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Dear cheapest retail

How can retailers reduce prices of products and what they are worth?

Lev Khasis: Aggressive Retail

Visiting Oleg Tinkoff Lev Khasis – General Director of «X5 Retail Group». What is the criterion for the success of the capitalist? What is the difference between businessmen and entrepreneurs? Is it possible to compete with the retail store “Pyaterochka”? What are the new transformations are waiting for “Crossroads”?

Oleg Zherebtsov: We are on the verge of big changes

Oleg Zherebtsov, founder of retail company, “ribbon”, which combines about 35 hypermarkets throughout Russia. Oleg speaks about his youth, familiarity with Oleg Tinkoff and the development of a recognizable retail brand in Russia.

Retail expansion slowed in 2010: study

In 2010, food operators (FMCG), operating on Ukrainian territory, again reduced the number of open stores, compared with 2009.