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Entrepreneur of the Year — Sergei Grigorovich (Ernst & Young)

The first time in a long history of such contests in Ukraine the first place is representative of the IT-industry. It is not surprising, since it is the market of IT-technology, whether it’s software solutions for business or Sony Playstation games, is the fastest growing and most liquid market.

The organizer of this competition is an international company, “Ernst Young End” and the contest officially called Ernst & Young Entreprenuer of the Year Awards, more simply, “Entrepreneur of the Year.” The competition is held in 50 countries around the world for the past 24 years, Ukraine has joined to it only in 2006, the year.

The jury, headed by Anatoly Kinakh evaluated candidates for entrepreneurial spirit, a level of “innovation”, the financial results and the impact on the industry.

At the awards ceremony, which took place on 5 February in Kiev, the winner of the contest “Entrepreneur of the Year 2010” in Ukraine was Sergei Grigorovich, founder and CEO of the company «GSC Game World», who also won in the category “Innovative Business Ideas.” In June 2011 he will represent Ukraine at the international finals in Monte Carlo (Monaco).

Help! Sergei Grigorovich multimillionaire who rides on Ferarri F430 Spider and drink Pepsi instead of coffee in the morning, he says it helps him effectively to begin work no matter how much sleep or ate. The success of the visit the young Sergei was 22 when he founded the company (at 18) «GSC Game World» developed and marketed world-famous game for PC – «Cossacks European War,” then he made his first million dollars. Sergey won the second peak after the game released long-awaited STALKER.

The winners in the other six categories are:

  • «Small Business» – Galina Aftanaziv, hotel-resort «Coruna»
  • «Young Entrepreneur» – Alexander Glus, «Nemiroff»
  • «Best Woman Entrepreneur» – Phil Zhebrovskaya, «Farmak»
  • «fast-growing business» – Andrew’s Hudo, holding emotions «! Fest»
  • «Innovative business ideas» – Sergey G., «GSC Game World»
  • «Master of Business» – Vladimir Slabovsky, Holding «T i C»

For the first time the contest “Entrepreneur of the Year” was held by “Ernst & Young” in 1986 in the United States. Recall now this unique international program covers 50 countries.

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