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The Russian economy is flying into the hell

Strong growth, import substitution policy – so looked news background of the Russian economy until mid-2014. Then stagnation … Current projections are more pessimistic, have some international experts predict the decline of the Russian economy. Sanctions in response to the aggressive policy towards Ukraine and operate it recognizes even the Prime Minister DA Medvedev. At the current Davos, which start January 22, 2015, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, speaking at a luncheon of the Savings Bank, said:

“We must prepare for the fact that people will go to market as unemployed,” – Shuvalov said. He stressed that one of the objectives of the government anti-crisis plan – to help “ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs to adapt to new realities”.

The new reality is not far, Russia has not reduced the degree at the border, but more than that it warmed up, its “humanitarian” convoy, shooting civilians in Mariupol, so the new sanctions are inevitable. This is what the crisis is thinking billionaire president of the corporation “Rusal” Oleg Deripaska.

“Russian business is not possible to raise funds either domestically or abroad. They (the lenders) are all the same. They look at the risks, and Russia is now under the greatest risk. Central Bank of the Russian business drives to the cemetery! This is just what and that the Central Bank and the government are making “- added Deripaska.

The main asset is Russian oil, accounting for 80% of federal Russian budget. For 2014 Russia sold 1 619 million. Barrels of oil at $ 101.72 for each. 1% fall deliveries Russia will lose $ 1.6 billion. Oil Urals, which are exported to Russia now sells for 46,952, is not difficult to calculate how much nedozarabotaet Russia in 2015, approximately 35% of Russia’s total budget, if not to sequester the budget for 2015 it will have to borrow money from the reserve fund, which has a proud the name of the national Welfare Fund of Russia (on December 12, 2014 – $ 88.94 billion). Under present circumstances, and oil prices, the Russian economy will stretch no more than two years, then have to cut the budget for the living.

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