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Ukrainian Media Holding was going to conquer the Russian market

Over the past few years, Ukrainian Media Holding of a major publishing house, and slowly evolved into one of the strongest players in the Internet market. He has quite a large number of online projects and for development in this direction at the end of last year, was invited specialist from Runet Andrew Borisevich. Among the tasks of the former top manager of SUP – in RuNet expansion, strengthening our position in the Ukrainian market, buying new assets for the UMH and much more. Learn more about what he was doing Learn about strategies UMH online and buying KP Media and he said in an interview exclusive to AIN.UA

– Tell us what you were doing in the SUP?

in the SUP, I was 4 years old. He came to the end of 2006 the manager of new projects. While the company wanted to develop new sites, all the satellites, which could be one way or another “hook” to Learn and jibe at them blogplatformy audience. Photos and video hosting, message boards … but neither this nor several other projects on which we spent a lot of time in the company not soared.

Then I became the deputy director of business development and had begun to engage in study of trades. EMS then had the opportunity to actively spend money. A few resources we eventually buy.

And then came the crisis, and all projects have closed, changed the entire management, and they offered me to become director of development of the SUP. Actually 2 years I was one of six top managers, and, accordingly, the spectrum of activity was not simply LJ, and the whole company and different projects. In fact, the business development department in a company – is that in Soviet times was called “R & D” (research and development activities), he is preparing to enter a bunch of different ideas, of which just sold one.

Of the things I’m proud of in the SUP – it’s mobile line, it was built completely from beginning to end with my hands. These are applications that have LJ, in the Championship, have Gazety.Ru, a mobile web sites, we sakkumulirovali very good traffic on all these projects and, most importantly, were able to monetize all of this.

The first money on mobile sites I earned in 2007, although I was told “Borisevich, engages in that garbage, it’s a penny and it’s not interesting.” Then, these revenues were to grow to 200-300% per year, and now proceeds from the mobile site already has some significant solid history. Ie do not bring 10 thousand dollars.

In the past month 12 in the SUP, I actively promoted the idea that we should engage in venture capital investing. With three projects that have (Newspaper, FIFA and LJ) have to have continued in the form of new projects must come “fresh blood”.

It was about small projects or have a significant enough market?

About different. We are constantly analyzing this too, was a huge piece of work that I did. Starting with analysts whether you want us all to engage in investing in startups at the level of ideas, or we need to acquire projects that have already taken place or are in the early stages of development – is also a very big question that EMS is still not decided for myself.

There was also a new business. For example, we seduced the team that made Avto.Rambler. And we have emerged from scratch a very sensible project to cars In fact built a mini-incubator model. Dali room, salaries, consulting. And this example is – unique. In all the SUP is quite a long time, it is quite tyazhelopodvizhnaya company. And then profit project started in 3.5 months, and have already started on 5th to make money.

Ie 12 months of active promotion of venture capital deals have not happened?

That’s right. PAF has not decided whether it wants to do. To this must be the will of the shareholders. But in general it was not. It was a lot of discussion with no result. Unfortunately.

But your official biography states that you are an expert in venture capital …
In general, it is. During those 12 months I learned a lot. To me it was interesting. There are two approaches. The first – to buy books on investing, start reading about the assessment about the cost, about the formula. I bought one such book, came to the 5th page – and threw it away. And the second – to plunge into it. And just at that moment, started an active movement in Russia, which, in principle, and in Ukraine, a start-points, a start-up weekend crash tests. I started going to these events, meet new people. I have traveled with start-up weekends several Russian cities traveled with them in Yekaterinburg, was with them in Penza, somewhere else at the opening of business incubators in Perm, I was speech at the Economic Forum. < strong>

Did such events, it is not a story about the book you just read the scene?

Not really. Managed to get to know because representatives of the largest venture capital funds in Russia and understand how they work. In addition, it was possible to communicate with a really sensible teams of entrepreneurs and developers. In several cases I presented a mentor (mentor) for a number of projects.

In exchange for?

In exchange for 5%. Standard mentoring scheme, in some cases I have 3%, in some cases – 7%. It is fixed at the level of agreement. For one project I took upon myself not only a business strategy, but also elaborate mobile applications.

But 5% of the initial phase of project development in Russia – it is less about the money …

Right. It’s more fun.

about what projects we are. What is their fate?

For example, the service fast dating I helped him quite strongly with presentations to investors, acted as a guarantor. There is still a project on new dating to social networks, I found it completely under funding, but to speak in detail until I can not. There is a project in e-commerce, but it is there in its infancy, I have a feeling that the team simply does not raise, so I stopped there to spend any effort. And there’s an interesting project of publishing, e-books (I’m generally interested in Publishing is strong enough), there is the command “merged” is simple: I worked with them, worked – and they disappeared. Well, this is, in fact, – a normal practice for the Russian start-up of the market: when the guys are starting to realize that the market is much more than they thought, and that stick is much stronger and have more than you need …

proceed to UMH. The reason for their departure from the EMS is the proposed current employer?

None. I myself have gone. But the offer of UMH, I received directly, ie The next day after the announced resignation. I retired because I was tired. From the fact that decisions are not taken for a long time, there was no development.

Why UMH asked the manager of Russia?

Why do they even began to look for a man – because Gorduz Vitali, who worked there web direction, left the company. Immediately came Zhdanov, but not as a replacement, but rather to help draft the publishing house.

Why from Russia – I think because before holding is an ambitious task to break into the Russian Internet.

What are your responsibilities?

It was just that you need to take all the Internet assets that are in the UMH, develop, manage, and engage in the acquisition of new projects.

In his new post in my good fortune – I’ve finally gone from operating activities. I have an operating function is at the level of expert advice: I spend the meeting, but each line contains a specific unit director, and I say, what to do, how to do it where we’re going, what our strategy in this direction, but it’s not my responsibility to monitor performance: a director who is responsible for it. In fact, I – the role of “player-coach”.

What’s in priority or Runet Uanet?

Runet – important, but first and foremost – Ukraine. First we need to complete a reorganization of his grown-up here, and then take on Russia.

From the impression that the Internet assets UMH represent a kind of porridge …

In the understanding of the market – more so, but in my head – is gone. I had the same impression. But now everything is sort through, we are making changes, and put all the “right”.

How is it possible to formulate a strategy for online presence UMH?

UMH interested in a commanding lead in Ukraine. Absolute leadership involves two criteria: the leadership in the classroom and leadership in the money.

Which segment of the Internet business for UMH key?

We are engaged in media business, we have no service.

Did not I. UA service?

service, but it is more the portal. Something mean in general.

Well, why have within the company and I. UA, and Bigmir, and reporter, and focus?

I will not hide the fact that these are the questions we ask ourselves too many times. We are faced with the task of positioning the breeding of the projects that you mentioned. In more Bigmir Media component: there is editing, has its own content. I. UA – more service component. On the other hand – they are absolutely independent team, and we do not want to “dress”, I want to I. UA evolved that way, how he “sees”. A Bigmir develop their own. I do not think they will compete for the money. There are advertisers who want to be placed either on the I. UA, either Bigmir, or both, here and there.

also projects that are entirely in the UMH, which still has assets in the company?

Sports Today is about to be separated.

was an earlier attachment, as FineWeb …

Yes. FineWeb also separately. But the company itself is no longer there, and there is only one project Gloss.Ua.

What generally makes a similar company in the UMH? It looks quite strange …

I agree. Really weird. But I can not explain it any other way, as a natural coincidence. I know the story, how did this project: it is not the result of strategic development, as a consequence of the good guys sewed up with the idea. We sat down and talked, drank tea, hit on his hands – everything. today – it’s not a “headache” and a “comma” to be “razrulit.”

UMH has control in this project?

Yes, we have a majority stake. But now, for us it is important to understand – or we give this project and taking it out of UMH and I stop to think about it every day, or we will “buy more” up to 100% and I’m doing it in the assets of UMH. And I have a feeling that just a few days to decide the fate of the project. That is the question now under discussion.

And what about the other projects of this company? and we bought and merged them with the Sports Today about a month ago.

Andrew Borisevich

Andrew Borisevich

For the price of a beautiful domain, or more?

Not much.

A Highway?

It is sold.

Generally a strange situation. The project, owned by UMH “for sale”. Buy who want it. Previously, this did not meet …

Once again I say. You would think that we have a “mess”, but my mind is a mess, and in my order in Highway UMH no longer exists, I do not see any reason to develop it, I want to highlight it and sell it, I have the consent of the shareholders . Because if I tow this small proektiki, I do not have time to do something big and important. Gloss.UA I like, I want to keep it, I know how to position and how to develop it. Highway I do not understand.

A really such a project to sell? Can simply click off?

Same version. I do not see any problems. If someone wants to pick up and knows how to develop – let the picks. We have the exact same one more project of “100 square meters. meters, “you do not need? It’s all a nuisance to retard some resources. He is not asking for money, but why should I care if he does nothing?

How much do online projects in today UMH?

Was 17. After the change would be 14.

tell what is a UMH-online?

This is a new company, which manages Oksana Matveichuk. If the structure about to speak, the UMH-Online currently has three departments. First – ad. He sells advertising on all of our sites, and the problem of the advertising group – gradually bring together our pricing policy, discount policy with our other assets, so that by 2012 we came to a department. This is our strategic goal. To all sold at all of the company. In order to have unified presentation, discount policies, etc.

There is a second department – marketing. It existed in the ID, but emerged only now, there is already working 5-6 people: people who are engaged in marketing of all our online projects. It is headed by Eldar Nagorno – a wonderful man who was taken from Kharkov. He actually consolidated the entire marketing: we finally have a transparent system of traffic management. We see a completely full reporting on all our sites in one place, we have the opportunity to do an internal exchange of traffic between the sites (which did not exist before). Already made a number of things that still existed. Literally, this goal will, in addition to traffic and marketing deal with the projects themselves.

And there is a third grocery department, which will develop individual sites. Now there is TV.UA, if Gloss.UA will agree. If there is someone who is interested and read the interview – Zaimka for God’s sake, I want there product director, who will address the specific development of these products they need to change, peredizaynit, architecture change, to bring to market new.

And what about the sites off-line products UMH? They belong to?

It was a difficult question. When we made the decision on the allocation of Internet-based business from the publishing house in a separate direction, we had a line of separation: it is possible to separate, and what not. Ie projects, such as Komsomolskaya Pravda, Arguments and Facts, Money, Focus, VGorode – they stayed in the publishing house. Why – because it is unbreakable version that can not be divided into online and offline, because it is – a regional network, which belongs to the ID. But in any case, my answer is there for these projects, Oksana Matveichuk answers out there for sale.

Speaking of VGorode. What kind of project, why should he?

wonderful project. I like crazy, will soon see the next version. This network of city portals, which is a successful business model in many Western markets, including Russia.

I expect from the project leadership in the region, but I know that some have their own regional leaders with whom, of course, impossible to fight. We will not pretend to be a leader there, but we want to be in the top three in attendance and want to finally start putting money there.

Why not buy portals leaders?

You can buy it. But, in the first place – they are overrated, and secondly – not all are sold. For example, in the same city Dnepropetrovsk portal brings a lot of money holders. Why would they sell the goose that lays the golden eggs? I would not become.

What is “overrated”?

We will now touch on my favorite topic on the assessment of Ukrainian projects in general. Overvalued – meaning that the price for them is too high to buy them. Ie want millions for what is not worth a hundred thousand. Just want it. And not all the other important indicators. In general, I am always some kind of talks to buy anything, but it is not in the regions. I do not see what there buying. If I saw there was something really worthwhile …

At the same time, I as a representative of investors should always consider two alternatives: to buy something over 2 million or build for the money the project from scratch. Each method pros and cons.

As for shopping at UMH, it turns out that during the period that you work for has been committed by two high-profile shopping …

loud yes, probably. and KP Media.

KP Media – this is your initiative?

No, no, my talks with Jed – it was already, if I remember correctly, the fourth approach. I joined them at the stage when the two sides said they are interested in the transaction, and has already gone beyond the purchasing process.

UMH has a big part and has the control?

Well, yes, the structure of the transaction implies that.

And what has been declared the deal?

There was no official announcement amounts.

The market appears something in the region of 12-16 million dollars.


These figures are accurate?

The transaction confidential, and the figures should not be disclosed at least from the inside, if you have the data – it does not matter.

Do you plan to complete integration projects in KP Media UMH?

Sales we have already begun to merge. The benefits of combining adminsluzhb different companies, I do not see.

Will develop projects KP Media except Bigmir and reporter?

I do not know. There is a CEO who must answer to the question whether he will develop other projects. Now this question.

There have been projects such as Classmates, classified ads has been, it’s all off?

This is – yes. But Ricardo Novinar – we have to decide how we will move with them, I’m waiting for an answer, presentations, strategies, the rest of the business plan.

What about training? Will there be an exchange of experts between the two companies?

I do not see any problem if someone with whom to change something, it is a single structure. That’s Pasha Zhdanov example of the publishing house back in Bigmir. He advises 20% of the ID, but now Bigmir his main task. We spent some rotation, for example, moved from marketing a few people. We build such unified marketing service. We do not need two marketing department. But this point things we do not play a game of “let’s all join, so it will all be one big”. We play the changes, where it is profitable. That is marketing – it is profitable: why do I keep the two heads of the marketing department? That they were drinking beer in the evening and agreed among themselves? Why? Someday maybe we’ll do a single development department, but it’s still a big issue for me because I do not see why.

Now the development is separately at each site?

In the publishing house has its own development team, in KP Media – his own group, there Zhdanov actually actively engaged in – that’s two big groups. There are some outsourcers engaged Gloss.UA – that’s just the sort of thing one wants to here “pochikat” a little bit. They do not intersect all, they are even running on different platforms. Because the group is working on publishing house maykrosoftovskoy platform, and a group of KP Media-on PHP, if I remember correctly, they do not even make sense to combine.

Tell us about a purchase – second major deal in recent years …

talk about buying here is not entirely correct. It was a merger. The former owners of their own continue, but now not one but three sites with different shares in it. They made their own project, and we are two others. That’s all. Agreed on the shares and start working.

The cost of the transaction record is impossible. I can, for example, to-morrow say that is worth 6 million example, and our assets – 8, and then our deal is worth $ 14 million, but the cache, then there is no. Now in the process of creation is a separate legal entity in Ukraine, where we will transfer all assets related to the sport. Director-General will Olenichenko Eugene, who is director of

Team will work in Russia. We are now discussing the question whether outsource some part of things related to content and technology from Russia to Ukraine at the expense of cheap labor.

And why in this case, a merger and not selling?

Who’s who had to sell: we give them, or they us?

assume they are.


Get Money

Nuuu .. for this exit point has not come yet. If shareholders wish to leave, they would report it to us and said, and then it would bargain was-absorption. But they, aware of the potential of the combined group, wanted to stay. Why sell for 5, if possible in 3 years to sell for 15 or 30 million?

And what is the essence of all this consolidation? Projects because of the different countries …

Right. Russia is selling at home, Ukraine at home. The essence of the consolidation of a number of things. First of all – a more advanced technology platform – for the part that we have, it is advantageous to save money on development. Important component and content, because the editorial work on different principles, but we want to combine our efforts. Great experience Dima Navoshi as a journalist and as a person who is engaged in the drafting work – it is super.

You in the new company a controlling stake?

Yes. The deal is structured so that we can consolidate the financial results in its reporting. In the combined group “Sport Today» serves as managing partner. – your first deal in runet. You have stated that they intend to become a significant player in the Internet market in Russia. When can we expect this?

In 2011, we will not do. But in the future in 2013 – completely.

Ie the next 2 years UMH plans to aggressively buy Russian projects?

is not necessarily active. But we will fly, yeah. No problem skonsolidirovat large Russian audience – is the task of becoming players in certain niches. That’s the sport we have become a player – now our task to build up presence here.

next purchase when we can expect?

I do not know. This will depend on many factors.

Well you can not as a manager in the UMH not buy Russian projects ….

Be sure to buy before the end of 2012, and I think no one. But I can not do it tomorrow. I’ll think about it the day after tomorrow, because now other problems. This is important, but it is not urgent. There is a classification of priorities right now I do firmly Ukraine.

Ok. Let us return to Ukraine. Why in the UMH now virtually no cell lines?

hands do not reach. Yes, and the general low priority.

And will there be now in Ukraine, while in 2007 in Russia when you have earned good money in this area?

Unfortunately, no. But we all begin to deal with the mobile Internet by the end of the year. This will be an application for access to sites. Mobile versions, extensions are different. But deep dive so far no plans. It makes no sense.

to earn something other than media advertising is not going?

Why is not there. Diversify our sources of income – it’s good, but not a priority. Knowing our strengths, now go away, such as e-commerce is illogical. When we will deal with the media market and realize that everything worked and everything is fine – maybe a year and a half start to look into new segments with new business models.

And as for the same affiliate programs? This segment is more dead than alive, that in Ukraine, in Russia …

We just recently launched a trial with Pokuponom affiliate program … But in general, many times I tried to run things on LJ – does not work. In the western world – yes, it works.

Once I was in England, and studied their experience. I saw that the Guardian has a page of dating service and personal ads. I told them: “Clushaem, it’s a non-organic thing that comes to you people read the news.” And they showed me the structure of income and I realized that something I do not understand. But we are not working.

Thank you. At the end of the interview share your impression on the Ukrainian market. What surprised and disappointed that?
Very surprised that you people are still continue to build portals, they were not even five, they probably ten. I do not understand this. Disappointed, of course, the capacity of the advertising market. I stayed a couple of days in the wilderness of sorrow, he learned, because he expected at all other money …

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