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Initial investment — where to look?

We offer several ways to implement the idea and prepare a project that can be offered to investors.

There is a classic way 3 F, which operates around the world and help you find the investment to start your business. According to this method, you can help friends (friends), family (family) and fools (fools). But there are a few ways to help you find the initial investment for a new project.

Use own salary

IT-pharmaceutical company Egis director Sergei Novikov for five years as a quit smoking tobacco but it still attracts. He tried to try electronic cigarettes, but they quickly became disillusioned. Production of Chinese firms are not of high quality: the leaking liquid in cigarettes, and the batteries sit down very quickly. Since Sergei was an engineer by training, he decided not only to understand the device of the product, but to create something similar yourself.

By the end of 2010, using water pipes and couplings, acquired in the construction market, Sergey created the first prototype of the electronic cigarette. Of course, the cigarettes were not different beautiful appearance, but worked. After that Novikov decided to improve their development and acquired lathe for 80 000 rubles. At this time his interest in the development of other fans of electronic cigarettes from the forum on the corresponding website Moreover, they were ready to make a prepayment. Therefore Novikov hired Turner, who was ready to carry out large quantities of goods. Then there was a question: “Where do we get funds to expand their business?” Since banks do not give percentages like Sergey has decided to use the family budget. To persuade his wife have been able to, and then his wife began to spend on the project one of the salaries, so investing in a business for the year of about 1 million.

For the first year ever Sergei combine its business with the main work. Waking up every morning at 4:00, he drove to the station, where the train from Donetsk he handed the finished parts, after he drove to the office. Sergei knew that it was risky to go to work, while his project has not yet brought a constant profit.

What started as a hobby gradually turned into a full-fledged business. Soon Sergei registered Company and hired an assistant. This year, he has created his own website, which opened the online store For 4 months of work, he has sold more than 500 sets of self-developed electronic cigarettes. The package price is from 1800 to 7300 rubles, where the margin is about 30%. Each new batch of snapping up in just 8 minutes. Today the turnover of the shop already reached 1 million, so in late spring Sergei was able to get away from Egis.

Budget can help

During the competition, “Start a business”, which was held in Yekaterinburg unusual fashion show was able to revive the male audience. On the show presented models transformers, outfits which consisted of dresses with eight styles, jackets, bags and jackets, which turned into a clutch. The author of this unusual collection has just received the diploma of a graduate designer Anna Popova, who dreams to start their own businesses.

It all began in November 2009, when the crisis came the law, designed to support the development of small and medium-sized businesses. According to the law startups could get a guarantee for the opening of the business from the regional and federal budgets. So Anna Popova sought to obtain a grant.

Terms of programs differ depending on the region. For example, in the Sverdlovsk region to all applicants for grants had to go through a 3-month course designed to teach people the basics of their businesses, after which all applicants were required to provide a business plan for the first year, and the best project received the highest grant 300 000.

As she says Anna, the most important thing was then able to calculate its estimates, so many wishing could not get a grant because of frivolous spending. But Hannah knew what she wanted: to buy fabric, laptop and printer, embroidery machine and pay for work of seamstresses. On that day, only to Anna managed to get the maximum grant. But in general, for the whole 2009 424 Sverdlovsk entrepreneurs managed to get grants for a total of 111 million rubles.

After a couple of days on account of Anna, there were not only 300,000 rubles grant and subsidy for the unemployed, which at the time was 58 000, entered the start-up capital. In summer, Anna asked the regional administration of a request to submit an expense report, and it has brought all the checks. According to her, since grants are given for free, many of the girls, getting the money went abroad.

By the end of the summer, Anna Popova, a profit of $ 400 000, which was used for the purchase of a new batch of tissues and the opening of its office. Typically, such an office only a year can go to zero, but because of the money that did not need to return, Anna made a profit much earlier.

Thus, anyone can open a business to get support from the state. For example, in 2012 the development of small and medium-sized enterprises Ministry of Economic Development has allocated 19 billion rubles. The money at the disposal of the regional authorities, who decide to whom and on what projects to give them. In the Sverdlovsk region such grants can get people up to 30 years, we need only to apply for participation in the competition.

Most recently, yesterday’s student moved to the capital, where he plans to develop its own brand. According to her, she has enough money to continue the business only through a grant.

Get a loan without unnecessary formalities

Founder of the Company “BioFid” George Blagodarev started a rather unusual business: a few aquariums with green liquid, in which sensors are installed. Thus, he is growing chlorella – microalgae, which is taken as the basis for the production of animal feed. Chlorella promotes rapid weight gain and less disease in animals.

Of Education George Blagodarev engineer, and he works the head of the Czech company Key Part Industry Engineering Group. Once he had the opportunity to work to get acquainted with the biologist Nikolai Bogdanov, who discovered and patented strain of Chlorella. As a result, thanks to an interest in the production of Chlorella.

Even then, a potential client George was the Russian Grain Company, which vledela pig farm in the Tambov region. But to sign kontarakt immediately failed, as the company did not agree to use chlorella before it is tested, which in turn required the George 1 million rubles for the organization of such an experiment. He soon realized that to borrow money in the bank – it’s not for him, and in an attempt to find the money for testing, he began to turn to microfinance institutions. Then came the first stroke of luck – the company “Rusmikrofinans” George agreed to allocate the required amount on the condition that they have full control over the flow of funds. In addition, George has received 1 million at 16% per annum, while the banks have asked for 25%.

Already in March 2012 launched a Blagodarev testing, which was completed in July. Who is the owner of the Tambov pig is ready to invest 10 million rubles in the production of micro-algae. And even now Blagodareva almost zero income in a year it expects to achieve sales of 4-5 million rubles per month. A to February 2013, he has to repay the loan “Rusmikrofinansu.”

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