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Terms of Use

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Conditions for reprints online media

  1. Full or partial reprint of materials is allowed if the end of the article listed the following text: Source: The journal «Entrepreneur».
  2. The link should be direct and indexed by search engines.
  3. If the material is specified by, at a reprint or partial use of his should also be pointed out.

Terms of reprints for the print media

  1. Print media is free to reprint the right not more than 5 publications per month only after obtaining written permission from representatives of the editorial of the website.
  2. When playing in the publication are printed mass media shall indicate the name of the author, source and date of its publication.

The collection of materials on the Site is copyrighted as a work created by a collective creative effort in accordance with the law of Ukraine «On Copyright and Related Rights».

Reprinting, copying or reproduction of materials, which contain belonging to agencies Reuters», «Interfax» and «Ukrainian news», is strictly prohibited in any form.