Pinchuk bought Regal Petroleum | Предприниматель

Pinchuk bought Regal Petroleum

An offshore company Pinchuk (Heamoor Limited), which is located in Cyprus, in alliance with a group of companies “Geo Alliance” has acquired oil and gas company Regal Petroleum, which owns assets in Ukraine, Romania and Egypt.

Recently, the owners of an offshore company Energees Management ltd, which is in orbit, “Smart Holding”, made ​​a proposal to its current owners bought the company Regal Petroleum, while increasing it for the price it at 58.3% (from 0.24 pounds per share to 0 , 38).

The total amount of the transaction was estimated at 85.3 million pounds, while the value of the company valued at 121.8 million pounds.

Affiliated companies Pinchuk (Heamoor Limited and a group of “Geo Alliance”) were also in talks to buy Regal Petroleum.

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