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Tigipko: Tax incentives for IT

Recently at a meeting of a working group with participation of Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko discussed the draft law, which should give tax breaks for the players of the IT market in Ukraine.

Incidentally, the working group was composed of EBA (European Business Association), an association of “IT Ukraine”, State Committee on Science, innovation and information in Ukraine, as well as representatives from state agencies, headed by Sergei Leonidovich.

«Ukrainian IT sector needs tax breaks. The general state of the world market and the competitive advantages of Ukraine create good conditions for an economic breakthrough in the industry “, – says Sergey Leonidovich.

Specifically, benefits will be provided for income tax for legal entities, the benefits of single social contribution payments for software and tax concessions on income of individuals.

“The cost of IT-services labor costs make up a little, a lot – 80%, so the industry can not develop under such a tax burden on payroll justified by market participants. “Businesses have no choice as to evade taxes or to close their business in Ukraine, bringing the state budget loses money. “- Commented one of threatening members of the working group.

Note: At this point in the Ukraine in the sphere of IT work are about two thousand companies, employing about 40 thousand specialists and export of software and services to more than $ 1 billion

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