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Serve no food, and the image

This is the story of a restaurateur who had a small institution in a small Turkish town.

In one day, happened to me an extraordinary event. It is with a capital letter. It was a typical summer evening, the restaurant was nearly empty and it was not so hot. I went a couple – she a blonde, he – apparently the Turks. It theoretically could be someone you like, but what is written in her passport, in the column “nationality” – guess threw too much probability of making a mistake.

Garson moved away to serve other customers, so personally I go to meet the guests a friendly smile, while on the go pondering on what language to start a conversation. My Turkish is far from perfect, so I chose a win-win – English. Said hello, wished each other a pleasant evening. See off to the table, I give two menus in English, after which the Turks deep into his study (in our case there is something to read), but his companion a few puzzled, questioning look at me. About a minute, we silly smiles, and then I make up my mind to speak in Russian, I guessed the young lady from Novorossiysk, and her companion – a local. It is his chance: “My friend, the restaurant owner Ev».

Ev (in translation – “House”) – the most popular, one of the first restaurants in Alanya, is open all year, even in summer, even in the offseason – free tables there is almost never there. Even the book does not always save, room great, but that is not elastic, so of course, denied me, and not a permanent client, lover of steaks with a decade of experience.

I would say that such a visitor for me, worse than any inspection. Checks in Turkey, of course, there are, but the local police and SES workers, compared with our colleagues just kids. But the view of human understanding in this business for absolutely everything, I can just destroy. Suffice it to say somewhere between a word: “I was in this your” Bison “- rare stuff” – that’s all. Pakuy suitcases. Such abandoned in passing sentence, the small resort town, even sound very specific: “Get out of the profession!”.

Meanwhile, my guests decided, and make an order drinks, Russian menu. Quickly explain the staff, what we have a visitor. Of course we all always try, but this time we dropped this exam.

After this work was in full swing, the kitchen all the sizzling-rages, a mill for the ice at the bar scraping claws, howl blenders. The order is ready and the pair proceeded to dinner. Apparently they all like it. I gasped. But after just an hour, as my “inspector”, casually beckons me to him: do sit down, say, the conversation is. I went stiff-legged, lights up with the third attempt. Meanwhile, he began his speech:

– You have a good kitchen – his fingers, he said. – You have a great bar. I’m no longer a drunk “honest” drinks, beautifully presented – this is important. I hear you’re a bad person. Your guy – a nod in the direction of the waiter – well done. But the restaurant – lousy.

The sentence was just right to hang. But at the last moment on I thought surged. Actually, why I have to agree with him? Who is he?

– Explain! – I insist.

– Quite simply – says a colleague. – His line you do not have, but without the line – you’re nobody, and no restaurant and the staff of yours, cook, bartender, go away, when it comes to them. Simply, they are stupid, think again you pay on time – so all is well. And it is not.

This was followed by a lecture, try to explain it to you. In principle, a person says and the obvious truths that I knew and understood without it, but it was the first to like this, just laid me on the shelves.

Of course, important in business income, you need a turnover, no economy – nothing. But even catering for every point (of course, if this is not dining at the school) must be an ideology. And this – the ideological battle – I lost the Turks still at the start of my case.

When I first conceived the “Bison”, everything seemed pretty simple: European, Turkish and Russian cuisine, nice bar, great music, fun interior. And then – joy, joy, regardless of the passport of the guests. But everything turned out differently.

Russian is not much in a hurry for our soup and kasha, a European to Russian wary, preferring something international (steaks, burgers, spaghetti) or just do a local ethnics.

Infantrymen entered the once-when our flame Russian request to put them to Russian music (in this case, the spread of tastes so big that one company is not fit to please, Give a chanson, something different from the Soviet, and still others ask “Tender May”), foreigners make the difficult person and asking flamenco. Here there is the cheerful company of Norwegian teenagers – fans of hip-hop. We always try to please everyone. We are trying – and losing.

A family from Kazan makes scary eyes, he heard “try our T-Bone, some roasted prefer?”, A resident of St. Petersburg requires sourdough pancakes, and the Swede asks sweet pancakes. What can I say? Babylon.

“What are you selling?” – Interested in my stern critic.

It is known that: good taste, good humor and joy for all. Here and error. Restaurant must not only sell food but also the style, its own ideology. Here the mass variations: the beautiful legend, an imposing interior can be dressed as waiters BDSM – not so important. What is important is the fact that the restaurant has its own face, which he does not change, even on the requirements of the most generous, rich guest.

Restaurant – This is the second house. No wonder the restaurant is named – Ev. No wonder the people who came to the restaurant, on the professional lingo are called not “visitors” and not “customers”, namely the “guests”. Guests who come to your house, the house with your rules.

Before leaving, my new business guru said to me at all times unimaginable things: “No one to my do not call, say that you have a place here for the elite. Let it be you is empty, but people say that all tables booked. Ask friends to circulate about the ridiculous rumors you: say, cook you personally, and cooks are beating for poor performance, not put up with noisy guests, in general, tell us about yourself silly nonsense. Believe me, after a year there will be different. And, most importantly, gave no food, and the image.

That I think, can agree with him is?

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