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Three mistakes new entrepreneurs

Absence of competition, and others hlobalnыe masshtabы bug on older entrepreneurs, investors kotorыe otpuhyvayut.In business Correct positioning svoeho project at least preferably something Leadership.

Statistics and intuition: how to make decisions

The disadvantage of most start-ups is too optimistic in planning future development.

What kind of investor you need

The company’s founder LinguaLeo shares his experience of relationships with strategic investors , business angels and funds.

15 tips to budding entrepreneurs

Alexander Drees , a serial entrepreneur , talks about whether or not to talk about that ” failed idea ” how to choose the investors , how to behave , and what pitfalls to avoid .

Chichvarkina wine business in London

Founder of “Euroset” spent on wine shop over £ 10 million and wants to earn an income for a few months already. His shop Hedonism Wines different kind of design, and its founder believes that it assembled the best collection of wines. What it does have prospects?

How to successfully create a website for an online store

Gives a few errors of his own experience Natalia Kulakov

Online shopping: first correct the error

A few bugs that it is better not to repeat

How to charm investors

Four tips for start-up in preparation for a meeting with an investor

9 tips on how to build a dream team for a startup

Why champion skateboard without experience may be useful for a startup specialist middling

How to organize the effective work of the IT project

Customer must seek control of 100% of operation, 80% support and 20% of their IT systems. This is the optimal situation.