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The staff for the restaurant: where to look

“In order to cater for a restaurant with 200 seats, subject to heavy loading must have a staff of about 60-70 people” – shares his experience Julia Winter, manager of organizational restaurants «IL Patio” and “Planet Sushi”. The proportions of employees in this case would be: around 15% – managers of the kitchen and guest rooms, 50-50% – waiters, bartenders and 25-30% – support staff kitchen.

Where’s score is the number of employees? “The market is full of specialists. Even chefs enough “- says the restaurateur Alexander Gavrilov. Just do all the solid network has its own small staff of service personnel. Institution for less accustomed to finding employees by means of word of mouth and individual proposals if not, the recruiting agencies. Ekaterina Drozdova (cafe “Stew”) suggested that workers for any establishment to be collected by specialist recruitment agencies to restaurants, if not available, then the agencies that already had experience in the recruitment for the catering and – “there is usually already come proven people, so these costs need to budget at once. best option of course familiar friends », – said Drozdov.

Turnover in the industry is high enough , people are constantly walking from one place to another. Good, experienced personnel officer – a separate article in the budget, which few can afford.

How do I find a good manager? Of course, strong specialists – in large networks . According to Alexander Gavrilov, there is such a special quite expensive, “yes, and it could steal.” There is another option – to take the person to whom you trust and grow out of control it using a variety of trainings and seminars on the subject.

Solid chefs and managers pick yourself deputies themselves, gaining some of his aides cooks schools. There are schools in restaurant holdings, but the lure out, “deputy director” or “boss” is difficult.

Employee Motivation – a separate issue. If the restaurant manager leaves or a chef, at the same time taking the whole team – it’s a disaster. The only way to combat this – to create a comfortable working environment and good motivation.

«People need to motivate, train and supervise, – says Director General of” KofeHaus “Vlad Dudakov. – Cultural measures, joint training, career growth – all very good team encourages and makes everyday work more interesting, but there are simple things. For example, a director can not cope with the routine and the other for a year no one quit, it’s because someone can just tell people thank you, and some do not ».

“If you have chosen one chosen, we can all lead to a common denominator. bad service – it is a bad organization and not waste managerial actions . Stand at the stove harder than sitting at a computer, so people need to pay more, “- says Tatiana Melnikova (” Khachapuri “).

«There are restaurants where the entire staff, including bartenders and waiters get a percentage of revenue. As for the manager, the manager literate in the future must become a partner », – said Alexander Gavrilov.

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