ресторанный бизнес | Предприниматель - Part 2

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Restaurant promotion

Social networks allow you to reduce the costs of promotion of the restaurant.

Restaurant checks

Various organizations with which you want to or not but to deal with.

To combat theft

If you do not control everything – restaurant stolen in two weeks.

The staff for the restaurant: where to look

To get started, any restaurant will need to find a certain number of qualified employees, but still have to find them, but also necessary to motivate.

Financial performance of the restaurant

What should be the payback, costs and profits directly.

Which restaurant to open

Most promising projects are aimed at the daily demand. Projects such as fast casual, casual dining, fast food.

Location for a restaurant: a very important detail

Critical success factor for any restaurant is its location.

Open restaurant: calculation

The main items of expenditure.

Andrew Dellos: The secret to a successful restaurant — great service

Andrei K. Dellos not by hearsay know how to make a fashionable and very expensive institution, with, that there were queues. Each opening a new restaurant – the number one event in the restaurant business.

Serve no food, and the image

For the success of the restaurant good food and friendly service is not enough. Need ideology.