Rustam Tariko offers for Nemiroff more than $300 million | Предприниматель

Rustam Tariko offers for Nemiroff more than $300 million

“We have not yet agreed, but the process is, there are three shareholders, with one having difficulty. But I’m optimistic on this issue, so expect the deal “- said Rustam Tariko, owner of the alcohol brand” Russian Standard “in Davos, the question of intent to buy Ukrainian alcoholic brands in Nemiroff, as well as production.

In the case of completion of the transaction Tariko pay for Ukrainian alcoholic brand together with the production of “hundreds of millions of dollars.” Tariko said that the amount of the company more than $ 300 million, the question is less whether it is $ 400 million, laughed. The press service of the Nemiroff talks flatly refused to comment.

During his time Nemiroff bidder was the Polish Central European Distribution Corporation, «Russian Standard” and the British Stock Spirits. The Poles have ceased negotiations in the summer, and the British in September of last year. After that, “Russian Standard” has concluded an exclusive agreement with Nemiroff to determine the terms of the deal, the talks will last until November. At the moment, both companies have refrained from commenting.

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