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Sale of business: the three basic rules

If the company is changing the founder (as a rule, he also served as Director General), the formal property and civil liability, he no longer carries. When the parent goes out of business, he withdraws his capital and from there ceases to be a member of society. This allows you to keep your assets from claims by creditors or tax.

In another situation, a deal to sell promoters’ share in-depth analysis may contain some of the crimes, such as fraud or tax evasion, concealment of assets, etc., through which one can draw the former founder of responsibility. Therefore, these transactions do not remain without attention of tax inspectors and other structures, especially if the company has debts to contractors or the state. If the sale is made through a merger or acquisition, the tax will certainly declare it.

If the tax will be revealed significant violations, the tax audit materials transmitted to law enforcement agencies to conduct pre-investigation checks, which later can turn into a criminal case. However, if the parent sells the company, it will not bear civil liability for tax arrears or debts, although if you show up at work last element of an offense, he shall be liable regardless of the current status.

Therefore, to ensure that the transaction was successful and brought no further trouble with government agencies or lenders, it is necessary to take into account several conditions.


Before the transaction is necessary to compile information about the debts of the enterprise to other persons. If you have debts, they must be possible to restructure, while creditors uvevodmiv about what you are selling the company, and just do everything possible to make that no one can reproach you sold the company in secret, so as to evade taxes.


Of the sale of shares in the share capital should be implemented immediately, but in parts. Phased promoters share sale will cause less suspicion of the inspection bodies, as it reaches a certain period of time, and at this point in time the founder remains liable for the debts of the company.


It is desirable that the chain between the donor and the buyer-seller was at least one mediator. This is perfectly legal and normal, so do not arouse suspicion. After all, the seller can not be completely sure of the purity of the legal business of the buyer. It may be that the buyer acquires an asset with the company’s one-day, which will inevitably draw police to the company. If the sale will be made through a newly created entity with a small crystal-clear history, the confidence from former parent will be much greater.

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