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Sale of business: the three basic rules

If the company is changing the founder (as a rule, he also served as Director General), the formal property and civil liability, he no longer carries. When the parent goes out of business, he withdraws his capital and from there ceases to be a member of society. This allows you to keep your assets from claims by creditors or tax.

In another situation, a deal to sell promoters’ share in-depth analysis may contain some of the crimes, such as fraud or tax evasion, concealment of assets, etc., through which one can draw the former founder of responsibility. Therefore, these transactions do not remain without attention of tax inspectors and other structures, especially if the company has debts to contractors or the state. If the sale is made through a merger or acquisition, the tax will certainly declare it.

If the tax will be revealed significant violations, the tax audit materials transmitted to law enforcement agencies to conduct pre-investigation checks, which later can turn into a criminal case. However, if the parent sells the company, it will not bear civil liability for tax arrears or debts, although if you show up at work last element of an offense, he shall be liable regardless of the current status.

Therefore, to ensure that the transaction was successful and brought no further trouble with government agencies or lenders, it is necessary to take into account several conditions.


Before the transaction is necessary to compile information about the debts of the enterprise to other persons. If you have debts, they must be possible to restructure, while creditors uvevodmiv about what you are selling the company, and just do everything possible to make that no one can reproach you sold the company in secret, so as to evade taxes.


Of the sale of shares in the share capital should be implemented immediately, but in parts. Phased promoters share sale will cause less suspicion of the inspection bodies, as it reaches a certain period of time, and at this point in time the founder remains liable for the debts of the company.


It is desirable that the chain between the donor and the buyer-seller was at least one mediator. This is perfectly legal and normal, so do not arouse suspicion. After all, the seller can not be completely sure of the purity of the legal business of the buyer. It may be that the buyer acquires an asset with the company’s one-day, which will inevitably draw police to the company. If the sale will be made through a newly created entity with a small crystal-clear history, the confidence from former parent will be much greater.

Albert Popkov: Millions of “Classmates”

Millions “Classmates”

Albert Popkov, the founder of social networking “Odnoklassniki.ru” tells the story of a project and the difficulties he faced.

Interview Vice President “VKontakte” Elijah Perekopskiy

Recently social network “VKontakte” announced the imminent move into the blast zone. com, in fact, by launching its international expansion. If the company in Russia in the lead with a convincing margin, in most European countries have to start from scratch. How much and what makes “VKontakte”, where does the idea of ??eccentricity management major social networks in Russia and what are the plans of the company, said vice president and head of the network’s Moscow office Ilya Rekopsky.

— How much do you earn?

— Now in our monthly revenue of about $ 8-9 million, approximately 60% is targeted advertising. Only on targeted advertising, we plan to make this year about 2 billion rubles ($ 71 million). 30% of the revenue brought an application for another 10% — other services. This year we expect to increase our revenues by 70-100% compared with 2010. While we are clearly fulfilling a plan.

Help! In 2010, according to the reporting Mail. Ru Group, turnover “VKontakte” made $ 93.8 million revenue was less than — through payments to developers and mobile operators.

— Go to an independent advertising sales and the failure of the banners at the beginning of 2011 proved to be justified?

— The transition was, as we predicted, it is absolutely justified. We have to earn a promotion several times more money. And targeted ads cause users a lot more interest than the banners, because they focus on them. Our system of targeted advertising is improving every day, and now offers a targeted audience of more than 20 unique parameters.

In March you introduced a new format of the advertisements with CPM, not only for clicks, as before. In addition, we launched a video ad.

— Do the bizarre decisions of your management — such as a ban on tobacco advertising — the advertising revenue?

— No, not influence. We have given up tobacco advertising at a time when tobacco companies are still planning to start spending our part of their advertising budgets, but have not yet begun. No advertising revenue decline, we have not seen. Cigarettes — a disgusting drug, carrying a huge detriment to society. In our company there is not one smoker — and no use of alcohol. We believe that we must do everything possible to make a contribution to the fight against tobacco companies.

— The extent to which eccentricity — a part of your business, not personal property of the company’s founders?

— Internet is changing every second, and often have to make some decisions very quickly. From the outside, perhaps, it seems that it is eccentric, but in fact it is common sense that we all are guided. We refused to banner ads. All were convinced that this is a very risky move that will reduce our income. A month later we were convinced that the decision was correct.

Another reason that we might be considered too outside the box thinking, is that in most cases we do not implement projects with external partners. Typically, these proposals involve the use of foreign technology, but we have high-tech company and technology will never outsource. If we want to launch a new service, we always develop it themselves.

Also, we daily receive proposals on further monetize our services and reject them. Our model of monetization is about more than two things: targeted advertising and applications. Unfortunately, not everyone understands our position.

— How fast growing “VKontakte” in different parts of Russia?

— We grow exactly in proportion to the level of internet penetration in the country. If in Moscow and St. Petersburg lives most people and the highest level of internet penetration, and that users have in these cities the most. At the same time the share of the two capitals have no more than 20-25% of our active users. About 60% of our audience are over 25 years, contrary to popular opinion, it is not out of school and university students.

— Have reached the saturation you in St. Petersburg ?

— No, not yet reached. In St. Petersburg is still far from 100% internet penetration.

— How do you grow in foreign markets?

— We are the most popular site in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. We hold strong positions in all CIS countries and achieved some success in other neighboring countries.

— A related shift in the domain vk. com?

— This domain is shorter, prettier and much easier to read in other countries. International expansion — one of our key strategic objectives for 2011.

— And how do you start?

— Most likely, with European countries. Since when in the first place, while difficult to say. It’s all under active consideration.

— Do you feel the pressure of competitors?

— The pressure we feel. We are actively continuing to grow. In May, our attendance has continued to grow and reached a record number of 26 million unique users per day. Every year we have at least doubled, and this year is unlikely to be the exception.

— Are you There were offers to buy from someone other than Milner?

— Proposals received constantly, both from Russian investors, as well as from Western foundations.

— Do you have an exit strategy at all — public or not?

— We do not think in terms of “exit strategy”. We are building a company in which we want to work not for a year or two, but decades. The only reason that we have attracted investments from Mail.Ru, — are investments in infrastructure. On the money we have built our data center channels. Now we have quite enough money to grow at their own expense.

Larissa Nevidaylo: I used to take oysters contraband

I drove oyster smuggling

A former teacher and now a leading restaurateur Tyumen Larisa Nevidaylo opened his first restaurant 18 years ago, laying for that apartment. She now owns a network of 22 schools and knew that he loved book to the table, Sergei Sobyanin.

Warehouse on the Internet

Oleg Alekseev, an entrepreneur who created the program “My Store” almost fainted when I saw her in jobs that required knowledge not only of “1C”, but the program “My Store”. “My Store” – programa inventory, which was developed by “Logneks,” which, in turn, created three years ago, Alekseev and his partners Askar Rahimberdiev. “We wanted to make a product designed for the masses, with an inexpensive and useful” – says Rahimberdiev, CEO “Logneks.”

The aims of the “Logneks” ambitious enough – to press on the software market for small and medium businesses no one else but itself “1C”. Today on the site, “My Store” use the services of 150 paying customers, and somewhere the same free. At the moment, the new version of product “1C: Enterprise 8” sold about 100,000 copies. But the chances of “Logneksa” is. In contrast to the “1C”, which sells a boxed version and take money for future updates, business model, “Logneksa” is built on the principle of “software for rent» – SaaS (software as a service). That is, the client is running the program through a Web browser, with no setting on your computer. The entire responsibility for performance of the server and software, the company undertakes. The main thing is that the software can be used anywhere, the only thing you need is Internet access.

Askar Rahimberdiev – a graduate of Moscow Aviation Institute, and Oleg Alekseev Finish Penza Technical University on the programmer, first worked in the Russian office of British company OilSpace (it is now called the Aspect Enterprise Solutions), which developed software for the oil companies. SaaS business model just coming into fashion, but the British have already used it at all, providing a soft and its servers for data processing customer shipments of oil from the terminal. The guys decided to do that well known, namely, software for inventory control. Only provide services not just for one or two large customers, and the mass market – thousands of small businesses who are interested to save money on software.

At first, creating a “My Store” guys have invested their own money. After writing the first code of the program and began to search for an investor. To run this project had to be at least $ 200 thousand Rakhimberdiev call to all well-known Moscow investment funds, but no one was interested: the service has not proved his future – after all, the service just do not do it yet. Somehow communicating with colleagues via social networking site LinkedIn, Rakhimberdiev learned about the Estonian investment fund Ambient Sound Investments (ASI), which was created by the founders of Skype. Calling and arranged a meeting where he quickly found a mutual understanding – the founders of ASI were confident of the success model of SaaS, and in early 2008, the fund bought a 20% share of promoters’ Logneksa “paying for it about $ 100 thousand remaining 80% of developers are equally divided Mezhuyev . But initially, to avoid conflicts, they agreed that the last word always at Askar Rahimberdievym, as his financial and time costs were greater.

Officially, the service was launched in 2008. Initially, the service only interested entrepreneurs, who themselves do something on the IT-market, and knew what SaaS. “In fact, people started to walk towards the end of 2009 – recognized Rakhimberdiev.

Knowing full well that for entrepreneurs, this business model is new, the guys being lured them by providing free full-featured account for a month. The scheme worked. The owner of “First of quail,” Alexandria Ulyaev who uses the system for a year. – I can monitor shipments of goods in real time, wherever I was not, even with the phone, even with the CCP. ” He says that the service can easily customize the reporting format, such as invoices of shipments in the Metro; yet to bribe him “ridiculous cost subscription fee.” Fee for a single user in the service “My store” is $ 20 per month, the license to connect up to 10 users, including the function of the distribution of access rights – $ 65 per month.

On the site, “My Store” is a table comparing the product of “1C: Enterprise 8. Trade Management “, which compares the cost of installation, deployment, server and update of a competing product, for example, three years of product” 1C “in ten jobs would cost $ 5600, while using the service” My Store “costs would amount to only $ 2400. True, Alexander Kharitonov, head of the promotion of economy. programs “1C” criticized and questioned made “Logneksom” comparison: “He does not have sufficient knowledge of the rival programs like this to compare it with yours.”

About half the customers of the “My Store” – online stores that need to accurately track the movement of goods, the goods were in stock, and so do not lie around. There are also large enterprises. “We had to coordinate the work of about ten stores across the country, and the” My Store “was the simplest and most cost-effective solution, – said Mikhail Ivanov, IT-director of” Rusagro. ” – No complaints from us there, the program addresses a very narrow problem. ”

In addition to founding the “Lognekse” employs three other people, the company’s revenue last year totaled $ 66 thousand 50% of income is spent on optimization in search engines and contextual advertising, 35% of revenue goes to the finalization of the program, the rest – running costs.

Of course, at this point to compare the scale of business, “1C” and scale “Logneksa” impossible. But the founders did not sit idly by, now they vozglagayut high hopes for the recently announced partnership with the service firm “SKB Kontur”, which ensures delivery of tax returns via the Internet (right now its services are used by nearly one million customers across the country). “SKB Kontur” develops a portal SaaS-applications, the guys are hoping that “my store” will be one of them. Rakhimberdiev prepares to expand, looking for a new investor, and hopes that the negotiations will have easier, because now you can easily show the perspective of the project. ” And SaaS is no longer a rarity in – in June 2010 «1C» also began to rent their software products. So far, however, theirs are more expensive service than the “Logneksa.”

Simplified tax system becomes more complicated

Today, June 17, the Verkhovna Rada passed bill on simplified taxation system submitted by the Cabinet. But MPs ignored the request of the Prime Minister Mykola Azarov to take the whole document and there is nothing to change. Given that there are two alternatives to this bill from Arseniy Yatsenyuk and Natalie King, the Parliament decided to finalize the document and consider it best practice elsewhere.

As stated by Natalie King, head of the Parliamentary Committee on Industrial and Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship and part-time MP from the BYuT, bill does not correct the fundamental errors of the Tax Code . She also believes that the bill, which was submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers did not take into account a number of proposals that had been a proposal by the business community.

«In particular, this document is absolutely unacceptable proposals to allow large companies to optimize the taxation by the simplified system. One of the most important of our requirements to the bill of the Cabinet — to withdraw the scheme laid down in it of tax evasion and minimize tax liabilities, to establish an optimal range of activities that do not fall under the simplified system. If this law goes into effect in its current form, it will be the next profanity reforms in the tax field “, — says Royal.
Yatsenyuk (NUNS deputy), with her offspring from the parliamentary rostrum, said — “That a simplified system that allows Ukrainians to earn for themselves and their families. Small businesses — not business, it is ordinary people who want to survive in these conditions. Business people — you, the Party of Regions, which hold the entire industrial sector of the country, the big capitalists. ”

The bill of the party “Front Zmin” is proposed to introduce a new institution, whose purpose — protecting the rights of taxpayers, and the task — monitoring the implementation of tax laws and the rights of taxpayers.

One of the authors of the government bill on simplified Oksana Prodan, head of the association of small and medium-sized businesses, “Fortress,” believes that bill, which prepared the Cabinet may worsen as the document was not adopted in its entirety , and It was made a parity between business and government.

“If in the process of finalizing the project will remove some restrictive rules, for example, VAT registration, or by type of activity — I only. Unfortunately, experience shows that such improvements are often used for opposing purposes. As we would not want to, but try to reduce rework the document to make shrink entrepreneurs “- says Oksana Prodan.

Sold also surprised by the fact that the project did not vote more than one opposition leader.

“The two of alternative bill were written based on the concept developed by representatives in the” Fortress “, which became the basis of a government document. In addition, prior to the vote it was decided — to take into account when finalizing the draft law and norms of best practice elsewhere Yatsenyuk project, and the Royal Project. I think the authors of the alternative bills were to vote for the document in the first reading. ”

It hints at the fact that the political games that are now taking on the background of the reform of the simplified system — a risky business, one might say crucial for small and medium-sized businesses.

To pass the bill as a whole MPs plan to end the current session. However, as said Vitaly Homutynnik, head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on finance, banking, tax and customs policy, the adoption of certain rules of the bills will still be refined. “After the adoption of the bill will establish a working group to agree on all the issues concerning the taxation of small and medium-sized businesses. I think at the end of this session, we will adopt a balanced document “- summed up Homutynnik.
Innovations in


Among the major innovations that appear in the bill is that all taxpayers are individuals will now be divided into categories. Separation will occur on the following criteria: the amount of income, the availability of hired workers and the type of activity.

first category

This category is reserved for those engaged in:

  • craft activities;
  • retail goods in the markets;
  • providing consumer services.

This category does not include all individuals who are employees or those whose income exceeds 150 minimum wages per year.

What tax: from 1 to 10% of the minimum wage (at 17 June 2011 — 960 USD, for a total tax amount from 9.6 to 96 USD).

second category

This category includes persons who are engaged in:

  • production of goods;
  • sale of goods;
  • SAP services and the public;
  • restaurant business.

This category does not include mediation in real estate and insurance business. Individuals who have officially enrolled more than 10 employees, as well as those whose income exceeds the minimum wage in 1000 for the year.

What tax: from 2 to 20% of the minimum wage (at 17 June 2011 — 960 USD, for a total tax amount from 19.2 to 192 USD).

For the first and second categories of taxpayers’ monthly tax within the prescribed limits will vary annually by local councils, depending on the type of activity.

third category

This category includes persons who are engaged in other activities.

This category does not include a person who formally employed more than 10 employees, as well as those whose income exceeds 2000 minimum salaries for the year.

What tax: 3% VAT, 5% for non-payers of VAT (except for selling products of its own making, they rate 2.5%).

single tax for legal entities

    The number of employed workers

  • should not exceed 50;
  • annual income must not exceed 5,000 times the minimum wage;
  • can register as VAT payers;
  • rate similar to the third category of individuals (3% — VAT, 5% — excluding VAT).
Simplified tax system in 2011

Simplified tax system in 2011

Igor Kolomoisky buys Danish airline Cimber for $ 31 million

Cyprus Offshore Mansvell Enterprises (Kolomoisky share 75%) previously agreed to acquire a controlling stake in 66.7% of the Danish airline Cimber Sterling for 165 million Danish crowns ($ 31.28 million). This was stated by the press service of Cimber.

«Our goal is to build strong northern airlines”, – said the head of airline Cimber William Hahn-Petersen. – “This is a company with a strong position in Denmark and Sweden from the beginning … I’m sure they (Mansvell Enterprises) are very aggressive in its strategy».

Mansvell already owns a Swedish regional airline Avia Express Sweden AB (Skyways), which, in turn, recently engulfed City Airline.
The deal to buy 110 million shares to 1.5 euros Cimber each can be concluded in late June, and obtain approval of shareholders at the end of July 2011
Be noted after the statement of the preliminary agreement between the company and Kolomoisky Cimber Sterling, Danish carrier shares rose 3.2%, which are placed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, despite the fact that the general background was negative, the “blue chips” Exchange fell in price by 2.8%.
In Ukraine, Ihor Kolomoisky owned airline “Dniproavia”, “Aerosvit” and “Donbassaero”.

In 2011, the advertising market will grow to 8.3 bln

Corporate sector feels less and less impact of the crisis, and hence are increasingly returning to promote their products or services through advertisements.

This year, the growth of advertising budgets will occur on all channels.

It clarifies the Maxim Lazebnik, executive director of the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition, in absolute terms will dominate television advertising, which amounts to the end of the year will reach 3.5 billion USD. It’s actually a third more than last year 2010. However, even this increase would not be able to withdraw TV advertising rates in the pre-crisis period.

In second place – advertising in print media. In 2010 the corporate sector has invested in its promotion through newspapers and magazines more than 2.2 billion UAH. Experts predict that by the end of this year, the print media segment will increase by 17% and will reach the target of 2.5 billion UAH.

The most active will increase the amount of advertising on the Internet. In 2010, this segment showed a record 93% growth. Significant growth is forecast and the current year – 43%. If the experts’ forecasts are correct, then in 2011 sold advertising on the World Wide in the amount of UAH 400 million.

The amount of advertising through billboards and citylights in 2011 should reach the target of 1 billion USD.

The total amount of advertising and communication market in Ukraine in 2011 is projected Maxim Lazebnik, will reach 12.9 billion USD.

(Русский) Все про еврозаборы и бетонные ограждения в Днепропетровске

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

We move into a virtual office

The company’s office Artex Media , which is engaged in developing and maintaining Web sites are increasingly empty, and not because of the crisis. Projects abound, work in full swing around the clock – and here, in the center of Dnepropetrovsk, and everywhere at the moment are employees of the company. This week, for example, the head of the firm is working in Kiev, the designer – from Poland, the manager – because of traffic jams to sit in the cafe at the other end of town. At work, it has no effect, on the contrary enhances the creative process and the atmosphere, just now going through all online: the working group “found” in their own online forum, in the same coordinate details and documents, and, if necessary, contact the individual go to Skype.

The fact that the company, which operates in the Internet, decided to move the workflow in a virtual internet, does not mean that this approach to work is only applicable to this area. No matter what you do: publish books, deliver or sell cars shoes. It is important that the classical idea of ​​the device of office life are out of date. Now, do not need to buy expensive software and server software, have a staff of IT-specialists. Instead of all these expenses, you can simply take advantage of modern Internet technology.

The truth does refuse to office space and investment in software has not yet received: in the case of active use of online services, you need to take care of an alternative Internet channel from the office. Yes, and keep accounts on the Internet until ready all. But to save money on establishing the office infrastructure of the production process is certainly possible.

Here are five Internet services that are useful for small companies.

Mail and environment working relationship

Mail and environment working relationship

Mail and environment working relationship

Many private entrepreneurs have been using the Internet service Google Apps for corporate email, file sharing and calendaring. In the Google Apps hosted convenient access rights management, that is to open the document can be opened for all comers, and only for their employees, but it can limit the view and set the right view and edit just for yourself.

Does this method is reliable? A large amount of corporate information hosted on the Internet, information is not physically stored on your computer, so when the Internet will be absent, all employees will remain with no documentation or mail. But glitches can occur if the standard IT-infrastructure. And one more thing: do not put in the public domain the information that can bring to blackmail, in case of transfer it into the hands of the state.

What problems does: standard office software is expensive, requires the support, configuration and updates. Here everything is easy, simple setup to start a new employee access to only need 2 minutes. And most importantly do not need the help of a sysadmin.

How much: if the company has fewer than 50 employees, you can use a basic account which provides free, if you have more than 50 employees, for each new employee will need to pay $ 50 per year. Payment is made via the Internet, on-vehicle credit card, the system will debit the agreed amount from the credit card.

What services are : Google Apps, Softcloud and Point4All.

Manage tasks and projects

Manage tasks and projects

Manage tasks and projects

Denis Mitrofanov, head of the Internet project qTrack, offering project management services on-line, said that all the abundance of similar Internet projects are usually companies are reluctant or unable to use such services. However, they do make life easier. Any project, whether it’s printing business cards or develop a complex technological details, is a manufacturing process with its phases, which is represented by the performer and is controlled by the customer. Implementation of the project means the consistent implementation of these steps.

The process of passing on these steps can be followed from the resource, which is the project management system. The process of formulation of the problem and further exchange of information is simplified: it is enough simply to respond to letters that come from the project participants, the messages are automatically stored in the system and get an answer right away everyone who works on a particular task.

There are various types of project management systems. They are:

  • in the form of SaaS-service, meaning you pay the rent for the use of a specific package (the package base, for example) the project management system, which includes certain features that you need. Plus, this type of software that does not need to immediately lay out $ 300-400 for a license and pay 100-150 USD per month. There are also no costs of adjustment and support system. Among the few drawbacks is to provide a small functional if you want a great opportunity that you should pay attention to the box solution.
  • in the form of software (boxed license) to be installed on the server (hosting). Plus the fact that the functional of this system is rich enough, and it means you will be able to trace any stage of the project, including internal mail between the parties, the allocation of rights and other important add-on. Disadvantages of price alone. License cost ranges from $ 200 to $ 400.

What problem : the system organizes all the processes allowing to find the most important sites and bravely to overcome them.

How much: qTrack, for example, a basic version can be used free of charge, and the price of Enterprise Edition cost $ 10 per month (five projects). Package on an unlimited number of projects will cost – $ 100 per month. The number of users in any form without restriction. As the boxed version of the best option ActiveCollab.

Choice : 37signals.com (Basecamp), Comindwork, Trac (for example, AGAVA Trac), qTrack, ActiveCollab.

System Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The system of customer relationship management (CRM)

The system of customer relationship management (CRM)

f you collect all the information about your customers into a single intelligent system can mean increased sales effectiveness. The knowledge base of your customers, for example, can monitor all calls herself a loyal buyers, as well as remind the seller about his birthday or the 100th purchase, etc. In contrast to the classical bulky boxed, CRM as a Web service can be implemented fast enough (according to Maxim Votyakova, managing partner at CT Consulting, it will take about five days) and a quick return on investment.

Commercial Director of the hosting center “Oversan-Skalaksi” Andrew Artischev, says he chose one of these platforms (Salesforce.com), picked up because of user-friendly interface to directly involve employees in the job. Implementation of the system took about a month, and costs in the first stage included: an annual license, the cost of the basic settings, and ten workshops. Andrew has got himself in the role of the system, now integrated platform with call-center, corporate mail and calendar. The main advantage to the Commercial Director – transparency and full order of the department. Conveniently, it is possible to connect to access the application, for example through the iPhone. But to convince employees to work in the Dana system was not an easy task, therefore, ordered Artischev and training seminars.

What problem : classic boxed version, which are installed on company servers, are expensive: the total cost of ownership is the cost of licenses, annual support is difficult to forecast the cost of implementation, cost of server hardware, its configuration and deployment as well as the cost of IT-support staff.

How much does: annual license per user in Salesforce.com, costs from € 324 (less than five employees). Services to configure the system to your needs – the second cost item, the amount of these expenses are calculated separately.

Выбор: NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, Salesforce.com, SugarCRM.

IP-phone and video conferencing

IP-phone and video conferencing

IP-phone and video conferencing

Save on fixed line service enables you to IP-telephony. According to the head of the analytical marketing RTCOMM, Irene Novozhilova, with the largest operator in Russia, IP-based network, currently at the organization office markups can do without the installation of stationary PBX. Although, if you want IP-telephony can be combined with conventional bonds. The real benefit of IP-telephony is that this type of connection supports all telephony services. So you can easily customize for example, receive a fax to email or office phone as a home.

True to save on the system administrator to create in your office IP-telephony not be able to: Setup and support its internal network requires constant monitoring. Must constantly watch for traffic flow and adjust the value of online channel (2 Mbit/s, 15 Mbit/s), which may lead to additional costs on the Internet.

What problem : to reduce the possibility of investing in a classic fixed link and the cost of a professional who will support the telephone network (up to 50% if the long-distance calls are prevalent).

How much does: IP-phone itself, depending on the functionality of costs from $ 100. Connecting to the server IP phone costs from $ 10 to $ 60 per seat. The monthly fee ranges from $ 1.5 to $ 6. You also need additional equipment as: a gateway to the backup function, it is essential that if you disable Internet telephony is not “falling”, together with the Internet, as well as a special switch with the ability to supply the network (PoE), so that each phone is not connected to AC power. To arrange a video conference you need a simple videophone, or a set of devices, which consists of a screen, camera and codec (a special device to connect to the internet and formatting the signal).

Choice : Comstar, a group of “Rostelecom” (RTCOMM), “Central Telegraph”. Smaller companies are likely to resellers are the same companies, however, work with them can cost a bit cheaper.

Completely virtual hosting

Completely virtual hosting

Completely virtual hosting

Director General of analytical agency “Investkafe” – Semen Birg, said that online startup, which he recently built, are faced with uncertainty: bad forecast to increase attendance, growing database, and use external widgets allows unpredictable server load. Therefore, when choosing a hosting it always tries to minimize the risks, even if it becomes him a penny. To date he chose for himself the best option in the form of cloud hosting. What is it? Instead of buying expensive servers, it uses the resources of large hosting providers, which allocate part of their network and of its resources to create a virtual structure. It’s easy: first, low price, and secondly, a simple payment by credit card and easy access to the necessary resources to solve large-scale problems.

The world leader in Internet hosting – Amazon Web Services. Today, there is the Russian equivalent of the service, which was created by “Oversan-Skalaksi” on the basis of already having a modern data center in Moscow. Russian provider is currently considering customers with loading of 5,000 users per day, before connecting the audit is required. But the company takes responsibility for the performance of the site and promises to resolve any issues related to access.

What problem: You do not need to purchase expensive servers that cost between $ 1,000 and pay the salary system administrator. It is also possible to use the service trade-in, moving the finished system with its own equipment on the rack “Oversan.”

How much: from the cost of hosting “Oversan-Skalaksi” can cost you up to 25% higher compared to obychnymhostigom. Total cost per month out of the actual consumption volume: hours of power and gigabytes of data. With increasing load of your website instantly expands system capabilities, and your costs go up, but if you happen that your site will not be available all night – during which time you will put no expense.

Choice: «Oversan-Skalaksi», Amazon Web Services, the classic shared hosting providers: AGAVA, Masterhost.