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Open restaurant: how to avoid becoming a twin

Daily Moscow cafe Ragout visited by 200-250 people. Over three hundred passes on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the number of visitors reached 450 people.

In Ragout 100 seats. Two full landing on Thursdays and Fridays – a good indicator. Truth Mondays at Ragout of people not much.

This performance of fast food in the center, and Ragout – culinary cafe, which is not in the boondocks, but not in the center. Sunday in the whole dead for obschita day, but this time Ragout hellish time pressure. This cafe opened pals – Katya Drozdova, its mu Simon Krymov and cook Ilia Shalev, opened it in June 2010, was built somewhere 2 months, the menus were in three days. It was obvious gamble in which there are more questions than answers. Let’s try to parse this successful venture.

At first, let’s talk about the concept. It is commonly discussed, even when major failures are related not splohim business plan, and that over-roasted meat cook and the waiters think about their own affairs, while customers umolitelno pull them his hands and

In gastronomy, as well as elsewhere, there is the concept mainstream. He is a local and global. Arkady Novikov in his time managed to combine these two different directions of the vector and to create institutions in which the sushi menu side by side with Olivier and Italian pasta. Such eclecticism has become a corporate style in Moscow, nine out of ten contemporary dining menu card copy Novikov’s know-how. Just like in the atmosphere: the easiest way to exist any institutions in Moscow is to join the general trend. Thus, in Moscow for 10 years, many institutions has grown twins. So now the possible success of negative strategies.

That is, consumers have had practice on edge this concept, so when building the next mainstream restaurant is worth considering. In Moscow, everywhere, in every institution to have made the rich scenery. Therefore it is necessary to excel and do in the spirit of minimalism. If it’s where you’re going to build the restaurant half of them offer the fastest and most affordable sushi in your menu at least should not be raw fish. If we put so loudly in a restaurant playing music – tie in his sound, or just do give up music. Restaurants wind the six ends of the wine – let me come with her. The list goes on, if desired. Combine this list with a list of who was your friend and you can be away; lot of crossings, the attachment of restaurateurs to expensive mineral water to apply custom hookah as a digestif.

The best result comes if you make a really perfect – learn how to prepare sushi to perfection. And even if your town will only be Japanese restaurants, you will always have a visitor.

Of course, the risk of being not in the mainstream, not to wake the ranks can send your startup. Suddenly it’s no use to anyone, and for all “no” to buyers is not there? Honor restaurant forums, and you’ll notice that the number of malcontents “current system” a lot. Even if a thousand of them would agree to part with their cash in order to see the embodiment of their own dreams, ruin does not threaten you, except that if you do not fundamentally disagreed with the declaration.

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