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Viktor Vekselberg: Russia’s business did not receive preferential

like Boris Berezovsky, the chairman of the board of directors of the “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg has come in big business of academia. However, the fate of the oligarchs has developed differently.

“BAB” entered into a confrontation with former Russian President Vladimir Putin, has lost almost everything and was forced into exile in Britain.

His partner Badri Patarkatsishvili, died under mysterious circumstances – they say, not without the help of special services.

to Vekselberg in his time there have also been complaints from the authorities, but he made a nice gesture. The oligarch has made history by purchasing a $ 90 million collection of Easter eggs, Faberge, and returned them to Russia.

Then there was the purchase works quoted Putin philosopher Ivan Ilyin and many other jewelry. Formally, these things remain the property of Vekselberg, but there is a general belief that this is the card to the authorities for freedom from persecution.

struggle was for nothing. Vekselberg, one of the ten richest men in Russia. He, along with the “Alpha” and his longtime partner, Leonard Blavatnik is a shareholder, “TNK-BP”.

He also co-owns the aluminum holding UC RUSAL with Oleg Deripaska. Personal holding Viktor F. “Renova” has a number of enterprises in Russia and Ukraine, in 2006-2007, took control of the high-tech Swiss companies Oerlikon and Sulzer.

Swiss were not enthusiastic about the fact that they bought the “Russian”, and until recently pursued in the courts Vekselberg. However, after intervention by the Russian government and the strange problems for companies Zepter and Nestle in Russia – a coincidence – the persecution ceased.

Since the summer of 2010 engaged in another project oligarch Russian government – the creation of the Russian “Silicon Valley” in the Moscow suburb of Skolkovo.

This time, Vekselberg is credited with a demonstration of loyalty to the current president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Businessman himself probably would insist that a scientific “hub” – that its implementation as a citizen.

Although unlikely in Russia there is a person who can accuse the businessman of excessive leg of the authorities. So do all his fellow oligarchs. Vladimir Potanin, said that his state will give the country.

Alisher Usmanov bought collection of Mstislav Rostropovich. Oleg Deripaska, has projects in education, health and science. Mikhail Prokhorov, was planned to be the curator Skolkovo. That is such a tradition.

In Ukraine, Vekselberg is working long and very active. In 2005, he tried to win from the disgraced businessman Dmitry Firtash titanium business.

Today, companies owned by oligarch five regional gas companies. One of them was in the midst of a scandal after a gas explosion in an apartment building in Dnipropetrovsk. Vekselberg is also in charge of joint projects with Deripaska – ZALK and “TNK-BP”.

figure of a businessman in Ukraine demonized. Seen by every high-profile events, for example, privatization of Odessa Portside Plant and “Ukrtelecom”.

Interview Vekselberg made on 15 November, when he came to Ukraine at the invitation of journalist Dmitry Kiselev. Immediately after this conversation, in a Kiev Café, he met with representatives of large Ukrainian business and some politicians.

Who is – and remains a mystery. One can only assume that these are the same people that had seen the previous guest Kiseleva, – the head of Sberbank German Gref, Russia.

– Ukrainian Prosecutor General has recently stated that it wants to take away from you and return to the state 68% stake in the Zaporozhye aluminum plant. You are ready to return ZALK Ukraine?

– As I recall, this story is not the first time. Therefore I see no reason to “selection” ZALK me, and even more so in the context of “PGO takes.” (After the interview there was news that Deripaska is looking for buyers for unprofitable ZAlK).

– How do you intend to solve the main problem ZALK – to achieve low electricity tariff?

– We have repeatedly said on this subject, and very strange that this has not been heard in the government – especially in the previous year. This will hopefully be a more constructive position.

The aluminum industry in the world exists in certain preferences with respect to energy prices. Of course, if the state wants to have the aluminum industry.

It should be understood that by providing a certain level of tariffs, through growth in production and multiplication through taxes related industries you will receive greater benefit than a direct increase in rates, which may ultimately lead to cardiac output.

I think any owner – we or anyone else, including Ukrainian – inevitably will solve this problem. Because there is a reasonable level of balance between the price of electricity and the price of aluminum on the market.

– In Ukraine, the planned privatization of generation and power companies. Do you intend to take part in competitions?

– Regional gas for IES (“Integrated Energy Systems”, Energy Holding Vekselberg) are not strategic assets. IES probably will not participate in privatization.

Generation – the question more interesting, detailed and we will seriously consider those options that will exist in the market.

– you will be able to sign the 2011 treaty to “Naftogaz” lease distributive gas networks? These are the five regional gas companies, which you control.

– Did I mention that to us it is not a strategic priority. I am for this easy enough. I think that there will be some sort of business decision. I repeat: it is not in the portfolio of our top priorities.

– you still interested in the titanium industry in Ukraine?

– No.

– By “Sumykhimprom” the issue is closed, too?

– Yes.

– In mid-2010 is one of your companies trying to win the competition for long-term lease the airport, “Juliani.” You still interested in this project?

– It was a strange situation in which the initiative group, in fact, used the brand name of our company outside of our interests.

– So it was not you?

– No, not us. From now on we will not do it.

– Who supports you in Ukraine? Here are a few known facts. First: You appeared in the headquarters of Viktor Yanukovych before the announcement of election results. Second, you have been at the Yalta Forum, which organized the Victor Pinchuk. Third: You once associated with Konstantin Grigorishin and “Private”, with whom you have had a project on logistics.

– Let us why we should not ascribe to me a support group here. Regarding Pinchuk I can say that we have with him long-standing friendly relations.

Today we have with him there is no business projects. He was at one time a partner in our oil project, but I have left. Perhaps all.

– What is your relationship with the president? You have already established a dialogue?

– It sounds loud enough – “to establish a dialogue with the president.” This is probably not entirely correct.

– you big businessman.

– I treat him with great respect, because the current president of Ukraine – a man with a big industrial experience with the power of will to make tough decisions.

But Ukraine is now a need for consistent and constructive policy. I hope that Mr Yanukovych could handle the task because he is clearly the head with a capital letter.

Our meetings with him were always in a very friendly and constructive atmosphere. I treat him with great sympathy and great respect.

– now in Ukraine, the popular view that a major Russian business under the auspices of the Russian and Ukrainian governments is in the Ukraine, and gets the preference. In particular, the aerospace industry, nuclear energy and many other areas. Do you have projects that you intend to implement in Ukraine?

– I once again stress that our group today there is no such project. I would like to emphasize once more. Expressed the view you that Russian business has any preferences, it seems to me exaggerated. From the amount of information that I have, I do not see it.

Another thing that you mentioned the industry – and the nuclear and aviation – has historically assumed cooperation of Russian and Ukrainian industrial sectors, and today – private and public business.

And the fact that after intensive negotiations between the two presidents set up a normal platform for reconstruction and development of the lost links – is positive.

Russia is, I would say, much more natural market for Ukraine than some third alternative, and vice versa. This is a situation of mutually beneficial cooperation, and it is in these sectors.

– you kuriruete project, “TNK-BP” for the extraction of coal mine gas in Ukraine?

– So far, yes.

– When it is launched?

– He is already running. In the next two years we have carried out a detailed geological study of the opportunities associated with the production of substandard gas. In less than two years, we are unlikely to be possible to determine the final configuration of projects.

During this period, funds will be invested mainly in the study of the geological framework. Frankly, it can be quite a big project, because BP has extensive experience in such projects – both in the United States and in third countries.

Today, the domestic gas market in America has changed dramatically. Price has dropped substantially, because they began to develop effective out-of-specification gas.

– You mean the slate?

– There is a shale, is inaccessible. Together – it’s substandard gas, not the natural gas that is extracted by conventional methods.

This has left a significant imprint on the world gas industry. Reduced flows of liquefied natural gas in America, they are redistributed. America today – one of the leaders in this industry.

With this technology, but we do have through our partners, Ukraine may receive significant internal resources of gas. For such a large economy as the Ukrainian, it becomes very important.

– Why is the restructuring of business, “TNK-BP” in Ukraine? It focuses on the expansion, or you see that the model is ineffective?

– Oil Ukrainian sector is full of various “gray” schemes, which the government must be addressed.

Additional investments in this sector are possible only if fundamental change in the environment and the rules under which it operates. I hope the government understands this, and soon there will be some significant changes.

– Do you have a major project to manufacture solar panels. In Ukraine on one of the project includes construction of solar power. You are interested in this project, offering their services?

– Yes, we are interested in and interested. I hope we will find the opportunity to realize our part in the construction of solar generation.

Ukraine – an attractive place for two reasons. The first – in Ukraine has passed a right laws in terms of education rates for alternative energy. In the example of European countries, this is a good example. And the second – Ukraine sunny country.

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