Коломойский | Предприниматель - Part 3

Записи с меткой ‘Коломойский’

Kolomoisky: Yanukovych personally offered me to enter the list of Regions Party

Continued interview with Igor Kolomoisky Ukrainian Pravda on the situation in the country and corporate conflicts of the group “Privat”.

Kolomoisky: “If the president will Tymoshenko, I see myself in exile”

One of the first interview with Igor Kolomoisky Ukrainian Pravda about the Orange Revolution and business involvement in the formation of new elites.

The prosecutor’s office learned how Kolomoisky no additional charge for “Bukovel”

The investigation revealed that companies controlled by the group “Privat”, when buying land for a ski resort “Bukovel” underpaid 66 million UAH

We partner Akhmetov said that a person lawfully removed Igor Kolomoisky

As you know, earlier UNIAN, part of media holding Igor Kolomoisky, reported on the raider and capture enterprise change management.