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How to grow your business using the Internet

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How to grow your business using the Internet

Only 35% of small and medium-sized businesses are making some movements on the Internet – have a website or page on social networking sites, use online services to promote the company. 58% never thought about building a website. And 83% of entrepreneurs who have a website, believe it, they may be useful to accommodate the maximum contact of the firm. Any opportunity to actually have internet, what exactly it can help a business not affiliated with information technology?

Current situation

Internet in Ukraine - 2.5% of GDP

Internet in Ukraine – 2.5% of GDP

Google and Boston Consulting measured the Ukrainian Internet economy.

Small Business on the Internet

Small Business on the Internet

Most entrepreneurs accept the site as a place to put contact the company and price lists.


6 reasons why it is difficult to sell the Ukrainian clients online services

The bulk of small business in Ukraine is still offline!.


We move into a virtual office

We move into a virtual office

5 services that allow business owners to save money and their employees – not to go to work.

Warehouse on the Internet

SaaS business

Two programmers made ​​a competition of “1C”. What happened?

SaaS business

«For me, competition is not a question of money»

As a start-up of the hinterland has become a global player.


Increase sales

How to increase sales through the website

A few tips to promote the site, which led to increased sales by 45%.

Progress in social networks

Progress in social networks: the pitfalls

8 major mistakes in promoting social networks, and 8 ways to avoid them.

Also read

Internet Doctor

Internet Doctor

In Dr. Robert Novichev decreased the number of patients, but the income remains the same. All thanks to the Internet.

Daniel Shader

«The idea and implementation are two different things»

Daniel Shader invented a way to pay for purchases in shops with no credit card.

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