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Наслідувати потрібно з толком

Man always interested in someone else’s success, why does someone get much better than everyone else. It is human nature to look for role models, role models, so demand for biographical books, interviews, memoirs, and just thinking of successful people never quenched. But the very successful people, in turn, also are looking at other people’s destinies. I was interested in various entrepreneurs who are interested in him, and why of the characters. For example, Chichvarkin admires Peter I and uncompromising insistence of Sam Walton (Wal-Mart), another businessman Oleg Tinkoff (TCR Bank) involves self-confidence and thinking outside the box by Richard Branson (brand Virgin), Vadim Dymov liked the leadership talent commander Alexander Suvorov and Ruben Vardanyan like a systematic and strategic thinking of the first Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew At the same time they do business in their own way and become themselves for someone to model. So after all, can be successful using someone else’s example? These questions are agreed to answer Oleg Boyko – billionaire and president of the investment holding Finstar. Among his friends a lot of people out of gold hundreds of Forbes, and he himself Boyko always gets in the well-known rating.

“I had no mentor. Nowhere and never, except of course sports (in the 70s I was fond of karate, and it can not do without mentoring by the way the first money I earned there, when he organized at the school karate). Business, I learned from several people, and in the mode of joint activity. But I think in the business of coaching is very desirable, and to learn from someone else’s experience also needed. I made a rule for yourself – watch out for those who have success, what they do and why successful.

In the business world’s discovery are very rare. All laws and regulations formulated by the success many years ago and so far little has changed. Obviously, the success of others should be an example. But many people overlook one major point: do not blindly imitate someone else. Need to ourselves to try the technologies and methods that use one or the other successful people, and to understand whether these displays technologies and techniques relevant to your goals and money, lifestyle, psychology, or your do not reflect. If no matches are found then this ‘Business School’ is better not to apply to himself as to effectively use it you can not. Learn to have people on whom you are like personality traits. Should be a common core. Such coincidences as “he, too, then starting washer in the kitchen or floors in the restaurant” does not need to bring. I have in different cases have been partners from whom I borrowed nothing. All of them were successful, but their methods for success do not coincide with my psychology. Or state of mind, if you wish.

Learn by example and to competitors. I pretty much learned from the competition and always wondered how easy it is to get important information if the person you have a good relationship. People tend to praise for individual achievements sometimes tell things to which he could not think of a long time. So I’m always happy intercourse with the competition and I think this cross-fertilization, because the information is divided not only him. To build a good and trustful relations should also give something back in return. I is not confused. Not all of the information is arranged as my business can be attributed to the category of secret information. Even if I tell you something he did not know my competitor, not necessarily that he will use it, it just will not do it, because he may not be the right people, equipment or spare money in the end. So you can only apply the experience that it will be useful to you, which will fit into your style of business management. For example, Warren Buffett can tell everything in detail how he was doing and why. But to beat him, should be the same as Warren Buffett.

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