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Lead singer of “Hands Up” Sergey Zhukov — serial internet entrepreneur

Singer of the pop group “Hands Up” Sergey Zhukov talks about his store gift certificates.

Sergey Zhukov, formerly a successful singer and musician became a serial internet entrepreneur. On one of his projects have already written business magazine Forbes. As new ideas? As he plans to make a new startup? What is the experience he can share with other entrepreneurs?

Once one person said, waking up every morning, it looks for a task that you can not solve the internet. Tickets for the aircraft, the purchase of new jeans or a trip into space? The presence of unresolved issues – the key to success in the new venture.

As an artist, I brought every day to get new gifts and to add up all the frames, toys and candles, I would need a whole room. Usually, people get such useless we launched the New Year, February 23, March 8, the day of birth. I also have to get them every day, so, turning his apartment into a real museum. Because of this, I had the idea of ??creating such a web resource that would help to make people interesting and useful gifts.

Choosing a gift

We had to do a lot of work before you open a business: we spent the whole study of the gifts of the market, not only in our country but around the world. Results of the study we are very happy with. In Russia in the field of gift certificates annually turns approximately $ 700 million even finishing tenth in it, we can get $ 70 million, and this is a good result. In America, the scope of gift certificates brings to market $ 100 billion annually, which indicates that we are behind by 5 years. However, as always.

“BeriDari” – is the name of our service, which should be one idea: Stop giving useless gifts. How does the system work? I’ll use my life when I want to congratulate someone. I just go to the site, write a greeting, specify the contact person on the Internet, write down the amount and send.

Almost instantly a person receives a message containing the code. Going to our website, it is enough to enter the code and choose the gift that appealed to him. The most interesting is that the person does not sit amount, and only those things that he can acquire it. You can order multiple products, until there is a total amount. Our site works with many resources, and even if a person is left 5 rubles, he can get, for example, the works of Pushkin and Dostoevsky. If there is surrender, then it returns to the one who gives. But if you do not use certificates and collect them, you can save up for a more expensive gift, even in the car.

Working in a large company where almost every day someone’s birthday? Do not need long to come up with a gift. With our customers can purchase an expensive birthday gift, collecting all of the certificates presented by peers.

You can use the “BeriDari” for personal monetization. To do this, just add a widget on your page, and then you can tell everyone that publish their new song or a story, once accumulate 1,000 rubles to “BeriDari.” Do pleasant favorite friends using our service.

Where income is

To date, we have cooperated with resources such as LitRes – email it books and literature, Softkej – various games and software, as well as Biglion, which offers a variety of events on the coupons. Each partner there are affiliate programs, under which they pay a certain percentage of sales of their goods. Thus, we are not paid on the sales of certificates, and directory. Cooperation with these resources allows us to offer customers as a gift subscriptions to various magazines. We are always trying to expand its range to increase the popularity of the service.

We work, usually with private consumers, but work with corporate clients is key in terms of monetization. Take for example the share of FMCG company that offers the buyer to buy a bottle of beer and find the cover a prize. To carry out this action must be a lot of costs, such as the production of souvenirs, storage, delivery to the recipients. We also offer the opportunity to simplify the process. Suffice it to determine the value of the gift, then buy the required number of codes. We do not force users to adapt to our system and we can to brand website specifically for any company. And people will be able to find under the hood all they want.

Now our team of seven people, and so do 40,000 requests per hour on a public holiday is not easy. Once I and my business partners, Igor Akinfeev and Sergei Maximchuk put into it $ 500,000, and now we are negotiating with more than five funds on further funding.

Tips for beginners

Unfortunately, some corporations do not even try to hide the fact that they run on a prototype of the western market the product. As a creative person, I always try to create something new. Of course, the prototypes of Western products can be very salable in our country. For example, the same gift certificates are becoming more popular. But here is to create something unusual and new more complex. So investing in automatic translations for deaf people are declining, while as ridiculous Wake up in the morning cause a lot of emotions.

In our time, becoming more important visualization. Great success in this distigli Foursquare and Instragram, after all signatures under their pictures do not even need to read. Thus, the collages are becoming more popular than text. The same should be with the services – simply and quickly.

If you want to open a business, you need to act. Do what you like, read, tips, communicate. Now everyone has a great opportunity to find new information. And if something does not work, think about what’s wrong and correct. Begin to implement their ideas right now, and most importantly do not stop, there are always ups and downs. And if you want to succeed, do not back at the first failure.

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