Restaurant checks | Предприниматель

Restaurant checks

Emergency and Public Service of technical regulation in Ukraine

Fire inspection and sanepidemstantsiya monitor compliance with the laws of the letters associated with the type of object, and give opinion on the project initially, but after the construction of the finished object. Without these findings allowed to perform alterations to the premises, as well as a licensed alcohol. Any inspection there is a corresponding order, and identity.

On the scheduled inspection shall notify in advance. During a routine inspection of the doctors can check everything, such as compliance with seats in the project and in reality, compliance with sanitary regulations on the production technology, compliance commercial neighborhood (merchandising), marking the semi-life, availability of medical books, certificates for products and the presence of the executed contracts for disinfection etc. If you have no one complained (for example: a customer complained to you that you are being poisoned), by law, to verify and Emergency Service “Derzhstandartu” can no more frequently than once every 3 years.

Administrative and technical management (AW)

ATU is responsible for outdoor advertising and signage in the city, with the facades of the buildings and the facade of the adjacent territory. Initially, the project must be agreed in ATU, the firefighters and policeman. Before making signs you should register the project in the ATU and get her passport.

Tax Administration

It may appear you have a complaint the client, which, for example, do not try check. Or laid-off employees at a signal, saying, “a former employer hid revenues”.

Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights

Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights is not an inspection body, that is, except for consumer protection will have no rights. They can not go to the kitchen or in the accounting department in general everywhere where visitors are not allowed, but may in its inspection report such violation to write that to you then come and tax, and Emergency and service “Derzhstandartu.” Although usually before writing such an act is given institution to consult the Director – further scenario depends on the flexibility of both sides to reach a compromise.

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