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Financial Trends 2011

The main trends in 2011 will be the growth of the economy, the inflow of foreign investment, a stable exchange rate of hryvnia and the restoration of the Ukrainian stock market. This was shared expert IG “Sparta.”

Sergei Yagnich, Head of Analytical Department IG “Sparta”, suggested the growth of the Ukrainian economy by 4.5%.

“Next year, economic recovery will occur. The dynamics of growth will be better, but growth will be the leaders of the industry that focus on domestic consumption. But at the same time, the Ukrainian economy vulnerable to external threats, given the lack of balance of exports and high foreign debt,” – explains Sergei Yagnich.

Also on the background of a stable external demand will be visible increase in industrial production, which will be accompanied by the influx of foreign capital. “Significant changes in foreign exchange dynamics of the Ukrainian currency, we do not expect. Despite the worsening trade balance in the third or fourth quarter of 2010, the hryvnia exchange rate stability will be involve with the help of the” margin of safety “, which was reached in late 2008.

According to portfolio manager of the company Pelekh Cyril, an indicator of the financial situation in the country serves as the stock market. “Today we can note the positive changes coming in the Ukrainian stock market. Technical Analysis index Ukrainian Stock Exchange – a kind of glimpse into the future. Actions always act out the most positive or negative scenario – there is no middle. To date, according to technical analysis, the index UB shows an average increase of 40% in 2011, “- said the expert.

Experts predict that in 2011 the Ukrainian economy is expected influx of foreign investment. “Already declared the privatization of generation companies,” Ukrtelecom “and IPF. In addition, in preparation for Euro-2012 will be implemented a lot of infrastructure projects, which creates good opportunities for foreign investors. Attracting foreign portfolio investors will act as the reform of joint stock companies, which greatly enhances minority shareholders “, – said K. Pelekh.

Increased confidence in the Ukraine by increasing the rating of major international rating agencies, falling interest rates on sovereign Eurobonds and a significant reduction in price Ukrainian CDS will help restore the corporate bond market. “Against the backdrop of falling yields on sovereign securities is an acute shortage of high-quality corporate issues,” – said Sergey Yagnich.

Analysts Shulika Alexander, in 2011, will gradually restore interest in the segment of collective investment institutions. “These changes are caused by several factors, including: reducing the tax on securities transactions of funds from 15% to 5%, rising incomes and falling interest rates on deposits”, – says A. Szulik.

The main trend in 2011 will be a long-awaited recovery, development and restoration of the Ukrainian stock market. “The financial crisis was a good test for all players. He pointed to companies on their strengths and weaknesses. After the fall there will be a fruitful time and activity, we will witness a new round in the history of how the stock market, and the whole country” – sums up K. Pelekh.

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