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Gennady Korban: I would be able to select the Poltava Mining

Continued interview with the famous “conflict man” in Ukraine — Gennady Korban.

Gennady Korban: Axelrod has done for more than Dnepropetrovsk all mayors together

Daring murder in a public place known builder and patron of the city shook million. The only one who agreed to an interview – is a friend and business partner of the deceased, the chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Slavutych Capital” Gennady Korban.

Alexei Zinoviev: “If the tubing is poured incorrectly, I feel it’s the spinal cord”

Alexander Zinoviev, resigned from the CB “South” to support his family. Twenty years later he returned as a partner – to build a spaceport for the elements of the national project “Cyclone-4”.

“Dniproavia” bought the aircraft for $400 million

“Dniproavia” to purchase 10 Embraer-190 aircraft worth $ 400 million, with an option for another 5 cars.

Akhmetov acquired the majority of the 34 th channel in Dnepropetrovsk

“Media business, including television, is one of the strategic directions for the” CCM “- the press secretary of” SCM “Anna Terekhova.