cup – this is purely a commercial organization that is ruthless and cold-blooded in its decision making. And no emotions, shouts, screams and tantrums not catch her. UEFA does not believe in tears!

– A tangible rewards?

– Generally excluded, everything is transparent! You know what the outcome for the individual European scandals clubs in different countries. And the League as an organization is very interesting for the administration of justice. Because such doubtful things will never happen. And the people there are quite famous, who do not want to spoil his life.

UEFA prohibits voice projections, which cities will get the Euro, and what – no. This is only her prerogative, and we had a lot of criticism from UEFA about all of our statements. Talk about it behind Cup – this is a sign of bad taste.

– for yourself you understand why UEFA has stopped all the elections in Ukraine as a country for Euro 2012?

– UEFA is doing so to expand its geographical presence in order to increase the amount of revenue. Because during the Euro 2012 in Ukraine will potentially be mastered at the prospect of a new large area. People come here for the next championships, the Champions League. It’s like a branch network of the UEFA Cup.

Relatively speaking, the Cup – it’s like a bank. Here I had one branch Ukrsibbank in Kharkov, and I earned three pennies. That’s why I had to build bank branches in Czernowitz, in Odessa? Similarly, the League – is building branch networks in the world to increase the flow of money. I, being on-site business managers League, would have acted the same way.

Price IPF inflated three times

– What’s going on around the Odessa port plant? You back 400 million hryvnia deposit for participation in the auction?

– I have no idea. Do not follow it.

– Do not you have participated in the company “Nortima,” which won the tender for privatization of IPF?

– No. I “Nortime” today I am not a founder. And I did not make money.

– but Kolomoisky said you were partners with him in the sale of IPF.

– Yes, we have partners.

– You participated in creating this pool of investors, who won the contest?

– No, he was engaged himself Igor V.. I have been involved in the process prior to its implementation. But when I saw how things went when the scandals began IPF, I realized that it was more of a political project than an economic one. And I walked away.

Alexander Yaroslavsky goes on Bankova

– Why is your company “Cherkassyazot” filed a lawsuit to cancel the competition at Odessa port?

– I thought that by doing so will make more transparent the competition. I’ve always wanted to participate in the Odessa Port Factory. But I think that 5 billion hryvnia – it’s not his price to date. It is overstated, at least three times.

– Is the SCR should be worth $ 200 million?

– Less. And that surprise you? I was ready to participate in the privatization of IPF within any price up, relatively, $ 200 million.

– A year ago he gave a billion!

– “Evraz” a year ago, too, was worth 50 billion and now worth half a billion.

– But IPF – a strategic object! Owner to whatever happens, always return its value

– What is a strategic site? What if you became the owner of the IPF – you ruler of Ukraine? Can you imagine that you paid for IPF, let’s say, six times its price. And when then recapture their money back?

– In your opinion, what would be right – to sell the IPF for the money or is not selling at all?

– To sell it, since 1995. I think today we would have to pay for the price, which was announced on the auction, because the SCR is unprofitable. Today the state, by contrast, reported back their money.

To put an end to the insinuations about IPF, I think he should belong to a pool of Ukrainian plants. Only Ukrainian. Styrene, Cherkassyazot, DneproAzot, Severodonetsk Nitrogen and Rovnoazot. This is called a strategic national interest.

– Yes, but the IPF serves more Russian business!

– A lot of Ukrainians are involved in Russian business projects? In oil, gas?

– but it is a problem of weakness of the Ukrainian state.

– You asked me, I’m not the Ukrainian state. I am a simple guy from the Ukrainian Kharkiv.

– So why did you withdraw the lawsuit to ban the privatization of IPF? You asked Tymoshenko?

– No. Although when she needed, she can talk to any businessman. Communicating with me.

And I withdrew the lawsuit because the matter went to the stage of a political, not economic. Where am I and where the policy? What I was meaning in it intermeddle? Me that the party some support or a presidential candidate? No!

– After what has happened around the IPF, Kolomoisky came into conflict with Tymoshenko. And you have a relationship with the prime minister changed?

– No, have not changed. I have no conflicts with any official of the Ukrainian authorities. And if you’re interested, Igor V., you have the opportunity to talk with him.

Continued interview: Alexander Yaroslavsky: I do not care market to roll down or go up. The main thing is not standing still

Gennady Korban: Kolomoisky as Plyushkin does not like to sell – he only buys

end interview with the group “Privat” in the raid and corporate conflicts Gennady Korban. Start read here:

Gennady Korban: Impact on “1 +1” – more than have its own faction in the parliament

Gennady Korban: The Kolomoisky simply coincided with the tracks Tymoshenko

Discover the secret – why Kolomoisky in a circle of businessmen known as “Benny”?

– Kolomoisky by nature is very similar to the heroes of the story of Babel Benzion Creek. Benya Krik on … Hence the nickname was born. “Benny” – a prototype of Benzion (Benjamin) Crick.

You know, on this occasion there is an anecdote, I had even talked to Igor Valerievich. He describes it very vividly. Hence, there is Kolomoisky the street. Sees – is the purse. He raises his, pulls out all the money starts to count, counted, and said, “Yeah, something is missing here !…”. (laughs)

– If you try to move away from Kolomoisky and try to assess objectively – for your own personal opinion, which business groups in Ukraine is developing more effective than other?

– All major business groups can be divided into constructive and destructive.

Design – Group that Akhmetov, Pinchuk Kolomoisky, Yaroslavl. And Pinchuk and Akhmetov are opening their assets, bringing them to the international market. They will have a more direct way to cheap foreign capital. And this is – investing in real estate in Ukraine, in the food industry, in communications.

– but takes the opposite Kolomoisky!

– Yes, it does not open until Kolomoisky their assets. However, the same holding its ferroalloy – maybe it is not structured, not publichen, but really it’s 20-30 percent of the world market of ferroalloys.

Sooner or later Kolomoisky too open. The fact that there is a wonderful tool Kolomoisky – “Privatbank”, number one in Ukraine. And through the bank it has access to international resources. Akhmetov and Pinchuk has no such tool, so they seek an IPO.

But there is in Ukraine and destructive forces. This Grigorishin. He calls himself a Russian businessman, although his roots in Ukraine. The companies that he controls, are being degraded or broken up. It’s happening now with “Ukrrechflot” before – with “Turboatom” even earlier – with the power companies. He is constantly in conflict.

– But if you’re talking about conflicts around Grigorishin, then around Kolomoisky them no less. All Internet littered with banners “Kiperman attacks factory” Darnitsa “before -” Ozerka “…

– Around Kolomoisky many conflicts, but it is always necessary to look at the root. Those businesses that are absorbed by Kolomoisky, still in the future are a result of a constructive nature.

– But you must admit that often Kolomoisky attacks, while other business groups to choose more civilized forms.

– In fact, any corporate conflict is not resolved in the courts, with the secret police or the political will. Any corporate conflict is solved by agreement of the parties. Although Kolomoisky has a lot of conflict, as a result he comes to some agreement. And the people with whom he clashed, as a result become partners Kolomoisky.

– For example?

– Their mass. On Southern GOK had a conflict with Vadim Novinsky, or at the Nikopol Ferroalloy – with Viktor Pinchuk. Now they – Partners Kolomoisky.

– Well, there Pinchuk still unclear who will win first toss …

– I have no doubt that Pinchuk and Kolomoisky will maintain good relations. Pinchuk – a very astute man, very sensitive impending disaster or deception. And if you try to deceive Kolomoisky, Pinchuk it feels when you first click and take action. Pinchuk also able to adequately fight, and he has this resource, including the media.

There was a time when there was a possibility Pinchuk use administrative resources, which he did. But later there was a kind of reincarnation. The revolution changed him as a businessman and as a politician. He became a patron of the arts to engage, while in general it Kolomoisky not care, he is more pragmatic businessman. Pinchuk still occasionally does business with a heart …

A Grigorishin, when someone consumes, then around him constantly remain resentful people, the former owners. And leave the offended – it means leaving the curse in his back.

– In the “Private” Bogolyubov – is equal partner Kolomoisky?

– Yes! This is totally equal partners Kolomoisky, they work in such conditions since the 1980s. In principle, the word is equal to the word of the Bogoliubov Kolomoisky …

But Bogolyubov other by the cast of his character man, very religious, does a lot of donations.

– Kolomoisky has finally engulfed the group Surkis?

– Surkis – it’s like a separate group, although they have common projects with Kolomoisky. But they do have some – a bank, real estate, trade. They still have joint projects with Gubsky – despite the fact that they practically do not interact.

Surkis – it’s just guys who play football, for them it is – life! They are not interested in IPO, a merger or acquisition.

– Kolomoisky and Pinchuk – Neighbors in the richest Ukrainians. Possible such that at some point the state will exceed state Kolomoisky Pinchuk?

– I think the wrong assessment of various magazines. Can not say that capital Kolomoisky now lower than Pinchuk. I find it so you can Kolomoisky state that its equity capital exceeds Akhmetov …

– Well, count !…

(Laughs) I do not want. I say this to the fact that I can estimate capital Kolomoisky, but I do not know all that there is a Akhmetov and Pinchuk.

– Group Konstantin Zhevago for involvement in corporate conflicts may even compete with Kolomoisky …

– Zhevago deserves respect. He is very attentive to the legal issues, and practical. Still, sometimes making rash moves – to take the same public offering in Poltava GOK London Stock Exchange. The value of shares rose, but the capital it received less than he would.

– A listing in London, he took refuge from persecution by the “luzhnikovskih” …

– Yes! But he thought that came into the world market, and actually went to the same gate, because its competitors such as Kolomoisky, Usmanov, and the same “luzhnikovskie” mastered by the tools to participate in the purchase of shares in London …

– It still is true that Kolomoisky bought shares Zhevago for IPO?

– I can not answer this question. But believe me, that the shares are posted on the exchange, fell into the hands of its competitors. Almost everything! Another thing is that they fall into the hands of various competitors.

Lutsenko offered me a position in the list
– you’ve figured out who the customer was an attempt to you in Dnepropetrovsk?

– Yes. The actual attack on the customer I was Kurochkin. Just recently visited a Russian investigator of Moscow gorprokuratury, who was arrested in Moscow Chechen named Gaytukaev, organized the attack on me.

And unofficially told the investigator that there are official statements: the order for my killing a citizen, Anatoly placed the Kulinenko. This is – one of the victims of the massacre at the Obukhov track. He also transferred money to this Chechens. A Kulinenko far as I know, was one of the closest people Kurochkin. He lived literally in his house, and the connection is obvious.

– However, the market “Ozerka” not so serious asset to be responsible for assassinations!

– And why not? Remember what was happening around CSKA, “Luzhniki”. Scary stuff! In fact, “Ozerka” – this is a very large market. Perhaps, the biggest in the CIS food market.

– you will not deny that you helped oust Lutsenko Kurochkin with “Ozerki”?

– It does not help and was not involved. Lutsenko more flying in the clouds, as close to real things related to real business.

– Kolomoisky Lutsenko finances?

– No.

– But you will not deny that your name could appear in the electoral list of “Our Ukraine”?

– No, I did not want to run, although I have received such proposals from politicians of “Our Ukraine” and politicians of the “People’s Self-Defense.”

– you suggested that people Lutsenko?

– Do not it personally, but his associates offered me a spot on the list.

– Who? Kirill Kulikov?

– From Kulikov had various conversations with Zhvania and I had a conversation. But I’m not interested.

Kolomoisky associated with the era Ford

– You said that Tymoshenko and the way Kolomoisky coincided in the selection of NFP Pinchuk. It is true that this fact contributed to the final settlement with Kolomoisky Tymoshenko for the Southern Mining and Processing Plant, which she considers her away in the 2000s?

– I have not talked to her about it. But I know that Kolomoisky, Tymoshenko took away nothing to pay extra money to her. Kolomoisky bought YuGOK a partner in business Alexander Timoshenko Gravtsa. It paid him completely full amount.

– we even brought you a printout of an interview with Timoshenko “Ukrainian Truth” for 2001, where it says “to rechі, tsya kradіzhka s Privatbank was performed, and takozh structure blizkoyu to Privatbank i Surkіsa, yak nazivaєtsya Slavutich-Kapіtal “.

(Korban reads) And have the same concern was Surkis “Slavutich”! Both Tymoshenko just thought that “Slavutych Capital” and concern “Slavutich” – it’s the same thing.

What concerns the relations between Tymoshenko and Kolomoisky for the Southern GOK, I do not know anything and I will not comment.

– But you are heading the supervisory board YuGOK?!

– Yes, I still am the head of the supervisory board YuGOK. I know that Kolomoisky partner in this business is Mr. Novinsky – but not the managing partner. Southern GOK controls directly Kolomoisky.

Generally I’m very in sympathy with Yuliya Tymoshenko as a politician, no matter what, and voted for it in the parliamentary elections.

– Now Novinsky combined his steel business with Akhmetov. He also introduced a half of its assets in the Southern Mining Holding this?

– I think that Novinski wants to invest assets that it has in Southern GOK, a holding company with Akhmetov. But he can not do this without the consent of Kolomoisky.

– A Kolomoisky will agree to purchase shares Akhmetov YuGOK in Novinsky?

– No. We have a preferential right Kolomoisky, he will use them always. Kolomoisky does not like to sell something. He is Plyushkin only buys.

– Buys and structures. “Private” – is generally a gathering of some of the corporate rights.

– Actually, not quite. All corporate law Kolomoisky menedzhiruyutsya effectively, and the company – managed. Another thing that does not make a firm Kolomoisky “KLM”, wherever it has been 99% which would be wound up all his assets.

– This is a Kolomoisky such business philosophy, or he just has not had time to restructure your business?

– Kolomoisky to date does not believe that he needs. It is associated with the orthodox businessman era Ford …

– But these people paid taxes to the budget of America. A company “Solm” Kolomoisky – main optimizer taxes in general in Ukraine.

– I am not prepared to comment on it.

– And the phrase “I never pay my taxes” does not belong to Kolomoisky?

– It is possible it came up with his enemies. All businesses pay taxes Kolomoisky.

I’ve never heard of Kolomoisky that he set the goal of maliciously avoid paying taxes.

Any business of any famous person – the same Akhmetov and Pinchuk, and Yaroslavl, and Firtash, and other Russian and American business – is aimed primarily at preserving those revenues that it receives.

In America in the tax laws even in a reservation that the businessman has the right to evade taxes if he makes it a legitimate way. So, if something is illegal Kolomoisky, let authorities to claim.

– What is happening in the industry – lack of ore, its concentration in Akhmetov, which should lead to a subsequent absorption of metallurgical enterprises, which will be left without the resource base … Kolomoisky will this somehow interfere with, or conversely to maintain?

– I think that Kolomoisky will play in this market and try to compete.

– That is, if Akhmetov can pick up those who now sits on the ore dependence, and also plans to Kolomoisky pick them up, but instead Akhmetov?

– And what’s wrong: Part Kolomoisky picked up, picked up some Akhmetov? Metallurgical Holding Kolomoisky, perhaps, has such a large number of processing facilities, but has enough raw power.

Let’s say there ISD refineries. But they can be called the Headless Horseman! If tomorrow Akhmetov, Kolomoisky and Novinsky agree, stop the supply of raw materials – coke, ore and coal, the ISD will be scrap metal.

Therefore, ISD is trying to cooperate with Kolomoisky in processing, ISD can not do without YuGOK. They have nowhere else to go. Because Akhmetov could not share with raw materials, it must load their metallurgical facilities.

Scheme Akhmetov has risks for him

– now trying to prevent Kolomoisky additional issue on “Dniproenergo” and go “Dniproenergo” under control Akhmetov …

-I can tell you my personal opinion, but I do not know how to think Kolomoisky. I believe that such a rich man as Akhmetov can just go and buy “Dniproenergo” and not think of the various schemes.

– But you also come up with various schemes!

– But wait, there’s nothing we have bought from the state! In this we can have some emotional or moral conflict with other business groups in Ukraine. Because we are fighting for equal rights and equal participation for all!

That is, if the state wants to sell “Dniproenergo” I believe that this should be open to all comers. Kolomoisky believes that everyone should be equidistant. Either this is an honest, open sale, or start the scheme in the style of Kuchma. And those who do have to think about tomorrow.

– That is, the ability to capture the future?

– No, just the state, of course, can return back to the corporate rights.

– In your view, the transition scheme “Dniproenergo” under the control of Akhmetov’s questionable?

– Doubtful, and it carries risks for Akhmetov.

To help you understand how the hidden privatization “Dniproenergo” … There is a 75% +1 share, which belong to the state. There is a debt – say, 1 billion hryvnia.

When does the bankruptcy process, the shareholders of the company suspended its management. Accordingly, the bankruptcy administrator or distributor of the property is actually single-handedly taking management decisions. Shareholders and their collections have no value for the bankruptcy process.

Conventionally, a company associated with Akhmetov, began the concentration of these debts with 20% filling. That is, in fact, they bought this billion for 200 million hryvnia. And the bankruptcy administrator to decide on repayment of debts due to the additional issue. This regulation is regulated by law.

– but if it is legal, then why Akhmetov wrong?

– From a formal point of view, what he’s doing – legally. I can not say that it directly violates the law.

– That is, the more dirty scheme NFP?

– Scheme of NFP was more dirty because declared transparent privatization, and it did not allow anyone but Victor Mikhailovich, and issued a competition so that no one there could not even apply. There were so-called dopusloviya competition, under which only he approached. There remained only to write that the buyer may be a man named Viktor Pinchuk.

And for a solid businessman, Akhmetov as the scheme “Dniproenergo” looks doubtful. I do not think that the absorption of enterprises through the bankruptcy process – this is the right way. It’s like “sit” on the director, which will build us a debt for a short period of time, then we will go bankrupt and buy into the process of emission.

In fact, it is – the usual pattern. For example, “Ukrtatnafta” … It used to be the Kremenchug refinery.

There was appointed director of Matitsina. What did he do? He took notes of the two Swiss companies. Even without a bill, but simply a piece of paper, because the bill is in the form, content. And these are ordinary pieces of paper that says in Russian “Bill the Swiss company a certain amount to 130 million dollars.” He takes this bill, instead of giving real assets – stock company “Ukrtatnafta” in an amount of 18%.

Circulation of bills from non-residents, for example, at the time it was forbidden. Bullshit! In fact, the director creates debt. Further, this bill is sold to its structures for $ 2 million. Thus, generated $ 130 million in debt to the holder of the bill.

– So Tatars came to the Kremenchug refinery?

– Yes. Initially, the Tatars and the state were parity terms, the state had to own 51%. Thus, they have blurred the government stake. Actually 18% stake in the plant from the state took is not clear whom to pay bills for 130 million dollars, and bills are in no way supported.

– What is your role in trying to return to the Kremenchug refinery under state control. You want to start later this asset under a roof “Ukrnafta”?

– No, under the roof “Ukrnafta” it can not be for one simple reason. Because 43% owned by Nacu, 18% now prosecutors sued the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine, and we – just a small shareholder. I’m just the representative of “Korsan”, which owns 1.5% of shares Kremenchutskogo refineries.

– Who owns this company?

– It affelirovana with the group “Privat” group, and Yaroslavl.

We’re just interested in so as not to repeat history with bankruptcy, “Dniproenergo.”

– What is it that the registrar was also connected with you?

– Registrar “Ukrnaftogaz” was purchased by us in 2003.

– And is it happening now in Kremenchug – this is not a typical raid?

– Raiding is just part of Andrei Klyuyev, which gives some indication. In fact, chairman of the Supreme Court reinstated Ovcharenko, he entered into the state register of legal entities as the head of government, it easily came to the territory of the enterprise.

– It looks like an attempt by one business group to push the other business group in the Kremenchug refinery.

– And what group is Klyuyev? What this group right? If Klyueva have any views on the enterprise, it must be a shareholder.

Kolomoisky chosen to be the uncle awful

– When in Ukraine completed the period of reallocation of capital?

– The period of mergers and acquisitions will continue as long as the last business. And with the participation of the state – a few more years until the major pieces will be sold.

– What else might be interested in your group, but the Odessa port?

– First, the Kremenchug refinery. That part of the “Ukrtatnafta”, which belongs to the state represented by NAC and will ever be privatized. Kolomoisky interested power companies and energy – as the generating companies and distribution.

– So Kolomoisky bought Surkis part of power companies, agreeing behind Grigorishin?

– No. Kolomoisky bought his part in Grigorishin. A Surkis has its part. Maybe something he agreed, but I do not know about that.

– But you have not answered the question that we’ve been asked – why corporate conflicts are concentrated precisely on Kolomoisky?

– This is nothing more than the opinions of journalists. Simply select the role Kolomoisky terrible uncle. He is also non-public person, is enclosed privacy.

– all businessmen who have become public, and passed through an MP in parliament, it was good for: the same Akhmetov, Pinchuk, Yaroslavl …

– A Kolomoisky is not a politician, he is a businessman from God (smiles).

– Maybe the reason is that Kolomoisky can not run for parliament in Ukraine as a citizen of Israel?

– Yes, he would not go there, even if it were shoved back. He is simply not interested. I’ll say it openly.

My business does not depend on government, business and Kolomoisky little too independent of the government. Yes, we have to reckon with some authority, which operates in the country, because we live here. But we consider it the same way as all other citizens. You just demoniziruete image Kolomoisky.

PS “Ukrainian Truth” has offered to speak to people who could hurt the Korban in an interview – Rinat Akhmetov, Viktor Pinchuk and Konstantin Grigorishin.

Representatives Pinchuk told that no comment would be, and Grigorishin replied that respond to Korban – “lower self-esteem.”

“The tools do not take offense. If you hit a hammer on a finger, then hold the hammer at the evil stupid. And if you threw a brick, then you’re a brick not to take offense, but the one who started it” – said Grigorishin.

Gennady Korban: The Kolomoisky simply coincided with the tracks Tymoshenko

Continued interview with a representative of the “Private” in the raid and corporate conflicts Gennady Korban. Start is available here: Gennady Korban: influence on the “1 +1” – more than have their faction in the parliament …

– Tell the story of the formation of “Privatbank”. According to some information and Kolomoisky Miloslavskogo helped their parents, who were tsehovikami?

– “Privatbank” was created in early 1990. There was this guy – Tihipko, who raced through the city with the idea to make bank. At this needed funds, but no fathers, no money was given.

Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov are in business with the 1986-87 year, when the first law on cooperation. They started business with the office equipment imports from Southeast Asia and created a company called “Sentosa”. This island of entertainment in Singapore.

Founders’ Privatbank “There were three companies -” Solm “,” Sentosa “and” Vista “. “Whist” somewhere has got … Apparently, this was their a temporary partner.

Leo and Alexei Martynov Miloslavskogo owned company “Solm” and Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov – the company “Sentosa”. To date I have not known the exact pattern of ownership in “Privatbank”. I know that the management also owns a share, up 10 percent.

– Who is responsible for “Privatbank” – who’s managing partner?

– Mr Bogolyubov.

– And in other businesses?

– Shulman manages coke, it also has a joint project entitled People.Net. For the bank shall be directly responsible Bogolyubov. Kolomoisky practically manages itself ferroalloy business. In the oil business, he has managing partners – Kiperman, Mace and a number of people. Any particular strategic decisions are made, of course, with the participation of Kolomoisky.

– Is there a business, where would Kolomoisky was the junior partner in relation to others? Or is he always a key partner?

– I think that it is everywhere a key partner.

– but he only manages ferroalloys?

– Ferroalloys Division Kolomoisky manages itself, but trading carries Alexei Martynov.

– once you are going together to discuss business strategies?

– No, all together we are going to some birthdays or holidays.

– A Surkis brothers were managing partners Kolomoisky?

– They – managing partners Kolomoisky in power – are the six power companies.

– It is known that Kolomoisky associated with the football club “Dynamo” (Kiev).

– Believe me, “Dynamo” is owned by Surkis.

– But how can one explain the fact that you, Gennady Korban, doing some of the questions on “Dynamo”?

– Yes, I help them. But this personal assistance, of which I was asked to Surkis brothers. When Grigorishin began raider attacks against “Dinamo”, I was filled with their problems. “Dynamo” to Surkises – their child, the club is more important “Kryvorizhstal” or power companies.

Therefore, we, together with Boris Filatov (Korban partner) protected “Dynamo” from Mr. Grigorishin absorption.

I can say that today Grigorishin completely lost control. He is not in the register of any corporate rights, no action!

– The new version of the registry, which is changed to cancel the shares with Grigorishin …

– Why new? Everything was done beautifully, and legally correct. Quite possibly, at some stage Grigorishin owned 0.1% of corporate rights, “Dynamo”. The deal to sell his 0.1% of the void.

Accordingly, in the registry to make a turn. And today these shares are owned by another very famous person who bought them officially on the secondary market. This is the widow of Mr. Lobanovskiy. Let her try Grigorishin pick them up.

– If Kolomoisky has no relation to “Dinamo”, how to explain his role in covering the considerable costs of the club through sponsorship? It is also not directly controlled by Abramovich, the club CSKA …

– It’s just the usual sponsorship. Not Kolomoisky and “Privatbank” has its own advertising budget, which allocates the most profitable. Obviously, they agreed to “Dynamo” (Kiev) that “Privatbank” is the sponsor of the club among banks. And I’m sure that Kolomoisky in sponsorship “Dynamo” personally took no part.

– And you do not see this violation of rules that can not be an owner of two major league clubs Ukrainian football? And here we have a case where Kolomoisky involved immediately to three teams – “Dinamo”, “Dnipro”, “Naftovik-Ukrnafta”?

– In this case, no one directly with anyone not connected. What makes “Privatbank” – is nothing more than placing advertising budget, but that does not support the club “Dynamo” (Kiev) afloat.

Boyko – it Firtash. Normal, loyal people

– The state has many years of unsuccessfully trying to put its management on “Ukrnafta”. Absurd – the state owns a controlling interest, and “Private” – only 42%, but that he runs the company. Every time government tries to remove the management of Kolomoisky “Ukrnafta”, but it is inconclusive …

– This is the usual blackmail. Mace was appointed head of “Ukrnafta” in 2003, still under Kuchma. Prior to that, there was a state representative, Mr. Salmin. Company we have taken in a nightmarish state, it was a lot of lenders, loan mass, the mass of joint ventures is unclear to whom the extraction of oil!

Today “Ukrnafta” is actually built as a vertically integrated company. For as long as controls Kolomoisky “Ukrnafta” as a shareholder … It is not even a minority, because the owner of more than 40% – it is rather the cumulative shareholder than a minority.

So, for this time only officially received more than 2 billion hryvnia dividends, including – to the state.

But when it comes to the new government, whatever its color, it always starts with “Ukrnafta”. Because it’s profitable, profitable business!

– Do not you agree that the state has control over what belongs to him?

– Almost all decisions are made by the Supervisory Board, where 6 out of 11 members represent the state. I believe that if the government trusts the private company to monitor current activity, there is nothing wrong with that.

– Is it true that after the revolution, Tretyakov also tried to make “Ukrnafta” to work jointly with his personal interests?

– You are very ill-formulate the question. There was a time when the Tretyakov was a member of the supervisory board “Ukrnafta”, he also recommended that the person to head the supervisory board …

– That is, it was an attempt to make friends with the new government, “Private” on favorable terms?

– Again, it is incorrect to say “attempt”. There’s a new power, it is someone. It represented the Tretyakov, so we worked with those who represented the new government.

– How do you know that this man represents a new power?

– Very easy. 50% + 1 share owned by NAK “Naftogaz”. Accordingly, when it comes to new fuel and energy minister, he puts his own man in the chair for NAK “Naftogaz” and those immediately initiate a shareholders’ meeting “Ukrnafta”.

– Boyko, just trying to get Kolomoisky …

– Incorrectly you formulate – “make”. Once you begin to “get” Kolomoisky, usually occurs the spirit of contradiction … (smile) . Get him to do something hard. You can make weak people, and “Private” can fight. Therefore, most likely, we are talking about some arrangements, some compromise.

– Who arranged by Boyko with Kolomoisky to be left with “Ukrnafta” alone? When I came to Yanukovych, he’s immediately offered to a company headed by the representative did not “Private”, and states?

– Yanukovych, incidentally, still leaves the idea. A Boyko … can not say that he represents the interests of Yanukovych. Boiko – Firtash it is a little different group, they are normal, business, dogovorosposobnye people …

– And proof of that – an agreement on the merger in the chemical industry and Firtash Kolomoisky?

– In my opinion, these agreements are not implemented. While I know that there were attempts to purchase “Ukrnafta” a number of chemical companies – “DneproAzot” (controls Kolomoisky) and “Rovnoazot” (Firtash controls) .

This concentration was discussed at the supervisory boards of “Ukrnafta” in my presence, but concrete decisions were taken.

I understand that the chemical holding Kolomoisky Firtash and it makes sense to do will be solved when the fate of the privatization of Odessa Portside Plant. It is easier to fold together to tap as Alexander Yaroslavsky (controls “Cherkassyazot”) , and buy the plant.

– And that, “Private” will try to privatize it?

– Yes, of course, will participate in the privatization of Odessa Portside Plant.

Have Kolomoisky unique black humor

– Two years ago, between “Private” and Pinchuk was conflict over the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant. He is now settled, the NFP is jointly managed by Pinchuk and “Private”. It is true that Pinchuk has made concessions when he realized that he could not sell Ukrsotsbank, if not put up with Kolomoisky?

– No, Ukrsotsbank – it was just a small incentive mechanism …

– … Viktor Mikhailovich to compliancy?

– Yes. But this mechanism arose already in the moment when negotiations were going. It was just some extra incentive. But I think that Viktor did not lose what did not sell Ukrsotsbank, because it now costs much more.

– How did you end the conflict over the Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant?

– You know that the Supreme Court took eleventh appeal Viktor Mikhailovich Pinchuk and changed his mind and sent the case to the new composition of the court. A court ruled that Viktor legally bought NFP … (smile)

– What does it cost?

– Expensive. There are too many nerves.

– Who reconciled Pinchuk and Kolomoisky?

– What is reconciled? With Igor V. very hard to quarrel. Because, in spite of any conflicts or corporate projects, which he leads, he never takes a personal conflict.

I remember it was a joke … Do you remember the famous speech by Mrs. Theological NFP, when she raised her weight. And at this point Kolomoisky Pinchuk called and said, ‘Vic, you’re holding the right flank, and we have left to go, You’ll see. ”

In Kolomoisky very unique black sense of humor, and he never takes it into a personal conflict.

While that Kolomoisky and Pinchuk was a corporate conflict regarding NFP. While the NFP – is a strategic project for the ferroalloy business Kolomoisky. While the horrible hurt Kolomoisky that Kuchma brazen manner it would not allow the privatization of the plant, although he was prepared to give the State Property Fund in two to three times more for the same stake.

The main claim to Pinchuk was as follows. In 2003, at the time of privatization of NFP, there Kolomoisky owned blocking – 26%. Pinchuk, being in a certain political repertoire at that time had all the chances expensive to privatize the plant.

At this point, Pinchuk met with Kolomoisky. And Igor Valerievich said to him, and then repeated it in his interview: “Vic, you, when you walk into the store, take what you want, but ahead of cash, you pay. Therefore, I suggest you pay the normal price and buy the plant together.”

Victor M. rejected the offer and decided to buy their own NFP. As you know, it was 400 million hryvnia, which was $ 80 million. While it is – the largest factory in Europe, which is the other money.

And in this case to conduct a limited competition – just a crime! Naturally, when the power has changed, we had the opportunity to review the results of the sale of NFP. Especially because …

– … Tymoshenko as prime minister was in agreement with you.

– It is simply matched the track. You know, it so happens that today we have with you on the road, and gone tomorrow. It was then matched the way Tymoshenko and Kolomoisky.

I was interested Kolomoisky return it to the state and honestly buy. What it has been declared everywhere, openly in the press that he was willing to give $ 500 million, is ready to participate in an honest privatization of a controlling interest. Actually, it coincided with the ideology that held Tymoshenko and the president. If you remember, the first sign was “Krivorozhstal”.

– But then, Yushchenko said that the NFP try one of the gang of crooks to pass another gang of crooks!

– There was a phrase …

– Is true, then reconciled with the president Kolomoisky …

– It is with him and do not quarrel. I think the president was simply not informed about what is at stake. Now the conflict is over.

– But the conflict led to the resignation in 2005, Tymoshenko as prime minister!

– No. The conflict was the catalyst for a certain relationship Tymoshenko, Yushchenko, Poroshenko. Because at that time openly lobbying for the interests of Poroshenko Grigorishin, which, in turn, represented the interests of Abramov and Vekselberg. Namely, they wanted to sell Pinchuk controlling interest in NFP.

– Are you saying that Pinchuk had no such right?

– Yes, it was entitled. But it’s like to buy a stolen car.

– But your methods of struggle can not be called perfect, when you to stop processes for NFP, using the definition of some very “left” of the courts! All it is obvious that this scheme raider.

– Can not say that … raider Courts NFP really stretched to 2003. Since then the administrative resources have been Kuchma, we could not overcome it by any means, after all, Viktor had this administrative resources.

The only way to passing this administrative resources has been the diversification of trials. This was done until 2004, before the arrival of the new government. And when the new government came, there was a real opportunity to initiate on behalf of the Prosecutor General for the Cabinet to review the claim of the sale of 50% of NFP.

– A Kolomoisky pushed Tymoshenko to initiate this process?

– Kolomoisky with Tymoshenko spoke not at all. They are generally seen before, maybe once in a lifetime.

– They did not need to see, because the mediator was Brodsky.

– Brodsky played a role, but I would not say that it has been a key or that he was the man who carried out some sort of coordination between Kolomoisky and Tymoshenko.

Between the Guarantor and Kolomoisky Pinchuk spoke Russian

– When Tymoshenko led the NFP return to the state, suddenly emerged from his surname Berezovsky Bosov representative, who allegedly bought a part of NFP with Kolomoisky. Tell us what happened then?

– They do not buy, although there was an agreement, I can confirm it, that if the NFP will return to public ownership and will be put up for sale, then as a businessman Bosov (not as a representative of Berezovsky’s) will take part in solidarity Kolomoisky in buying the plant from the state .

– But Bosova associated with Berezovsky as Korban – with Kolomoisky!

– Maybe. But I would not say that Bosov – people of Berezovsky. He independent businessman, secured enough. At the time, was indeed such an agreement.

– Who was the guarantor of the agreements between Pinchuk and Kolomoisky about NFP?

– A Russian businessman …

– Mikhail Voevodin, a representative of “luzhnikovskoy group”?

– I will not call someone’s name. This guarantee was attracted rather by Victor Mikhailovich than Kolomoisky. A Kolomoisky it agreed.

– How many percent of the shares received a guarantor?

– I have no right to disclose it.

– Pinchuk was so afraid Kolomoisky that still want to draw a guarantor?

– I can not say that Pinchuk afraid Kolomoisky. Maybe he needed a third party. You know, this so-called ad hoc. So we agreed, signed the agreement. But that does not appeal to any courts, we can choose some qualified respected people who make up ad hoc.

For example, you say, “I want to be my referee was, for example, Gennady Korban,” and I said I want my referee was Mr. Filatov, for example. This is a normal civilized form of agreement.

– Which hosted the meeting at which there was reconciliation between Pinchuk and Kolomoisky?

– Meetings were held in different places. Basically, in the office, Viktor Mikhailovich, but often in Geneva, and anywhere else.

– But what moved Pinchuk, when he offered to broker an agreement with Kolomoisky? Maybe he’s afraid because he remembers the story of the assassination attempt on the lawyer Karpenko, who worked with Pinchuk and Grigorishin. The order of this attack was suspected Kolomoisky, and was even issued a warrant for the arrest of Kolomoisky in this case.

– By manipulating this so-called lawyer Karpenko, Pinchuk … I do not want to talk bad about Victor Mikhailovich … Moreover, I admire Pinchuk as patron who understands contemporary art and carries it to Ukraine. Here he is number one!

Therefore, we will say so: first, Kuchma entourage, and later – were trying to Poroshenko environment by manipulating the statements by some of the counsel to draw Kolomoisky to a criminal prosecution.

– But there was even a representation of the investigator in the Pechersk court for the arrest of Kolomoisky!

– Yes, but it was totally unfounded. Because on the basis of the statement can not arrest the person.

– But it is a criminal case!

– It’s criminal case had been sucked from the finger.

– A presentation on the arrest Kolomoisky, which came to pick up in Pechersk court personally Piskun, who was then attorney general?

– I will not deny it. I was not present when Piskun visited. I know about this process, because Kolomoisky is my partner. And about things related to the restraint of liberty, that the family and something else …

We help each other, we are friends. And I also took part in this situation, but for free. Because he considered it his duty in relation to Kolomoisky.

It was a criminal case, simply invented out of thin air at the request of a lawyer, as you say, or Pinchuk, or Grigorishin or Poroshenko – named Karpenko. He can not even call a lawyer. Perhaps this is a lawyer who has some kind of license that was used to great people as against the applicant Kolomoisky. But it was sheer provocation, and no more.

Third part of the interview: Gennady Korban: Kolomoisky as Plyushkin does not like to sell – he only buys