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Записи с меткой ‘Социальные сети’

The success story of its creator Linkedin and Reid Hoffman

Billion in work in Reed Hoffman. On the achievement of ego goals ushlo 8 years.

8 most unsuccessful transactions in the IT

MySpace, ICQ, Bebo and other successful projects in the old days, which brought the state one and a headache to others.

Zynga — $ 20 billion in programa

The company Zynga one of the main developers of games for social networks before the IPO recognized that its business largely depends on the Facebook. But the social network it brings more than 10% of the profits.

Twitter is priced at $ 7 billion

American Twitter Inc., The operator of the largest microblogging service, is in talks to attract additional private capital.

Progress in social networks: the pitfalls

8 major mistakes in promoting social networks, and 8 ways to avoid them.

Paul Durov and his team

26-year-old programmer lured into a social network “VKontakte” half of the CIS. Where to go with the luggage?

Albert Popkov: Millions of “Classmates”

Albert Popkov, the founder of social networking “Odnoklassniki.ru” tells the story of a project and the difficulties he faced.

Interview Vice President “VKontakte” Elijah Perekopskiy

“Every year we doubled the profit, and this is unlikely to be the exception”.

Restaurant promotion

Social networks allow you to reduce the costs of promotion of the restaurant.

VKontakte profit in 2010 – $ 45 million

2010 turned out to be a richly rewarding social network, VKontakte earned in total on advertising 1.36 billion rubles (44.8 million dollars). “Classmates” achieved great results.