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Progress in social networks: the pitfalls

This is an experience shared with us the director of media planning for Unilever, Ilya Meakin.

“Work in social networks, we started with a mistake” — Ilya share. Three and a half years ago after the company launched a provocative company of one of the brands of body care, cope with a wave of negativity could not, as a result had to close the group. But after noticed that sales of deodorant on the background of scandal all the same rose. Today, Unilever about a dozen groups dedicated to various brands. Unsubscribe provocation we could not but have learned to work with the consequences. As a result, we understand what can not be done:

  1. Groups in social networks in no case be hard to moderate, with the need to reconcile. People express different opinions, including the negative and the harsh moderation only gets worse. Calculate how will the campaign can not. The main thing — to respond quickly to speak openly and guide the discussion back on track. In some situations, need a simple explanation of the expert. For example, if someone complains that the tea Lipton contains artificial additives, you need to tell you what it is and how made. When Unilever launched the controversial company, such as Axe Excite, they had previously asked the agency to calculate the 5 most unfortunate way of events and figure out how to fix them. just abandon the provocation is not worth it. There is a category of goods, the discussion in which difficult to stir up the people, in such cases, the provocation may help break the deadlock. Just remember that everything written in the network remains there for long. Therefore, from a campaign that deliberately cause a negative reaction is to refuse.
  2. Also, do not start a campaign, if you clearly do not know what specific results you want to achieve by promoting the social network. You have to understand that since you sign a long campaign. The more blogs to keep constantly and instantly respond, even if the person asked to 2am, it is important to answer, even a slight delay. Worst of all — run the project and after a few months he quit.
  3. Do not assume less than $ 5000 per year, of course, if you are going to attend high-quality and time. For this money you can get a quality design pages, support group and its content. Creating video content is not included here.
  4. Should not shoulder the entire work. It is best to order the agency, which specializes in this and put the emu specific goal — the number of people involved in a given period of time. Specialists Agency, working with different clients, scope is much broader than that of specialists within the company. They always use new technology, borrow the experience of other projects in other countries. But the agency must be carefully controlled — the subscribers in your group may be bots or worse, cracked contacts. If your page is now visited by 1,000 people, and the next day visitors was 10 times more, then something is wrong here.
  5. Do not expect instant results, that most visitors to your group will immediately become your customers. So far, all of ever running in the social networks in Ukraine is not large. A good team — 100 thousand, 150 thousand participants. Meanwhile, a group popular brands in the U.S., China join tens of millions of participants. But sales growth slowed due to our immature e-commerce, where you can not put a link to a specific product that people bought it.
  6. Domestic social network is not currently suited to attract middle-aged and elderly. Even if the brand is aimed at youth development can be hindered by the lack of coverage.
  7. Relatively easy to move in social networks of banking, insurance and travel services. For consumer goods is that service must still come up. For example, Axe offers the opportunity to meet and flirt.
  8. Not even expect to do without interesting content. Social media market in this area is developed very poorly, almost no one offers an interesting and interactive content. Most companies now applies to social networks, more like a toy, which looks and waiting to see what will happen next.
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