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Tigipko trying to lead the Party of Regions

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Tigipko trying to lead the Party of Regions

Secret silence on the sidelines of the recently most influential Party of Regions plays it clearly is not good . As a result of this silent pause began to spread rumors that Mr. Akhmetov tacitly supports the annexation and ready to surrender Donetsk occupiers , with all this in no way denied these rumors , on the contrary continued silence.

The last official statement from the Party of Regions is done immediately after the escape Yanukovych , head of Regions faction in the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Efremovym who condemned the escape and Yanukovych himself . More official statements was not only heard some ” make speeches ” individual members who go to the section with each other, but these statements can not be considered in the context of official position , just as a personal opinion. What plan of the leadership ? Why the once monolithic party can not have its say in the southeast ? One of the reason for the silence is balancing rhetoric in order not to lose the electorate , which is also split .

According to unofficial information the party leadership took over the once close and old friend Vladimir Rybak Yanukovych , but unofficial reports no instructions on how to behave and what to do , does not come from him . Now comes backstage struggle for leadership in the Party of Regions places . The question is , who actually replace Yanukovych as leader of the party .

First who forestalls – Tihipko. He , without the approval of the party has already filed his candidacy for president as a self-promoted , and now all in the open statement calls on party members to reform and to support his candidacy party leader . Most likely at the adjourned Congress Party of Regions , which will be held on March 29 as a result of inner- party struggle regions may rise or go down in history.

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