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Privatization of “Ukrtelecom” may again postpone

Once again, may be delayed privatization of Ukrtelecom. This was reported by Trond Moe (Trond Moe), head of the “Telenor Group” in Ukraine.

“Firstly, we consider that the Government of Ukraine has established very strict requirements for bidders who are interested in Ukrtelecom. Secondly, now the company is not profitable to sell, profitable was 5 years ago, then you can bail out money is significant. I’m not sure that someone wants to buy it at a starting price, which is set at around 10.5 billion USD.

If a company none of the big players are not interested, it is likely that competition will suffer.

“The fact that six companies are already interested in, it does not mean nothing, since they only received the necessary documents, and simply study them, not making contributions,” – said Trond Moe.

Recall the number of companies that have declared an interest in Ukrtelecom documented increased from 5 to 6. This was announced by Alexander Ryabchenko, head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine.

October 13, 2010 the State Property Fund of Ukraine announced competition from open bidding on the auction principle of 92.791% state-owned shares “Ukrtelecom”. The initial price of the package gosaktsy “Ukrtelecom” is 10 billion 500 million UAH. The contest will be held December 28, 2010.

Earlier order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine were the conditions for the competition, as well as the obligations that will take the new owner of the company.

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