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Tips on conducting business negotiations

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Tips on conducting business negotiations

Israeli pro gives tips on doing business negotiations.

Moti Crystal worked in the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel , where he studied the preparatory work, scenario development and analysis of the crisis in relations with the Palestinians following the outbreak of terror in September 2000. As a result of negotiations in 2002, in the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem, held under its auspices , were successful . Today, he is the founder of the consulting company NEXT, which helps private companies to conduct successful business negotiations . He offers a few tips on how to properly negotiate and achieve their goals.

1. need to collect all the information. You need to have all the information : about the people involved , the subject of negotiations on how the previously conducted such negotiations and how they ended with – do not be squeamish to anything, absolutely any information can come in handy. If you do not have enough information to consider that for you , these negotiations were unsuccessful .

2 . Necessary to map the stakeholders. It should be a visual map that describes all human relationships . This way, you can learn a lot of interesting things. Should think twice before taking his ex-wife talks to CEO of the company. One day, I was not lost chet negotiations only because time has not learned that a former company lawyer resigned and was replaced by a new one, used to work out all the documents very carefully .

3 . Correctly count the time. Time can either work in your favor and to the detriment. If you have to sign a document of the New Year in the U.S., then in the middle of summer, you ‘re too late. So how soon will come Thanksgiving, then Halloween , and then Christmas.

4 . Think of the interest . Getting ready to negotiate, you have to understand exactly what you need for your opponent and for what reason .

5 . Work on the strategy of negotiations. Very often people are not serious talks , believing that they can come and see how things will go , and then you can think of something. But as a result , they give considerably lower than wanted and could. Must advance to outline its position. There are three strategies . The first – the negotiations from a position of strength. Even if all the cards in your hand , it is necessary to think well before opening their opponent. You should not try to compare your opponent to the ground , because the negotiations – it’s not a fight. The second – a position which always keeps a famous American investor Warren Buffett, and it sounds simple: take what you need , leave. He makes an offer only once. Do not like it – good-bye . Third – negotiations through intermediaries. This option can be used as in people’s lives and in the life of nations. Usually , in such negotiations do not have to change strategy.

6. Plan revision mechanism . At a time when almost any day is a change , you should not enter into a contract for five years. Each paragraph should indicate the possibility of revising the treaty after a specific period of time. This simplifies the process of negotiations and provides an opportunity to change the terms , if something goes wrong.

7. Try to get acquainted with a future opponent. For many people personal relationships are no less important than the business relationship. For Russia, this is especially important : here one or two of the visit is almost impossible to conclude the contract. People love to get to know each other well , and from personal observation to make decisions. It is not necessary to try to understand . It is necessary to accept and act accordingly. It is better to meet with prospective opponent , drink wine with him , talk about some abstract of the business things, and you will see that the process will go much more quickly.

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