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Pyotr Aven: “On the STS-Media, we earned $ 1.16 billion”

Co-owner and top manager “Alfa” is about selling the media asset, “STS Media”.

Ukrainian businessmen to boldly delegate

Ukrainian businessmen are habitually kept everything under control. But you can not grasp the immensity.

Setting goals for employees

In this article you will learn how to make goals officer and founder of the match. Author – chairman of Cost Management Group.

Southern Mining has new chairman

Shareholders of the Southern Mining and Processing Plant (YuGOK) confirmed as chairman of the board of the enterprise Michael Korolenko.

Ex-pats in Ukraine: the pros and cons

How effective is the international team in the Ukraine?

Top 10 richest Ukrainian expats

Kyiv Post newspaper named the 10 most successful expat (foreign managers and specialists) working in Ukraine. Assess the condition of the rating of the newspaper reporters helped the investment company “Phoenix Capital”.