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Advertising in stores

Shopping is the most influential advetising after television .

Typically , consumers are not as loyal to the products they buy. According to studies, more than 65 % of people can move from one brand to another . That attract customers to their product , companies try to influence his choice in Sami crucial moment – when a person is standing behind the counter , choosing products .According to the CEO of marketing agency ” POLE ” (a part of Twiga) Startseva Olga , 70 % of consumers make choices , standing by shelves with merchandise. Therefore, advertising in stores is particularly advantageous .

Not so long ago, held in Moscow promo campaign for confectionery factory “Bolshevik .” Promotional campaign organization engaged an agency of Twiga. Also, what kind of racks with pastries were consultants , the store also went recruited buyers . Once the rack fit a regular customer , consultant began telling him about the production factory “Bolshevik” , at that time employed by the buyer came by and threw a few phrases of praise to the production plant.

The agency ” POLE ” organized a similar promo campaign to advertise plumbing Laufen, resulting in increased sales by 35 % during the promotion .

Startseva says , to get involved in this technique is not necessary. For a large company, it will not change anything special , more interesting to promote the products of young companies with minimal advertising budget . Currently, the agency ” POLE ” is organizing a similar promotional campaign to promote the products of the new beer brand .

Trade marketing as a way of promoting the products at sales began to be used in the group Twiga the mid -1990s. Recalls Karina Ohanjanian , group vice president of Twiga, the first such project was organized by the company Unilever. Then have developed a special branded boxes and price tags that were to highlight the products of Unilever in market stalls and kiosks , which at the time sold 70% of the company’s products. Since then, as more and more ways to influence buyers , market stalls grew to retailers , and advertising groups began to organize units BTL, involved in the development of new marketing techniques that were not in the direct advertising .And if in 1990 – g ‘s on the development of BTL advertising as much as 10 % of their advertising budget , but now the figure is 50 %. According to the assessment of RACA , in just one in 2009 for BTL-actions in Russia spent 51.5 billion rubles, which is not much cheaper than outdoor advertising and advertising in the media combined. But less than half of this amount was spent on trade marketing .

Giving gifts to customers

According Startseva , shops are now the second most important after television advertising resource . At Olga Startseva already had a 6 -year experience in the company of Procter & Gamble, where promotional campaign in local sales of products held several times a month. One of the easiest methods that marketers use – gift with purchase . As a result, sales may rise 15% to 50 % depending on the product itself and the gift to him (it could be as early as one unit of the product, and a souvenir ) . But sales are rising , as a rule , only at the time of such action . After the end of the promotional campaign selling back to the previous level , in the best case – are a bit higher. But the good news is that it is unnecessary to spend money on advertising the installation of racks and promoters to work , as is the case with resampling and tastings . To organize such a campaign in 100 stores require a minimum of $ 50,000 per month , not counting promotional materials, the cost of rent for the place and promoted products . Furthermore, the cost of ” admission ” for promoter can range from $ 100 to $ 250 per day depending on the store .

The opportunity to try the product

Wine promotes sales by at least 30 %, and sometimes up to 200% and , as in the case of the promotional campaign for the brand candies ” Ruzanna .” Sampling promotes sales by 25-50 %. What to choose ? Tastings should be made in cases where it is necessary to introduce customers to a new product or increase sales in certain retail outlets. But after conducting a sales campaign usually return to their original location . After sampling sales tend to become higher than the previous 5-10 %. What’s the secret ? Just taking a product from the buyer may try it when it is more convenient, and better remember what he looks like .

Less cost – more demand

Discounts help to increase sales by an average of 15%. And also during the campaign . Having laid out on a wooden pallet , the pallet is the same material but with a promotional sticker , you can get up to 40% growth. Pallet advertising is receiving from the category of POS- materials. But the fact is that the passing of racks, the buyer can only remember three messages . Therefore it is better to make the text as short as three or four words , and how you can more interesting for the buyer. For example, “In just a 1rubl for the day ” or “Removal of any spots .

“According Startseva , many large companies there are brands that are promoted only through trade marketing . You can interest the consumer , without spending a single penny . In 2006, before the sales- team Procter & Gamble has been tasked to promote the market a new brand of hair dye Wella with minimal advertising. Then the staff Procter & Gamble decided to draw the attention of customers that boxes of paint were on the shelves upside down. And this calculation is justified , and for the first month of sales of the new hair dye rose 15 % higher than planned. But not every product can be flipped upside down. This is the only exception that proves the rule that you have to pay for the demand .

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