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The real entrepreneur should burn eyes

Founder “Sbarro” talks about the five signs of the businessman.

The main tasks of the business owner – to be able to motivate employees , inspire new projects coming up with new ideas as well as to assume all risks associated with the business. For me it is always important to meet personally with the owner who is interested in buying a franchise in our restaurant to determine whether it has potential. There are also cases when we deprive the entrepreneur the right to our brand , but lately it happens less . For example, one of the owners of the franchise for the city did not want to develop the network , as he had enough and one point. The other did not want to carry out our instructions : not built production line , the products are not so cheated , he supposedly lacked margin . As a result, I have identified several types of people , which I am willing to give the franchise – that is, evidence of these businessmen.

Desire to do business

There are entrepreneurs who expect the franchise much more than he can give them – they think they have enough to give their money , and someone will build a business for them. Often that come to me and mediators say there wealthy man who wants to buy the business for their child. And when I ask where the child , get the answer that he is studying abroad . In such cases, I always refuse because I need someone who has the desire to do business.


Well, if a potential buyer of the franchise already has experience in trade or any other business and wants to strive to create something big . Typically, these businessmen are very practical – they carefully calculate what to buy frashizu much easier than to come up with the concept of his restaurant. And then when they have had enough experience Sami start to think and run their own concepts , because they understand that capitalization can grow in both businesses.


The real entrepreneur eyes burn . I always try to determine what motivates a person , what motivates him . It happens that the young come that differ considerable tenacity. If a person has no desire to become a millionaire, I have nothing to talk to him , because neambizioznye not achieve anything.

Structural thinking

I always appreciate , in the case if the potential buyer says and how it is structured speech. If he did not specify what he wants to talk hard. Some promise that for the year will open 50 points. I ask why this figure , where employees take and ready to invest in marketing.


A person must have some principles . What do I mean ? I would not own the restaurant holding , if not go on principle 15 years ago. Then I had my own business related to import-export – I had food warehouses and distribution of 800 points in the capital . Then I already knew how to make money. But I wanted something a little more civilized , network .At first I thought about the stores , but eventually decided to open restaurants . Together with his brother , we chose a franchise Sbarro. Then I was 22 years old, had the money , but the Americans were very difficult to prove that we can trust the brand. But we are persuaded. In the first point , which is located near the ” Three Stations ” then we have invested $ 2 million all was in marble and looked pompously : Now the same area we build restaurants are much cheaper. Then in 1998 came the crisis . And we have all been in the currency . ” Dunkin ‘Donuts ” and ” Pizza Hut ” turned their business. What was I in comparison with them ? Then I was a newcomer to the restaurant business , and our partners are overseas, because it was not consult with anyone. But I was determined that this business is not going anywhere. Whether pride , or principle. Already in December 1998 , we opened a second point in “Manezh” . Then lost a lot of money each month had to report $ 200 000-300 000 out of pocket : $ 2 pizza we had to sell for 60 cents .

Employees see that every day I was in the restaurant as I was rooting for this business, supported by saying that it is difficult , it is possible to work without a salary and understood what the situation . Each of them had been enthusiastic. I chased outputs , we have to buy more local products , to listen more to customers . And we managed to survive. I think this is due to the iron will and unwavering firmness.

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