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Top 10 richest Ukrainian expats

A list of the most successful Ukrainian expats contains 21 Americans, 5 Brits, 3 Germans. First place in the ranking is the owner of the newspaper that and spent the study Mohammad Zahoor, whose fortune, variously estimated between $ 500 million to $ 1 billion group of companies ISTIL Group, owned by Mohammed previously had a majority of its assets in metallurgy, and with the onset of the crisis the company more concentrated its activities in real estate and media business.

Second place goes to Tomas Fiala, Director General of the IR Dragon Capital. His fortune is estimated at $ 100 million, Tomas was born in the Czech Republic in Brno, while still young in 1996, he came to Ukraine at the age of 22 years.

Third place went to an ethnic Ukrainian born in Poland Bogdan Batruh, worth an estimated $ 83 million, is engaged in kinodistributsiey. Bogdan Batruh controls a network of cinemas “Movie Palace” across the Ukraine (15 cinemas).

  1. Michael Don and Benny Golani, the U.S. share a common condition in the $ 46 million are engaged in the restaurant business, owns the restaurant chain “World Map”, about 30 institutions.
  2. David and Daniel Svir, the U.S. accumulated $ 31 million for two. Are the owners of the agro-industrial group “Kyiv-Atlantic Group”.
  3. Joan Boden and Carl Sturen, Sweden also have a double, $ 26 million specialize in nutrition, in 1995 attracted investments and founded the company Chumak, which currently is one of the major producers of power in Ukraine.
  4. Jerzy Konik, Poland managed to save $ 24 million, began his career with a business in Ukraine, was committed to selling the flowers of many colors. In 2003, built a plant for the production of contraceptives (brand Perfekt) in Lviv region, for the moment the brand is 20% of the Ukrainian market. Should build another plant, also in the Lviv region, but the retreading truck called Euromeister for $ 2.5 million
  5. Robert Koenig and Falk Nebiger, USA and Germany. Have a $ 23 million in ya two. Own network of fast-food Mr.Snack. Also, are the owners of 15 shops of clothes, which are the brands of companies Richemont Group: Alfred Dunhill, Montblanc, Roger Dubuis, Tiffany, Van Cleef & Arpels.
  6. Jed Sunden, the U.S. earned $ 16.5 million Founded Media Holding KP Media, which in turn holds weekly “Reporter” news site and Internet portal
  7. Joseph Lemire, USA. The assets of Joseph according to different estimates $ 12-15 million, owns real estate and media resources. Owns radio Gala Radio.
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