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How to increase restaurant revenue

(Русский) Зачем разрешать официантам дурачиться на работе и бесплатно кормить секретарш

Business Secrets: Eugene Katznelson

Restaurateur Eugene Katznelson in the “Business Secrets”.

Business Secrets: Leonid Shutov

The restaurant owner Bob Bob Ricard, Leonid Shutov in the “business secrets with Oleg Tinkoff”.

Restaurant Business out of the peak

The restaurant market is emerging from crisis. However, the increase in the number of visitors leveled their newly acquired habits for a period of crisis: they are legible and meticulously paying attention to prices.

Rostislav Ordovsky-Tanaevsky: The first Soviet businessman

Rostislav Ordovsky created his first business at the beginning of Russia’s perestroika. He now owns the networks, “Planet Sushi”, “IL Patio», TGI Friday’s, etc.

Larissa Nevidaylo: I used to take oysters contraband

A former teacher and now a leading restaurateur Tyumen Larisa Nevidaylo opened his first restaurant 18 years ago, laying for that apartment. She now owns a network of 22 schools and knew that he loved book to the table, Sergei Sobyanin.

Kirill Gusev: Italian

Kirill Gusev, owner of 14 restaurants, talked about the most in demand in Russia, the kitchen, why young restaurateurs are going bankrupt and the pitfalls of the restaurant business.

6 errors restaurateur in HR

International consultant, past the path from waiter to manager, shares his experience.

Experience restaurateur: thinking out loud

The monologue of the owner of a small but very popular restaurant.

Open restaurant: how to avoid becoming a twin

Opening the restaurant look as if not to open a restaurant like that one over there around the corner.