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Gleb Fetisov: Investor – a state of mind

Gleb Fetisov – one of the most successful investors in Russia. Some of his deal to become a true legend in the world of finance. His personal fortune exceeds $ 2 billion.

Ruben Vardanyan: You must believe in yourself

What quality in the Russian economic education? What kind of project “Skolkovo”? What is the difference from the manager of an entrepreneur? Why in the west more opportunities to make money? What is important for entrepreneurs: reputation or money? These and other questions are answered by Ruben Vardanyan.

Oleg Tinkov: The world changed employers

Oleg Tinkoff, chairman of the bank “Tinkoff. Credit system. “Oleg reveals the meaning and the idea of ​​entrepreneurship, the benefits of entrepreneurial freedom and how to find it.

Victor Remsha: Internet — affordable access to a person

Victor Remsha, founder of the holding company “Finam”, talks about financial markets and the development of the Internet.
Group of Companies “Finam” in late 2010 was awarded the title “Largest broker in 2010” according to RBC.

Sergei Nedoroslev: Buy stock via SMS

Sergei Nedoroslev — Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Kaskol”, which operates in the space industry, also taxi «Dexter» and other areas. Sergei talks about how established the group on financial markets and entrepreneurship in general.

Slipenchuk: I do not like the word “problem”

Michael Slipenchuk, head of the company “Metropol” talks about the crisis of ’98, personal bankruptcy and the subsequent formation.

Cash dollar passed for 8 UAH

As the monitoring of cash rates, at 10:00 UAH rate above 8. the U.S. dollar has already put more than 10 financial institutions.