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Restaurant promotion

Bondstone Group conducted a study, which was attended by the top 25 major restaurant brands for the whole year players have increased their presence on the Internet: creating entertaining online promotions, viral campaigns were carried out. Actively promoted by restaurateurs and social networks –,,, But budgets are spent on advertising in glossy magazines, by contrast, is reduced – this was mentioned 43%. Scheme to promote the Internet among restaurateurs, is as follows: 36% – Internet-PR, 32% – A cross-activity – 15% print, 11% – event-activity, and finally 7% – sponsorship.

Promote only one restaurant, which itself is positioned in a particular niche. Three of the most active and modern way to market are presented below.

Attract celebrity or authority

Can be induced to participate in promotions or advertising celebrity in narrow or wide circles. For example, the Moscow company “Ginza Project,” is actively used this method and invites you to participate in the actions of celebrities such as: Ksenia Sobchak, Tina Kandelaki, Alexander and Ivan Tsekalo Urganta, Gregory Leps and even Arkady Novikov. And no matter what the audience is directed to a restaurant, be it luxury or economy-segment version. Besides the obvious celebrities to participate in restaurant projects are invited to literary or restaurant critics, journalists and other cultural figures. Maybe soon the owners of restaurants will invite a new wave of stars – the people who became famous through the internet.

Social Networks

To promote the restaurants, and other business, the means of “new media” – quite a developing practice. Assuming that all of your so-called “buddylist” and “buddylist Frendo,” is your target audience, this tool allows you to save a lot of money, passed with expensive advertising platform, and to inform its customers whatever you want to convey to him directly. But still, as rightly noted by Alexander Gavrilov, “so that it worked, you practically live on the network.” And to describe the people of the glorious ice cream from Shishkov, while instilling confidence and causing an urgent desire to run and try it out.

It is useful to communicate with bloggers or even contact with them. Promotion of the Internet would be appropriate to always be able to shake it just when the Internet to become a solid advertising platform.


Event as a way of promoting work for any segment. Gastronomic festivals, pre-party, contests, tours of famous chefs, exhibition … All this will provide an opportunity to promote your restaurant in the information field and therefore money. Today, there is a win-win story for the democratic institutions with a clear concept – to associate the event with a specific person and promote all over the internet. Then you can do without a sponsor.

Take the example of Catherine Drozdova, “opened in January,” Khachapuri, “and in April made a tour of the famous blogger enough Tinatin Mzhavanadze, which recently released a cookbook of Georgian cuisine. All expenses were the cost of tickets, visas and cars to transport guests. No ads. All we have done this press release, held a press conference, posted a press announcement in the women’s blog, Tina wrote about his tour in his blog. All of this is drunk without our fate. By the beginning of the tour, the guests sat on each other, the waiters rushed like mad, working as a kitchen in the slaughter – and it all week, while Tina was with us. Announce our presence so many people we would not have any other way, even if they were expensive”.

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