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Divorce with business partners. Instructions on how to divide the business.

Do not forget that the talks always benefit more than from the trial.

Most analysts argue that this year or the first half of it was coming once the economic and financial crisis . The main reference point for such predictions – the number of broken contracts and broken joint ventures. When the business partners cease to work together , the question arises : “How to share the losses and damages caused by wrong decisions of one of the partners and how to deal with debts that remain for the shareholders ? “.

Undoubtedly, the loss-sharing negotiations , however, and even more complex than revenue sharing . People by nature hate losing . According to studies, Ludi willing to pay more , just to avoid losses than to insure profits. Usually, such negotiations are always conducted in a very tense atmosphere, and often end up with lawsuits. Some lawyers say that some customers offering them a million dollars , but would not lose half a million . Not to be found here rationality – is human emotion .

If you plan to share the business, you should immediately decide what is more important : to leave the partner without a penny , with the risk of losing everything , or reduce losses to a minimum. If you care about the second – follow these rules.Immediately go to court to file a lawsuit . Also, call your counselor or a lawyer , immediately begin to think of how you will negotiate . The rules are simple.

1. Determine the “rules of the game.” If the trust in the other party is gone, you should first discuss procedural issues . You need to decide how much time you will meet with his former partner , where you will meet the information that you have voiced them . If the other side will agree to your terms , then it is ready for talks , but these procedural issues should be first in chrede agreements to which you need to address .

2 . Do not hurry with the final decision. Over time, the loss can either increase or decrease . It is therefore necessary to compile a complete list of what can further lead you in losses , then divide it into two groups – something that should be done immediately and what can wait for later . As practice shows , the things deferred until later in 2008, led to a profit in 2011 .

3 . Do not focus on specific figures , as these figures can only cause negative emotions. First, you must think about what proportions you will share the losses . This should be on an equal footing? Or your shares in the company were unequal ? Such conversations can help you avoid emotions and solve all mathematical way .

4 . It is not necessary to haggle, especially if the relationship is on the verge of breaking . It is better to be in talks for more flexible framework , everything else can be charged by a trusted party. This will save you from emotional decisions and help maintain control over the process .

5 . Do not rush to put the final point. Any agreement always takes time : for example , you can arrange a meeting in a year. Chances are that within a year the situation is different, the size of the losses will be smaller. In addition, if you prefer, you can restore your relationship with your partner.

Always remember that the talks will benefit significantly greater than that of the trial. But you can have more control over the process , which is already much better.

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