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Lead singer of “Hands Up” Sergey Zhukov — serial internet entrepreneur

Sergey Zhukov, lead singer of “Hands Up”, his store gift certificates

David Yakobashvili — hostage fate

By building his empire, David Yakobashvili successfully coped with the bandits. Overcome market competition was not so easy.

How to retain talented employees?

For a start, which is designed to help employers address this issue, and Adobe developers Zynga stopped working.

Rent The Runway: dress hire – a success story of two Cinderellas

Two friends from New York opened a web site designer dress rental Rent The Runway. During the year the project has brought millions of dollars in profits.

Kaspersky Lab — the first among strangers

How to “Kaspersky Lab” ahead of its competitors from the U.S. and there was the biggest seller of antivirus programs.

Business and friendship: how to combine?

They vowed not to quarrel, because of this oath, they have succeeded. The success story watch company “Nika”.

Coca Cola — The success story of the legendary brand

Previously, Coca-Cola extended as an antidepressant and contained the cocaine.