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Restaurant Business out of the peak

Restaurant market is emerging from crisis. However, the increase in the number of visitors leveled their newly acquired habits for a period of crisis: they are legible and meticulously paying attention to prices. 2011 is unlikely to be a renaissance for the restaurant market, but grounds for optimism — there is.

Last year, the hoped-Ukrainian restaurateurs, not met their expectations. The result is only 10% higher than the full crisis of 2009, while the average check, by adding their traditional inflation 20%, slightly affected the level of profitability in the industry. Deceived in their hopes in the past year, the market very carefully to make predictions for the current season. However, towards the middle of the year began to show signs of optimism. “Of course, you can not make up for the year which lasted two and a half years of decline. But at least we can say that the market out of a steep dive, — said Olga Nasonova, director of “Restaurant Consulting”. — I think that the number of restaurants per year could increase by 15%.”

According to Dmitry Pogrebitsky, general director of “FM Group” (“Coffee Time”, “fruity kartoplya”, “Wood”), for two and a half years of crisis, most changed by the user — the visitors have become more critical, critical and selective when choosing schools. “I would say that the market is stagnating easy: none of the players does not make any sudden movements. Network is added by 1-3 restaurants, but in general it does not affect the market and not comparable to the growth that was three years ago “- he says. Nevertheless, for the next year expert predicts moderate growth: “I think next year we will see growth, but it will be expressed in 10-15%.”

growth at the expense of the fall

Surprisingly, substantial support for the development of the restaurant market is that nearly destroyed the capital’s property market — the decline in rental rates. Reduced rental rates in times of commercial real estate and cost twice as restaurateurs allowed to significantly reduce costs of this article: the current level of rental rates, most respondents ‘i’ restaurateurs called “if not yet adequate, then at least acceptable.” The total decrease in property values ??has allowed to redeem the premises in the property, eliminating dependence on tenants. “The law is registered in favor of the owners, and they enjoyed it: could unilaterally raise rents, regardless of how much time to invest in a restaurant-room. Often, it ended in failure, such as coffee, “Baboon” rates were raised, and they were forced to shut down “- says one of the market participants.

In addition, restaurateurs are stating and increase the supply of premises — this is due to the massive closing of businesses on sale of footwear, cosmetics, clothing, on whose sales drastically affected the crisis. “In addition, number of rooms increased by the fact that he was banned gambling, — says Dmitry Pogrebitsky .- Now we choose a more attractive place, with beautiful facades. In general, yes, we can state that the property market has become more loyal. ”
Who rules the ball

Before the crisis, the restaurant market the most attractive segments were considered “elite” and “average plus.” Restaurants that massively open now — it’s small democratic institution format. “As a rule, these are small establishments 100-400 square meters, investment is around 5-6 thousand UAH. a square meter “, — says Olga Nasonova. As a rule, they are opened in major cities, while in the care of restaurateurs can not yet boast. A striking example is the Lions, which itself has no shortage of institutions, but the market remains malonasyschennym Lviv region.

Which leads straight year Japanese cuisine. This segment of the stagnant market for even managed to increment at least 15% annually. The reason — the specifics of the kitchen: as a rule, the dishes are different small volume, thereby mark-up can reach 300%.

The average check, say experts, is steadily increasing by approximately 20% even in the crisis and troubled years. Is no exception and the current year. “However, this increase is due solely inflation”, — says Dmitry Pogrebitsky. A year ago, the average check at a school mid-price format was 120-150 USD., But now it has reached 150-200 UAH. “Only due to these factors — the rising cost of food and gasoline — the average return over the past year fell by 3-5%,” — says Olga Nasonova. Now the average profitability of the industry is 10-15% (if the space is leased) and up to 30% (if the building is owned).

In addition, restaurateurs have become more flexible in terms of concept. This, in particular, due to the fact that in most restaurants you can find a sushi menu. If restaurants had fundamentally and proudly defended the “purity of form,” now to do with it greatly simplified and the owners were quick to correct the vision in favor of the preferences of clientele.

Restaurants and football

Holding in the country of Euro 2012, in which both the growth factor referred to the representatives of almost all branches of the Ukrainian business to have, contrary to expectations, only an indirect impact on the restaurant market. “Many people want to make money — and newcomers, and networkers, despite the fact that this factor is fleeting. “Euro 2012 pushes the restaurant market, particularly in the cities where matches will take place already bought or rented space near the stadium and in the center, — says Olga Nasonova .- Restaurants in these areas are either already open or will open soon time “. In her words, investors are aware of short duration of the tournament, yet hoping that he would push for development of tourism in these cities, and thus these restaurants will be required.

At the same time, Dmitry Pogrebitsky notes that Euro 2012 will be too fleeting to have time to play a crucial role for the development of the market. “In Kiev will take only four games. I like this restaurateur does not inspire “- he says.


      The increasing number of institutions

    • to 15% by year’s end;
    • bet on democratic institutions — pubs, cafes and pubs a small area;
    • desire to purchase its own premises, depending on the minimization of the tenant;
    • Lower initial investment in start-up to 5-6 thousand UAH / square meter;

The appearance of a large number of

  • suitable accommodation at reasonable prices — due to plant closures and the prohibition of trade in the gambling business;
  • opening a large number of establishments in the cities, where are the matches of Euro 2012.



Top 3 restaurants of the world last year, new products

    1. At.mosphere Restaurant in Dubai. The uniqueness of this institution is that it is at an altitude of 442 m above the ground, the 122-floor skyscraper “Burj Dubai”, which is the highest building in the world. It is nearly 100 m higher than that of the former record holder, — The 360 ??Restaurant in Toronto, which was located at an altitude of 351 m in the TV tower. The restaurant offers mostly European dishes and can accommodate up to 120 guests simultaneously. Visitors should be aware that the “Burj Dubai” increased security measures are observed, so the tables in the restaurant must be booked in advance. Temporal gap required the administration to verify the data.
    2. Restaurant Djuret («animal») in the Old Town of Stockholm. “In principle, the meat” restaurant, the answer mode on vegetarianism. The institution implements the concept of a dinner in which all components of the dishes are made from a single animal. Restaurant practicing theme days, each of which is devoted to a new animal. The concept of the restaurant is reflected in the interior: the walls are lined with plaster casts of body parts of animals that illustrate the position of the menu. Restaurant closely monitors the quality of meat products, declaring the rejection of genetically modified ingredients, and environmental friendliness of its food.
    3. Restaurant Dalu Robot, the city of Jinan in northern China. The first restaurant, which serves visitors robots. Waiters, androids are able to accept the order, say a few phrases of greeting and generally look quite friendly. Move around the room for bikes: the machines are equipped with sensors that prevent a clash with “colleagues”. Of the shortcomings of ideas — what are the waiters can not place the equipment on tables, drinks and dishes — they just drive up the order to the table, and then visitors have managed themselves. Unit cost of such a “staff” — about $ 6 thousand now these androids, waiters 10 units, is planned to increase their number to thirty.


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