интернет-бизнес | Предприниматель - Part 2

Записи с меткой ‘интернет-бизнес’

Ukrainian Media Holding was going to conquer the Russian market

Interview Andrew Borisevich, a new top manager of Ukrainian Media Holding, said the plans for the future.

Warehouse on the Internet

Two programmers made ​​a competition of “1C”. What happened?

We move into a virtual office

5 services that allow business owners to save money and their employees – are not going to work.

6 reasons why it is difficult to sell the Ukrainian clients online services

The bulk of small business in Ukraine is still offline.

Michael Komissaruk: “We have been offered for Ukr.net $ 100 million”

One of the most popular sites in Ukraine – Ukr.Net – chose its own special path of development.

«The future – for the complete transfer of the market for paid ads»

RIA.UA company is called today the leader of the Ukrainian segment of Internet ads. It owns the largest project in the automotive category, and is rapidly gaining popularity in search of resources and real estate. Sergei Luzhetsky, director RIA.UA told about the formation of RIA.UA, prospects of the company and the market as a whole.

Daniel Shader: Main thing is not to give up!

Daniel Shader invented a way to pay for purchases in shops without a credit card.

How to attract customers in new internet project

The problem of searching for clients — an important issue for any company, but for startups especially important. 7 tips on how to attract visitors to a new Internet project.

Philipp Ilyin-Adayev: My initial capital was $ 50 000

Philipp Ilyin-Adayev realized that the work of a journalist and PR-manager will never give him a lot of money. Then Philip created the best site about banking services banki.ru and soon became a wealthy man. In this paper he helps his wife – a famous media person, she also appears in the program.

Alexander Egorov: The main thing to find an investor

Alexander Egorov — founder of the famous online store Ozon.ru, the transfer of business secrets and Oleg Tinkoff said on the basis of Ozon.ru, as well as to establish its own IT-company “Reksoft”.