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Записи с меткой ‘шоу-бизнес’

Eugene Finkelstein: The Alla Pugacheva, we are partners

PMI Corporation owner Eugene Finkelstein organized concerts in Russia, many international stars, including Madonna. Also Eugene busy developer activity. In the construction of a new musical theater in St. Petersburg, he invests with Alla Pugacheva.

Timothy: We have two restaurants with Novikov

As Timothy has achieved success? What was done to make a successful brand name? Visiting Oleg Tinkoff said the idol of youth, in addition to what the music and how to make money.

Sobchak: I take absolutely naked

In an interview with Oleg Tinkoff and Oleg Anisimov Ksenia Sobchak share the financial side of their activities and how much it is worth all the brand name “Ksenia Sobchak”.