Интернет | Предприниматель - Part 2

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Economics online store

How many in Ukraine online stores? How many people use them? They prefer to pay?

5 arguments in the direction of the online store

Why online trading can be useful even to traditional merchants.

Top 5 online stores in the world

The most profitable online retailers in the world. We have identified the five most successful online store in the world.

Twitter is priced at $ 7 billion

American Twitter Inc., The operator of the largest microblogging service, is in talks to attract additional private capital.

How to increase sales through the website

A few tips to promote the site, which led to increased sales by 45%.

Internet Doctor

In Dr. Robert Novichev decreased the number of patients, but the income remains the same. All thanks to the Internet.

“For me the competition is not a question of money”

As a start-up of a small Russian town has become a global player.

Why Microsoft bought Skype?

Microsoft acquired Skype. The question is what to do with him now.

Ukrainian Media Holding was going to conquer the Russian market

Interview Andrew Borisevich, a new top manager of Ukrainian Media Holding, said the plans for the future.

Interview Vice President “VKontakte” Elijah Perekopskiy

“Every year we doubled the profit, and this is unlikely to be the exception”.