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Top 50 best employers in the opinion of staff

Social network “Facebook” has won first place in the “50 Best Employers”, which is compiled annually hr-portal “Glassdoor”.

Leader in 2009 was the airline “Southwest Airlines”, which this year pushed Facebook. Other IT-industry companies that participated in the ranking could not close and closer to the result of Facebook, the company took 20th place Apple, Google on the 30th.

This rating is carried out by the portal Glassdoor, compiled with the help of interviews with companies that participate in the ranking, as well as users of the portal based on a questionnaire of 20 questions, which includes information about the career, politics, communications, compensation, corporate ethics, recognition for employees, fairness to staff feedback within the company and the balance of rest and work.

Top 50 best employers in 2010 from the portal “Glassdoor”

Scoring: 4,01-5,0 = “Very satisfied” 3.5-4.0 = “Satisfied”.

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