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Laced earn easy

Founder of “Footwear Russia ” is about sales opportunities related products.

Maxim marigolds on how to do business in crisis

Head SC “The Messenger” tells the story of how risky it is now to create new projects and how to avoid such risks.

We must still go on the attack

As an entrepreneur has to work under unstable conditions

Investing in times of crisis — 12 tips

Experts on how to preserve and multiply their capital when the usual investment strategies work worse

How to divide a business? Instructions for Divorce with business partners

Negotiations are always efficient judicial process.

Start-up in real estate in crisis

Do you have a new principal for the rink’s business model? Forza!

Restaurant Business out of the peak

The restaurant market is emerging from crisis. However, the increase in the number of visitors leveled their newly acquired habits for a period of crisis: they are legible and meticulously paying attention to prices.

Samurai steel

Iron and steel industry in Japan for half paralyzed as a result of the largest in the history of this country’s earthquake and tsunami. However, not all so sad, as it is spoken.

The crisis in the country real estate

The crisis in the country real estate sector is clearly delayed and forcing developers to seek other opportunities to sell their properties: they have to cut the price to offer credit, and most importantly – completely alter its proposal.

George Soros: Dollar at risk

Famous billionaire George Soros, the dollar portends poor health.