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Letters that can not not read

Online shoe store offers 10 tips Sapato.Ru successful email-marketing

One of the main features of an online store Sapato.Ru is the active use of email-marketing. Perhaps you have already had to get his pitch to Facebook, on a torrent or other equally popular resources? Of all the features of using email-marketing business says Elena Yusupova, director of marketing Sapato.Ru.

Why use the services of the agency?

Sapato company did not transmit organization-mail marketing to another agency, and gathered his team, which includes mailing lists manager, designer and analyst database. And there are two reasons. First of all, it is the speed of decision-making, because the work of the agency involves lengthy negotiations, the approval of TK, a different kind of agreement and so on. Instead, in rainy weather, you may one day realize newsletter to Moscow with a proposal to buy a pair of rubber boots. For Sapato not least confidentiality, and send their customer base or provide access to statistics of other agencies, it is not intended.

Address on behalf of

Try to always refer by name to each person who receives your letter. As statistics show, open rate (the number of open letters) such letters almost 20% higher than non-identifiable letters. It is equally important to personalize the content and writing. It is better if men receive emails with information on men’s shoes and women, respectively, for women. In addition, each subscriber Sapato has the opportunity to choose the most interesting for him newsletter (men, children, women or «wow-Offer”).

Do not be afraid to experiment with the content

Company Sapato always implements new ideas for writing letters, while keeping track of what factors are more attracted to a man open letter to read and respond to it. Was chosen for this particular group of subscribers who receive new offers with different contents of the letter. Thus, Sapato compared results. For example, if a person likes to buy high-heeled shoes, he sent a letter, starting with the title: “What is your favorite shoes with heels X». Accordingly, the letter with a current offer have a high percentage openability. As for discount offers, the open rate increases in proportion to the size of the discount.

Not all have to send letters

It is understood that not all our members want to hear from you regular emails with offers, because people can subscribe to various reasons. So the company keeps track of Sapato those subscribers who open letters are very rare or do not open them at all. These are covered by the constant distribution, as they are entered into a sleeping base. These people are much less likely to receive the letter, it is often a promotional offer. They activate subscribers, making it possible to determine how much interest to them, such a mailing.

Uraznoobrazte subscription options

For many online retailers newsletter subscription has become the standard, but at the same time an effective marketing ploy. A sign-up form on the site a good source of contacts. Early in his work, the company has used Sapato pop-up – every person who visited the site for the first time, could not get a prize for subscribing to the newsletter. If you received a gift every hundredth subscriber, then monitored every hundredth of registration, and a lucky contacted via email with a proposal to leave the address to send the gift. This method is very effective in large advertising campaigns. By advertising on the front page of “Yandex” and knowing for sure that the traffic will be large, you should use every opportunity to attract more subscribers.

Promotions help to increase the number of subscribers

The Company periodically uses Sapato shares with gifts designed to increase the number of subscribers. For example, the action was carried out in which the client sends a message to your friends with an offer to subscribe. Also used coupons promo codes. Sami coupons were placed in the press and on the shop site was assigned a special page where you can enter the promotion code and your contact information, then people will automatically become a party to the action. And all the participants received an offer to subscribe for additional company news.

Do not forget to affiliate programs

Do you want to fill up subscriber base – use affiliate links. Also, the company was Sapato experience with Kupibonus and several other services in which Sapato used their customer base for the mailing list, and they, in turn, the subscriber base Sapato. This does not imply database exchange. It was enough to make HTML-coding the example mailings partner service, and he sent letters to their subscribers. Thus, if people are interested, they can register on the site. As a result, the number of new customers and subscribers increased.

Users need motivation

Of course, everyone loves gifts. And so the customers need not only to ask for something, but to motivate. Company Sapato follows this principle. There are cases when people, leaving a pop-up-banner your email, “lost”, and they have to seek to give a gift. Most often, as a gift to serve a variety of certificates to the amount of 100 to 500 rubles.

Be professional in making decisions

Until now, some companies are creating their own servers and is used for mailings Bitrix platform or other platforms. Frankly, marketing is outdated, since the platform does not allow any build chain letters, or receive quality statistics mailings, and share databases of recipients as possible. As a result, to assess the effectiveness of mailings becomes very difficult. Therefore Sapato, working on Bitrix, uses its own professional team to improve mail marketing.

Get mail solutions from multiple vendors

Taking decisions on mail-marketing company Sapato uses services of several of their respective companies. While the subscriber base is duplicated by multiple providers, Sapato remains independent of them. And if the IP of the company falls into the “black list”, it is always possible to implement newsletter via another provider.

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