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Ukrainian businessmen to boldly delegate

One of the “features of the national business” in Ukraine is the identification of the founder of the business itself with its own business and, consequently, very difficult relationship with the hired managers. About this told the candidate of economic sciences, teacher training International business and international financial markets Vladimir Danko.

According to Vladimir Danko, Ukrainian businessmen, who are owners or shareholders of the business in Ukraine, including owners of large businesses that are in the 90s and the first decade of two thousandth showed steady growth, the business is identified it with himself or with a co-owner.

“But the logic of the business world is that as soon as business becomes their feet, feature separate to the ownership and operational control. The owner, in this case, takes over the functions of strategic management – he already has a vision and a sense of the market. Yes, at some point the owner (shareholder) must hire, he can not comprehend the immensity. Need to hire good professionals, and the wider problem, the greater the volume of business – the more demand for these hired men “- said Vladimir Danko.

But in Ukraine, according to him, this transition is very hard, and the business is not good. Why? On the one hand, the expert notes that this mentality of Ukrainian businessman. “People who have developed here and continue to build their business the way they did 10-15 years ago. And today, they often conflict with the hired people because, often, incorrect evaluation of their role in business “- he said.

According to Vladimir Danko, such a situation – a bomb, and eventually, it will slow down the development of domestic business. “It is clear that the shift must occur in the understanding of the growing importance of hired managers with sophisticated academic knowledge and practical understanding of a business, including (and perhaps especially) foreign expertise. It is this layer of managers, intellectuals will be responsible for the formation of the competitive nature of national business, its value “, – stressed Vladimir Danko.

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