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In Uanet counted 11.3 million users

Ukrainian Internet has grown, and the number of users grew by 29% compared to December 2009. According to research gemiusAudience, which were held by “Gemius Ukraine”, the number of Internet users totaled about 11.3 million people.

Gender composition of the audience is almost balanced, men more than 51% of total Internet users, women – 49%. Both women and men spend on the Internet the same amount of time.

However, in the Ukrainian Internet audience continues to be young: 36% of audience from 14 to 24 years, 29% – a group of 25 to 34 years.

Picture 1. The Ukrainian online audience by age, December 2010 *

As the results of the study, most users access the Internet from a home PC (89.38%), less often – in an Internet cafe or at school / institute (12.55 and 7.26%).

About 59% of the audience lives in cities with populations over 500 thousand people.

Kyiv and Kyiv region remain the most advanced in terms of Internet, the region (see Figure 2 ).

Picture 2. The Ukrainian online audiences by region, December 2010 *

Recall, according to various estimates (including these “iKS-Consulting”) audience, which enjoys the services of broadband Internet access, at the end of 2010 amounted to some 3 million people.

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